A Boy and his Genie – Chapter 10

Philip Banks woke up slowly, to a headache, and a sound of his children laughing playfully. He opened his eyes, and saw his two young children, Jane and Michael, who were watching lights flying around the room. He looked around more, and saw a beautiful, naked girl, who seems to be directing the colourful lights with her hands. “What…what’s going on?” Philip asked. “Daddy, daddy, this girl is magic!” Jane said to her father excitedly. “What are you talking about Jane?” He asked her. “And who are you, girl!? What are you doing in my house!?” “Why, you summoned me, Master,” the girl replied. She picked up her lamp, and smiled. “Don’t you remember?” Philip remembered the lamp. He’d found it on the way back home from working at the factory, and had taken it home, figuring he could probably sell it for some extra cash. When he’d gotten home to examine it, he’d noticed it was rather dirty, so he’d decided to give it a clean. When he’d done that, however, he’d felt it grow warm in his hands, at which point light-blue smoke had begun to pour out of it. Philip had dropped the lamp out of fear at that point, and backed away from it. But he’d then tripped up over something on the floor, and banged his head on a table, knocking him unconscious. “Where did you come from?” Philip asked. The girl merely indicated to the lamp. “You came from the lamp?” “Why yes Master,” she replied. “Did you not see the smoke? That was me.” “You caused the smoke?” The girl shook her head. “No Master, I was …
the smoke. It’s so much easier to fit through the spout of the lamp in that form.” “Why do you keep calling me that?” “Master, Master? Why, because you are my Master, Master.” “Master?” The girl just grinned at this point. She got on all fours, and started crawling over to him. “Tell me Master, what do you desire?” She asked seductively. “D…Desire?” Philip asked, a little taken back by this girl’s approach. “Anything you desire will be yours.” She was now right up in his face, inches from a kiss, which she resisted. “What are you?” “Daddy, Alexis is magic!” Michael said to his father. “Did you see the wonderful magic she did?” “Alexis?” Philip asked, confused. “That’s her name,” Jane explained. “She told us while you were sleeping.” “Kids, I think your father needs another demonstration,” Alexis said, standing up. She snapped her fingers, and Jane and Michael began to float into the air. “Daddy, we’re flying!” Jane cried out with glee. “You, Alexis, put them down at once!” Philip shouted. “Very well, Master, as you wish,” Alexis said. She snapped her fingers, and the two children floated back down to the ground. Philip got up, and pulled them away from Alexis. “Stay away from them!” He shouted at her. “Stay away from us!” “Aww, you’re scared, aren’t you Master?” Alex said playfully. “Stay away from us, demon!” “Master, I am not a demon.” “We go to church every Sunday! I know what you are! You wish to seduce me with empty promises, and take our souls for Satan!” Alexis sighed.

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