My true story part Two

In my first “true story” I wrote about how my wife, then girlfriend started off exposing her body to her housemate, and ended up spending every second completely naked while she was in the house that they shared. How she would have to strip naked outside in the yard before she entered their house, and dress outside because she was not allowed to wear any clothes in the house. Although they never fucked, she would suck his dick and swallow his cum when he requested, and he could touch her body, because… he made the rules! This even continued after we were married on the occasions that she would visit her mom, and then continue on to his house as he only lived thirty minutes from her mom. She even continued it when I visited with her, she would strip naked as we pulled into his driveway and stay naked every second she was inside his house. It was strange to see her get dressed in the yard when we went out, and strip naked outside before she went in. He had a small table and chair positioned just outside the front door, that she would place her clothes, ready to dress. I remember the first time we both visited him together, She had already told me that she would continue her 'being naked in the house pact' that she had made with him, I had no objections to her being naked in front of him. I found it so erotic! We pulled into his driveway and she started stripping, she was completely naked by the time we had parked the car, he met us at his door, and squeezed her naked ass as he …

Love Poems

Window Pane

In utterance my quill scribes, Deepening dark romance And footsteps meandering On cold stones of my fame. Chilling the ink within my well Of swallows without voices And yellowing of my tomes, Sensuality betaking my soul. Night the halos sighed Bequeathing me your splendor, Whispering translation of your love, Smiles returning my way. Then you cast off to greener lays, Clouds closed their eyes with sorrow, Flowers cried on my tomorrows And tears ran down the window pane.

First Time

My s****r In Law 02

Its my second shower of the day, something I thought I really needed after my wife’s s****r coming down on me earlier, it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to and it left me a bit stunned. Standing with my back to the bathroom door I am, looking out of the bathroom window, but, as I dry the back of my head with the towel I can see in the full length bathroom mirror my side view silhouetted showing still a firm member, there is no problem about exposure it is so remote here that there is no chance of being caught, but I pride myself of a firm physic so there might be some pleasure in voyeurism. I can see across the stockyard to the barn with its pan tiled roof then past the barn to start of the ‘Wolds’, here close to the farmhouse house it can be clear but on the ‘Wolds’ in the winter you can often see a blanket of snow. It has been difficult to quieten down this bonner of an erection the cold shower has made little difference, I am tempted to give it some relief. Without knocking in enters Jan my 's****r in law' wearing nothing more than a pale green short satin dressing gown, short, it barely covers her thighs, the gown wrapped tightly around her shows off her 36 26 34 figure, now, looking down from her brilliant green eyes I see how full her breasts are and how hard and erect are her nipples, further down, perhaps not such a slender waist is a promise of a generous buttocks and thighs, if she turns around. I try to turn away to shield my …

Group Sex

Happy Birthday Timothy

It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I had spent all afternoon baking for him. My boyfriend has a sweet tooth and I knew that he would enjoy that. I also decided to give myself to him for his birthday. I wanted to look extra beautiful for him. My name is Christina Peters and I am 5’8”. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I have a large chest and long legs. For my boyfriend’s birthday, I wore a red quarter cup bra, red lace panties, red garter belt, tan hold up stockings, and black heels. I had baked a tiered cake, cupcakes, and I put strawberries in a bowl and had another bowl filled with whipped cream. I put helium balloons all in the room to make it look festive. I also made tea and poured them in our tea cups. I arranged flowers in vases. I also put dollops of whipped cream on my nipples. I put on some very soft music and just waited for him to come home. I also had another surprise for him. My boyfriend had been begging for us to have another woman join us and have a threesome. I had joined a website and had found a woman that I really hit it off with. We started to e-mail each other back and forth. I had mentioned that my boyfriend’s birthday was next week and he wanted to have a threesome with another woman and us. She said she would love to join us. I had arranged with her to come to our apartment at seven o'clock this evening. Her name is Maria. She's a bi-sexual woman and enjoys both men and women. We just met for coffee, to see if we were attracted to one another. …

Love Poems

Through Our Pores

I've spent years trying to describe you, the moments between us that are able to halt all surrounding clocks. Hours, minutes, seconds, and the smaller fractions within that we should know better than to try clinging to because They pour and cover us like rain soon to dry from fragile skin, but just a little seeps through our pores and it's more than enough to build worlds in one another Even if there are places in me that you know nothing about right now, folds in my heart that seem unable to let anyone or anything inside, they will open slowly for you in time. Just as the light inside you was patient, reluctant at first before blooming into a glow radiating through all I am. I still try to find the right words, framing syllables and tying sentences together, no combination or code can match your exact form, no shade accurately describes the spectrum of colors created when the sunlight strikes your hair and skin. I should know better than to wield speech or ink to replicate you Because the collision of language can pour to create sonnets, chapters, and novellas that can seep through our pores as all other words are washed away, but the letters we keep within are more than enough to build worlds within one another. Even if there are places in you I do not know how to navigate yet, maps and doors that seem to only lead to dark territories, they will begin to pulse with glows in time Just as the light in me was waiting for your presence before blooming to life. I shouldn't try so hard to find every word to describe you, I should just let every moment between us seep through our pores because they are the pieces we're meant to hand over and use to build worlds within one another.


Raising Peter, Chapter 12

Raising Peter, Chapter 12 (Can I really be this lucky) ****************************************************************************************** This is a total work of fiction. The story includes incest bi-sexual, group sex, and water sports, among other things. If you are offended by any of these, this is not the story for you. If you’re reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice and your votes. ****************************************************************************************** NOTE: Sexually, this chapter starts a little slow. It is bringing the story line up to date on the other things that are going on with Peter and his friends. ************************************************************************************************************* We were all dressed and sitting on the couch when the others returned home. By the time they were all in the house, the doorbell rang. Alex opened the door to find Anthony stand there with his usual big smile. Evan told him they would be ready to go in a couple of minutes. Anthony told Alex he had read over the proposal, he had talked it over with his brother, and he felt sure they had a deal and they would talk with him more about it later. I had no idea what they were talking about but they both seemed pleased with Anthony’s response. We …

Gay Male

A f****y Affair Part 2

Part two Jake(Aka Dad) Things are finally settling down in the new house, everyone is mostly unpacked and my wife Melissa is already decorating while my daughter Lucy and son Brian straighten their rooms the way they want them. Working a lot of hours is exhausting but usually after work I get right back to work by putting up our fence around the house and set up our pool in the backyard. My weekend off I gathered the rest of my f****y to help me get the outside word done since it was nice out. I gave Brian and Lucy the duty of finish setting up the above ground pool we have not that I had the yard level where it was going to sit and Melissa helped me with the fence. I had been so busy I hadn't had sex in almost a week and to make matters worse Melissa wore her jean shorts that showed off her ass amazingly and her white tank top which barely held her tits from bursting out. I watched her on all fours helping me with the panels when I stopped her and asked if she wouldn't mind going in the house to get something to drink. She smiled and got up walking towards the house as I watched her ass swaying from side to side. I peeked over to Brian and Lucy who were at hard at work setting up the pool mostly because they had been bugging me to get it ready because they wanted to swim since it has been so fucking hot out. I got up and slowly made my way to the house and into the kitchen where Melissa was at the sink and I slapped her ass. She jumped and turned around smirking "Asshole" as …

Cum Swallowing

4 The Van punishment

“Where are we going?” she asked. She was being pulled along, but she was following him. “Back in the van.” he told her. “Come on girls, you should see what punishments are like.” He led all three of them outside, and got them all seated again. Once more, Mrs. Bailey was put in the Captain's chair in the back. She swiveled it forward to look out the front window as they drove. Brian somehow knew that Mrs. Bailey's newfound strength to resist his commands came from her limited exposure to the van's effects, so he got on the freeway, noting full gauges in both gas tanks. He drove an hour north, then turned around at a rest area to drive back, but before he could exit the parking lot, he saw a woman hurrying up to the van. He came to a stop, even though he didn't recognize her. She approached the passenger side, and her face showed great surprise when she saw Brian driving. “Where's… where's Master Brad, sir?” she asked, looking very confused. “I have his money. I guess I give it to you.” “Did you just ask a question?” he asked, exasperated. She blanched and shook her head. “I'm sorry sir.” “Brad sold me this van this morning and took a job in Europe. He's on a plane and in the air right now.” he told her. “Give me the money.” “I need to get in the van.” she said, licking her lips. “It's a lot of money, and I don't want to flash it here in the parking lot.” she said nervously. “Sure.” he said. “Get in the back for a minute, please, little sister. Mindy went into the back, and …

Group Sex

Gran Canaria May 2015

Hi all just got back from a week in the sun and thought you would all like to hear of my adventure. Happened Thursday last week, was staying at a large hotel in playa Ingles, full of German OAP's so pretty boring most of the week until this happened. I'm a 48 yrs old English guy, average JO… on holiday with my Mrs I'm in the underground Wellness centre, loveley swimming pool, Dead sea pool, Sauna & Steam room. Well I came out of the steam room, and saw a couple of travel cases by my towel on the wall, I turned round to see a young couple both in the shower covered in soap, obviously getting ready to leave the hotel as it was mid afternoon and its vacate room at midday. Any way they both had there backs to me, the girl turns round covered in shampoo and what a sight ! Must have been about 21, 5'9,, tall lang dark hair really slim with perfect must have been dd breasts so hard and jutting out perfectly, completely shaven down there. I stood watching for must have been 3/4 mins watching her memorized ! I then hear a cough and her boyfriend sees me staring. smiles at me and looks down at my cock that had hardened in the time i was staring. Sorry i saw to him and i look at the girl and she opens her eyes and also looks me up and down. Shit i thought ! He then shakes his head and goes into the next cubicle and says something to her in German. He then turns to me and says you like the steam or sauna room ? Steam i answer, i had just been in there for 15 mins and was waiting for …


Aunt Liz

My Aunt Liz From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a c***d and she came over to visit her younger s****r (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunt Lizzie lived in our state’s capitol a couple of hours away from us so it wasn’t as if we saw her on a regular basis, so it was a real treat when she came around. But also, as I grew older and went through puberty, it was not lost on me that Aunt Liz really was a good-looking woman. Fortunately she seemed to continue her physical playfulness with me, always giving me over enthusiastic hugs, still poking and tickling me, grabbing me around the neck and head locking me against her bosom, and such. Then in the summer of my fifteenth year, Aunt Liz came to visit and did her perfunctory headlock into her bosom without thinking. But instead of me resisting, I let her push my face right into her right boob. For whatever reason, I opened my mouth and clamped down right through her blouse onto her nipple. This must have surprised her as she froze for a second or two, then pulled my head away between her hands. She gave me a wry smile and with a wink she said, “my, my Carl you caught me by surprise. I owe you one now”. With that she quickly pulled her right tit out of …

Flash Erotica

Flash Fairytales: Little Red

Red shuffled through the forest with her shoulders hunched against the wind – red skirt and hooded cloak whipping around her pale legs. In the dark, cold forest, her billowing red hair seemed aflame. With a basket hung over her crooked elbow, she approached the small door to her Grandma’s home. Quietly, she rapped on the ancient wood and waited. The door quietly swung open without the usual bustle and noise. The quiet room inside seemed almost intimidating, but there would be no going back into the storm. Apprehensive, she stepped forward. Her Grandma quietly called out. “Is that you, Red, dear?” Red skipped into the room to greet her Grandma, swinging the basket from her hand. “Hello, Gran! The family have sent you a basket-“ As soon as she passed the threshold, the door slammed violently shut behind her. She screamed and turned, clutching her mouth in shock as a large, gruff looking man loomed over her petite figure. His hair and beard were one – his face shaggy and rough, etched with wrinkled lines and sunken cheeks. He towered over Red, with broad shoulders and dirty, claw-like fingers outstretched towards her. “Now be quiet, little Red…” he sneered. “You don’t want to disturb Granny, do you? Be a good girl and give her the basket.” His almost yellow eyes leered over her body, lips curled in a disgusting grin. Even standing still in fear, Red’s hair shimmered. It seemed to billow around her russet cheeks and whip across her pale neck. She stammered cutely and the …

Love Poems

The Nettle Queen

Quick predator, rendered still and quiet By the tenderness of night, and dripping Of love alight. Stinging of fresh venom, Voices whispering in cold breath sigh it Like willows drifting, like nettles whipping Under midnight blue storm clouds of denim. Restless, thirsty, brave, and hungry for sex; Fearsome, strong and courageous, carrying The pennant. Somnambulist, tarrying Over pennies, lovers, time, and apex, Red widow, bearing the signet of Rex. Devoid of fury, always parrying, The only one ever worth marrying. Only flame that bright could so deeply vex.

Gay Male

Young love part 2

Read Part 1 here:http://xhamster.com/user/regeret/posts/428456.html We were extremely sweaty by then, so we both went to take a shower, while the playlist on the computer went on. Jack turned the water a bit too hot for my liking, but after a few moments, my body got used to it and then it felt wonderful. I started washing his back with a sponge and rubbing his testicles with my other hand. He grabbed me from the back of my head, and pulled me close to him, sticking his tongue in my mouth, in a weird and a little uncomfortable position. But Jack was very good at this and when he felt that something was amiss, he turned around and stuck his tongue down my throat. By now, he was already very hard. &#034I want you, Tommy&#034 he whispered in my ear. &#034I want you too, Jack, take me.&#034 And he did. He turned me around, gave my back a push as to signal me to bow, he got to his knees, opened my ass crack with both his hands and stuck his face between them. His wet lips and tongue felt like heaven on my asshole. Already lust was boiling inside me, and there was only one thing that could release me of this feeling. &#034Give it to me already, you whore!&#034 He laughed, slapped my butt and stood up, with his shaft good and ready. &#034I think you should give it a lick before I stick it in, Tommy.&#034 I turned around, took his cock in my mouth while the hot shower was still spraying all over me. I spat on it a few times until I deemed it ready and turned back into position. Jack …

Gay Male

A Year to Remember, Chapter Three

A Year to Remember, Chapter Three This story is part of a series, and if you have not read the previous two chapters, it might help your undertsanding of the plot to read them first, before this one. It will make a lot more sense if you do. March I lay awake, worrying! My mum told me last night that we are going to have lunch with Patrick, Emma and Simon tomorrow. You know, the 'tousled head' that suddenly interrupted my emotional roller-coaster ride last month. My limp dick twitches at the memory of that mop of unruly, reddish hair. I can feel it now, between my fingers, as I run my hand through it, I remember pulling his face towards mine… Anyway, that was then and I was in a state, a horrible, snivelling state! I just wanted to feel safe, feel warm and feel loved. I didn't mind his arm round my shoulder. I wanted him to hold and squeeze my hand in his, pale, perfect hand. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to notice my erection. Lost in my memories, I flip over onto my front and feel the stiffening of my dick against the mattress. Fuck it! Why am I getting horny, thinking about him? All he did was kiss me back…and then do a runner. I kissed him, I kissed him! My dick shrivels back to its default setting…pathetic. God how I wish it was bigger. It almost disappears into the crazy thicket of wiry, dark brown pubes. Yep, loads of pubes, tiny dick. Just what every teenage boy wants. Not! What if he thinks I'm gay? What if he told his parents? What if? What if? My head is …


fun day at the park

I have a hobby that sometimes proves to be more then what it is. I do a lot of walking to keep in shape and in doing so I started picking up aluminum cans since there seems to be so many of them along the roadways. There is a county park not far with a nice lake and many shelter houses for picnics and gatherings s**ttered throughout the park. One Sunday morning early I decided to drive around the lake and check the trash cans for aluminum cans. No telling what one finds in those trash cans. I have found money and cameras and one time I found several gay porn DVD`s. Needless to say I spent many evenings masturbating watching the free videos I had found. I wish I had been there when the person that threw them away was there. Might have been doing more then just watching his old DVD`s. On another occasion I found a small zippered bag. When I opened it there was several sex toys inside. One of which was a nice sized dildo. It appeared to be something that a woman might have thrown away but what the heck I took it. As soon as I got home I cleaned up the dildo the best I could, got naked, and proceeded to fuck myself with it. I had to use my smaller butt plug and dildo to get me loosened up but once ready had a really good time with that larger dildo. Now to the actual story of this post. As I said it was an early Sunday morning. Not many people around. Just a few people fishing and the people cleaning the shelter houses and picking up the trash. Usually I just drive around the …


They Needed A Jump

They Needed A Jump By Ken Haramiru – http://haramiru.com/ My Saturday started off with nothing to do. I was in that awkward stage right after my divorce, at a high risk for a train-wreck rebound relationship, and determined not to plunge into one. Relationships aside, after having spent the entire eight-month divorce process dateless, my backlogged carnal needs had reached legendary proportions. My first stop for the day was the gas station near my house, and my reason for preferring it was in rare form today. My gas station is right next to a gym, which meant that the entire time I was pumping gas, women strutted by in short shorts and tight spandex. When I finished fueling my vehicle, I felt a twinge of disappointment, but hopped in my SUV and started my engine. While the gym made being in the lot pleasant, its traffic also made departure a lengthy process. It was near lunch time, and departing cars were stacked up far into the lot. I generally hate being stuck in traffic, except when I'm stuck near the gym's doors and hence granted the perfect excuse to watch women walking out. I was just starting to think about going to the beach afterwards, when "they" walked out of the gym. "They" were a pair of gorgeous pregnant women, one Asian and one Latina. The Asian appeared to be about 6 months along, and the Latina was slightly bigger – around 7 months. I'd always had an attraction for pregnant women, and five years of marriage to an emphatically child-free woman had only …


Step Sister Walk in on Me (part 3)

Before I begin the third part of my story, let’s recap my amazing day so far. Back in the beginning, I was able to watch porn with my stepsister. Which then led to me getting a blowjob, my cock deep throated, and me fucking her virgin pussy that she had been saving for me. Then, just when I thought I could take a break, Kyla shows up and I get a blow job and deep throating from her as well. I also forgot to mention that she is a virgin waiting to be fucked by my cock. After giving these two young girls a good facial, my story continues here. “Oh I can’t wait to take a hot shower with both my stepsister and her friend,” I said, in excitement. “Well, I can’t wait to be fucked again by that monster cock of yours,” Carrie answered back. As all three of us walked upstairs to the shower with nothing on, Carrie led the way and I couldn’t stop admiring both of their tight asses that swayed back and forth in front of me. Once we got to the bathroom, I turned on the shower letting it heat up and get steamy. “Kevin, I still can’t believe I managed to get your whole cock down my throat. Oh and that facial, felt so good. You shooting your hot load all over my face was awesome,” Kyla said to me, as she still had my cum all over her young looking face. Once the shower was hot and steaming, all three of us got in to wash off and relax. Oh did I say relax, I meant to say fuck them hard. Plus Kyla’s virgin pussy is still waiting for my 8 inch cock to slam her. The girls washed off their cum …

Gay Male

Ass Structure

I've terminated time in this journal but life is still filled with numbers as beautiful as the message of God, of Hermes. Every flash of a cute boy forces my lungs to collapse and revitalize like after every puff of a cherry flavored cigarette. Some guys just don't understand the need and judge the self destruction crudely, like an unnecessary violence towards the self. Each judgement, like every cock of cherry puffed upon like puff the magic dragon is a Newtonian calculation. It's Occam's razor splicing the very fabric of a nerve filled perineum as it moves up towards the black hole. While anti-climatic to the neigh-sayers of analytical numbers, this becoming is like the rising and falling of the sun, a sperm filled cell wiggling its way through the desert of a soiled sock where a cactus sucks up its prickly filled glory hole. His black shiny hair and my dry skin synthesized into an ignorance of his hypothalmic desires. I wanted him to be a gay boy, so I made him into a gay boy without checking in with the facts. So it wasn't ignorance, it was my invention, my concoction which fostered my desire. My twink like Frankenstein was left with no blemish or bruise after my procedure. A perfect experiment resulting in firm limbs, and tender caressing. It was better not knowing anything at all, he should have remained inside of me, his hot hailing reign absorbed into my tight sphincter. Contracting, contrasting, letting go of, holding onto. He should have remained preserved inside …


Disney Princesses lust pt 2- Frozen.(Elsa and Anna)

Chapter 2 Disclaimer:None are the Disney characters used in these stories are mine but only used for enjoyment.All characters belong to Disney. They were engaged to be married by the end of two months,much to the relief of the council and the people of the kingdom.Roy himself had had some qualms with the rush.He didn't see how such a whirlwind romance could work.Add to the fact that he was marrying BOTH of them and he really thought that they should take it slow.If what he thought mattered that is. (Which it didn't.) He was quickly installed in the castle as Royal consort.His job at the library was over.Anna and Elsa had been VERY clear that they didn't want their soon to be husband doing any type of work (he swore he could feel the very possessiveness in their beautiful voices when the matter came up)in or out of the castle.His job would be running the Kingdom and being dedicated to his two fiance's needs.He was given a new change of clothes worn only by royals and other rich nobles.He was quite sure that if he had worked all the days of his life he wouldn't have been able to afford even one set of the clothes he was given.They also demanded that he merge his own money with their own.Roy had to laugh at this.The both were stinking rich.The amount he had put away in the bank didn't hold a candle to theirs,so why bother? It wasn't the answer they were looking for. "What do you need your own money for anyway? Your going to be king.You can just use ours."said an irritated …


Taking Control

My breath gets heavier with each step towards her. Slim but curvy, dirty blonde hair, full lips, large handfuls of tit. The nervous anticipation with a tinge of fear in her eyes makes bl**d pulse through my veins. Her clothing is reserved and unrevealing which arouses me even further. I reach out with my left hand and take a fistful of her hair. Using the handful of hair like a handle I pull her face towards mine and kiss her. My mouth controls hers as she tries to keep up moving her lips in rhythm with mine. My right hand instinctively reaches out and takes a grip of her cunt. She gasps into my mouth as I grope and kneed her sensitive flesh through her jeans. She pushes her body against my hand enjoying the firm pressure on her clit. I accidentally bite her lower lip, she recoils slightly but not fully as she enjoys the warmth. I pull her head backwards so I can look into her eyes. I unbuckle my belt with ease and lower my jeans. I aim her head downward so she can see how aroused she has made me. She reaches out and grabs a hold of my twitching erect cock. "Get on your knees." I grunt through gritted teeth. Sexual urges have taken control completely, I'm using this classy, mature woman like she is nothing but a fuckdoll made only for my pleasure and nothing will stand in the way of that. She obediently begins to kneel. I pull her nautical jumper off her body in one tug revealing her breasts. Her body shudders with nervousness as she opens her mouth and begins to suck the …


My Weakness Exposed

My Weakness Exposed It all happened so fast, I didn't realize I could be so exposed so easily. Completely covered in cum from this experience and also cum oozing out of my gaping pussy. Let me back track first. I'm a married 43 yo professional woman. I have 3 kids and a great husband. I am not at all skinny, I'm a white BBW. Tho my husband is hot as hell and great in bed, he does lack size. He about 6 in. with a nice big head. But I always fantasized about those well built black guys and their huge fat cocks. My oldest daughter who is now 21 has dated only black guys since she was 16. I see them come into the house and catch myself staring at their bulges in their pants. I have sex with my husband but I make believe that its one of these hot guys coming in here and totally wreaking my fat white pussy with their big fat black cocks!! Then it happened last week. My husband had to go away on his once a year Manager's meeting in Vegas. He works for a logistics company. The weather here in New Jersey has been so rainy and cold this December. I was feeling a little down, so my daughter, Amanda, thought it would be a good idea to throw a pre holiday party. My younger daughter was away with my ex husband for the week. I was thrilled that we would be having a party and even more happy that Amanda would be inviting her friends! I went to the local department store to buy a new outfit for the night. I bought a black dress which was rather short considering the size of my ass and the …


Marys Marvelous Family

Mary’s Marvelous Family by Valley Honey “Mary, Mary wait up,” Mary Batson – aka Mary Bromfield and Mary Marvel – turned to see who was calling for her and saw the black haired boy making his way toward her as fast as he could with his crutch. “Freddy Freeman, what are you doing here?” Mary asked, half turning to gesture at the entrance to the private high school she attended. “This isn’t exactly your neighborhood.” “I know,” Freddy said as he came up next to Mary, “but I have a friend who goes here and I thought I’d stop and say hi.” “So, who’s your friend?” Mary teased her friend. “You are, of course,” Freddy chuckled, “as if you didn’t know.” “Is Billy with you?” Mary asked, craning her neck to see if she could spot her brother. “No,” Freddy said. “Billy had to go out on an assignment for the radio station after school, but he said he’d meet up with us later at your place. So, are we going to walk or fly to your place.” “Why walk when you can fly?” Mary answered with a grin. Mary Batson called out her magic word at the same time that Freedy Freeman called out the name of his favorite hero and the two of them vanished in a flash of magic lightning and thunder, and standing in their place was Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior. “Ladies first,” Junior said, gesturing for Mary to take the lead. He noticed that this time she had her red costume with the gold lightning trim and the white and gold cape. Junior was never sure if Mary was going to change into her red costume …

Group Sex

Sex club, part two

We managed to find our clothes and get dressed, fondling and caressing a little in the process. There was some momentary confusion when we got to our trucks, but Nikki decided she would ride with me as I followed Ben. She slid over beside me on the bench seat like we were dating in high school. Her hand on the inside of my thigh, my hand on the inside of hers, “Ben’s always liked men too, but was too scared to try anything in Oklahoma,” she said. “He was terrified at that club, I had to talk him into at least fucking me in public there. He always calms down after he cums. I was so happy to see you watching us and being so openly stroking your cock … and such a NICE cock,” she said giving my crotch a squeeze. “So he’s never even sucked a cock before,” I asked. “Well, once. I met a gay guy and we all got d***k at our house. Wasn’t long before we were all naked in a pile – kind of like tonight, actually – although my pussy was feeling VERY neglected. They were 69ing and pretty much forgot about me, until they came in each other’s mouths.” Nikki said the fun kind of fell apart at that point because Ben started crying, she was convinced it was tears of happiness, but the other guy got freaked out and left. “I held him all night, when he got hard again he fucked my pussy harder than ever – I was actually really SORE. When I was cumming, I slipped my finger in his ass and he came so hard … it was hot, but he’s been too scared since.” “So he’s never had a cock in ass,” I asked. …


Recent rough treatment of my cockslave..(true stor

I have been fucking Cat for about 5 years, so far, wife doesn't know. Here is how it went about 2 weeks ago…… Cat now has a sugar daddy so I have to wait till he's not there… I texted the little slut and she said the coast is clear. When she opened the door wearing a tight knit dress, grinning ear to ear, it had been awhile and my cock sprung to attention. She gasped as grabbed theback of her neck and ground my big cock into her ass, squeezing her pert tits. I whispered how I was going to abuse her slim sexy body. I love her fit body and her willingness to be submissive. I pushed her into the kitchen and made her make me a drink. As she set it on the table, I grabbed her and pushed her to her knees against the wall. Holding her hair, I pulled out my rock hard cock and slapped her face with it, this made her moan, her eyes getting glassy as she gazed at me . I slapped her and asked &#034what's my name, whore ?&#034 &#034Master&#034 she whispered. &#034What's your name, bitch ?&#034 &#034Slave&#034 she answered. holding her head, I pushed my cock into her mouth as she moaned. Face fucking her I pulled out a couple times and made her beg for my cock. I had her head against the wall with a hand full of hair. She loves being dominated. I grabbed her throat and pulled her to her feet. Still holding her neck, she was walked to her room. I had her get the chain collar and cuffs. First rear cuffing her and having her kneel by the bed and suck my throbbing cock as I held her …

First Time

my first nutt

I'm a married man, but I still think about my first nut, I was about 14 or 15, walking down the the street when this guy offered me a ride, I got in, he was a black guy about 25, I could tell he was gay, he pulled into a alley and rubbed my dick and said take out, I did and as soon as he touched it I came all over the place, he said don't worry about it and still wanted to suck it, but I got out and went home, as soon as I got there I went right into the bathroom and jacked off for the first time. Soon after that I saw that guy again and he picked up and took me to his house and sucked me off, I was hooked on blowjobs after that, a little later I got my first girlfriend, and my first pussy, sucked my dick pretty good but I could not cum in mouth, thats when I found out that men suck dick better than ladies,I had to be at work at three in the morning and it seems like thats when all the gay guys were out, I was not bad looking and they used to ask if they could suck my dick all the time of course being a horny 15 year old I did not turn any head down, I would get fucking my girl then go downtown and get a guy to suck my dick, it was like heaven to me to be able to bust a nut right in their mouth, they took it no problem. I used to knock on one door at three in the morning and he would get up come out and blow me off. One time I grabbed his dick, my first holding another mans cock, it felt like rubber, he was throbbing it it in my hand but I didn't know what to do with it I …

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