f***ed to be Female

f***ed to be Female CHAPTER ONE The last thing I could remember was walking out of the Bank and crossing the road to my car. I had just been to see my bank manager to discuss transferring some money from one of my accounts into a high interest savings account. I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change. I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump into me. Then everything went blank……………….! The next thing I remember was being faintly aware of people standing around me and talking in low voices. As my sense started to return I tried to move but found I could not do so. My first thought was that I must have been in some sort of accident. My arms and legs did not respond and I tried to speak, to attract the attention of the people standing around me. I could only mumble and it only gradually dawned on me that I had been gagged. My head became clearer and I then realised that I was lying on my back on some sort of table. I could move my head slightly and saw that my arms and legs had been strapped to the table. The people standing around consisted of two men and one woman. They ignored me as I tried to attract their attention. It was as if I did not exist. But then I realised that they must be talking about me as the older man was looking at me and saying something to the woman, who was writing down what he said. I tried to listen but my head was still fuzzy and I could …
only make out some of the words. The man was saying, "The nose needs altering a little, to make it cute and the eyes could do with being a little bigger" As he spoke I felt him touch my face and heard him say, "The chin looks fine, not a very strong jaw line at all. Once we get rid of the beard it should do nicely" I felt him touch my hair and heard him say, "The hairline is fine, once I have done the testes there will be no more loss" It was only when the man touched my groin that I discovered that I was lying there naked. He felt my balls and lifted my penis, held something against it and said something to the woman, who in turn wrote on her pad. It was only then that they turned towards me and gave any indication that they knew I was conscious. The man looked at me and spoke, "Ah, so you have come around" He turned to the woman and said with a smile, "Exactly on time, make a note of that, Ann" The woman, Ann, wrote on her pad and smiled back at the man. The man turned to me and lent towards me. "Now I want you to listen to me, Understand?" he said. I nodded my head. The man continued, "You have not been in an accident, but you are at a special clinic. The reason why you are here is not for you to question. You will do everything we say, and you will do it without any hesitation or any questions." The man turned to the woman and nodded his head. She came towards me with a syringe and I felt it prick my arm. The man looked down at me and smiled, "You will soon find that you

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