Dark Angel Part 9

Ashriel wanted to talk to her too, but he didn’t know how. Seth had allowed him to listen in on their conversation and the sound of her voice had nearly driven him to his knees in relief that she was okay. Her life-force felt strong and she didn’t sound like she was in pain. He did feel her distress though. “What is it?” Ashriel demanded when he felt the connection to him break. Seth opened his eyes. “She can’t make out where she is.” “Why not? What’s wrong?” Reiven and Amadashiel crowded around Seth as well. “It must be dark.” Ashriel frowned. “She’s a werewolf. She can see good in the dark.” Seth glared. “Not in total darkness. She feels fine. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort in her body. She’s lying on a bed.” Seth’s eyes closed again. “I smell humidity. It’s cool… like she’s underground. And there’s the hum of machinery in the background.” Ashriel shivered as he began picking up everything Seth spoke of. He closed his eyes also and sniffed. It was definitely underground. The sound of water dripping slowly, echoing in the background also made him frown. “A basement?” Amadashiel suggested. Ashriel shook his head. “No. The echo… It’s like a big space. Cavernous.” “Like an underground tunnel system?” Reiven added. “The sewer system,” Seth said. Ashriel’s eyes snapped open. “Do you realize the extent and size of a sewer system in a city of this size?” Seth shook his head. “She’s close. I can feel her. I need to get out of here and walk the streets.” Ashriel looked …
around at the tiny room they’d been shown to. It was located just inside a narrow alleyway between two porn shops. They’d had to climb a rusty ladder and enter through a grimy window that sported a busted pane. Filmy, ratted curtains fluttered in the foul breeze wafting in off the steamy city street. The lone bulb that hung precariously off the chipped and peeling ceiling, cast a greenish dim glow in the small room. The only door in the room was boarded shut. Ashriel shuddered wondering why. “We’ll go with you,” Amadashiel said adjusting her mask more firmly to her face. Seth shook his head. “All four of us will draw attention.” Ashriel looked at Reiven and Amadashiel. “You two stay for now. I’ll go with Seth. If Nat and Eriel come back here, just sit tight until we come back for you. Understand?” The reapers frowned, but nodded. “Ash, lose the corset. Dressing down will help lessen the attention drawn.” “I’ll help you,” Amadashiel said batting her lashes at him. Next to her, Reiven scowled. Ashriel would have protested, but the truth was he really couldn’t get out of the restrictive brace without help. Eriel and Natanael had been the ones to lace him up into the hideous male corset. As soon as she removed the offending piece, Ashriel stepped away from her caressing fingers. By now Reiven’s expression was thunderous. Ashriel felt embarrassed for him, but the foolish reaper should know better. Amadashiel was a little tease. “Stay here, and don’t draw attention to yourselves. No

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