Girlfriend Pegs me [Part 1]

I stood there, trembling. Shivering in fear and excitement. In one fell swoop, my girlfriend Sara has just informed me that not only is she cuckolding me, but that her best friend knows about it, she knows I wear a chastity device, the two of them have been out fucking black men allll weekend, I'm horny as hell and how have my girlfriend and Mandy, both dressed as sexy as they could ever be, holding a strapon didlo to my mouth. Oh, and my hands were cuffed behind me in furry pink handcuffs! I was shivering in terror at the realization that other people know about us now. And that I have had a strapon fantasy for over a decade. And it was coming true. Everything I ever dreamed of was coming true. There was only one thing I could do at this point. I parted my lips. Sara gasped. She pressed a little harder on the dildo. I opened more. My eyes closed. She pushed the rubber cock in my mouth. "My gosh," Sara exclaimed. "I didn't even have to persuade you! You were ready for this day!" "You were right Sara," Mandy blushed. "He enjoys this stuff." Sara leaned into my ear. She wispered softly, "You do enjoy this stuff, don't you bitch?" I mumbled softly back, taking a big black dildo in my mouth. "Hold this," Sara ordered me, as she dropped her hand away from the dildo. My teeth clamped onto the rubber penetrator as ordered. Sara's hands slid down my body to the belt line. Oh no. No no no! But she did. She undid my belt. Unbuttoned my jeans. Opened them wide, and let them drop. I …


Rachels Dare – Part 2

Rachel and I continued on down the path back to where our cars waited for us. I estimated we were half way to the timer going off again, and so far we'd walked in perfect silence. If she felt anything like me, then her senses would be firing on all cylinders at the moment. A light breeze had picked up, and was gently wafting through the trees to our right-hand side. The result was that every now and again, a branch creaked, or some leaves rustled on the ground. When it did, we'd both instinctively cast a furtive glance to find the source of the noise, before then quickly exchanging a reassuring glance. I also noticed that she couldn't stop herself from looking back down the path from where we'd just come. I was contemplating teasing her about that, when I realised that I'd subconsciously been doing exactly the same thing. I figured that the time may go quicker if we chatted about something, and it might also drown out the distracting effects of the breeze. "So, art history? Any regrets you didn't take that further?" Rachel shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly? No, not really. I guess 'actuary' doesn't sound all that exciting, but it's rewarding enough." She continued walking along, lost in her own thoughts. After only a brief interlude, she added to her reply. "It's not the fact that I'm an actuary that I regret. It's the fact that I let it make me so damn safe." She looked sideways at me, appearing to try and judge if I'd got her meaning. "So, you're saying that when your job …


Whats for dinner?

"Mmm… Papi… ¿No quieres jugar conmigo un poco? Won't you play with me just a little? Pleeeease??" She begged me to play with her with her big, teasing brown eyes. How could I resist such a seductive request? I stood there for a second just to look at her crawling on the bed towards me. Her long, thick brown hair stretching down her back while some fell off her shoulder in front of her. She'd been stripped down to her underwear by yours truly. Her big eyes staring up at me with her big lips smirking in a seductive, "Cat got your tongue?" smile. Taking in enough of her seductive beauty, I walk back to the bed as she sits up almost like an excited puppy. I thought it was kind of cute, so I chuckled a bit and she scolded me. My face went very serious then as I put my leg on the bed, reached over, and snatched her hair, bringing her face close to mine. Her slight whimpering made me chuckle. "Who's your master, girl?" I asked with a strong dominance in my voice. "You, sir." She replied obediently as I smirked a bit more. "And who's my little toy??" "Me, sir." This made a big smile go across my face. "And WHO are YOU to scold ME??" "No one, sir. I'm sorry." My face got very serious as I pulled her ear to my lips. "Do you think you deserve to be punished for what you did, Mia?" She moaned a very long, high pitched "Yesss Ssssssirr" in my ear, almost as if she were desperate to receive my punishment. I let go of her hair, backed away from the bed, and instructed her to stand in …

Consensual Sex


….We liked to read out loud to each other. It gave them a ’real’ feeling when we read it out loud to each other. We found this story of yours and started reading it. He read the guy parts, and I read the girl parts. It was like we were the guy and girl in the story. You said the story was based on a ’true’ story. We felt all the feelings they were having in the story too. This story was about a mom, her son and his best friend. I started reading the girls part. I read for a while and got a chill…. I said to my self….this story seems so real." John…… Damn this story is strangely familiar, but I didn’t recall reading it before. It was making us both very aroused, way beyond any other story. We were only 1/3 of the way into it when Mary finally closed the lid on the lap top and put it aside. She got on top of me and rested her head on my neck. “I want to save this for later. Right now I want you, my John.” she said. This was our 1st attempt at reading and making it through this story without…. having to stop and have really hot sex. In case you don’t remember the story, here it is……. ————————- “Mom was bound to get Caught” * Mom had a very private talk with her son about a rumor she heard from his school. * ——– Mom…. __I had the jitters. I had to find out about this rumor I heard. The rumor was that a kid at my son’s school was having sex with his buddies mom. Sonny, my son, was my source to find out. I went in his room late one night and sat on his bed. …


CAW 22 Entry: Gaussian Distribution.

“Where are we?” “Göttingen, it said.” “Where’s that?” “I have absolutely no idea.” “At least it looks like there’s somewhere to stay.” In hindsight, traveling across continental Europe had not been a good idea. The Napoleonic wars were raging around, I just wish my history had been more inclusive, then I might have avoided this. It was 1810 currently and we were somewhere in a German puppet state controlled by Napoleon, Westphalia I think. We found a suitable lodging house, and while James was arranging the domestic affairs, I took the ladies to dine. I was hoping for something other than the schnitzel, schweinshaxe and wurst we’d been having for the last week, but I was disappointed. At least there was good wine, it was the wrong time of year for beer. We were chatting somewhat disconsolately, the latest turn of events had not put us in a good mood, when some one behind me said “Guten abend herr doctor Gauss.” Then it struck me why Göttingen sounded so familiar, it was where Gauss worked. Carl Friedrich Gauss, a god in the pantheon of mathematicians, he’d probably be remembered as the finest mathematician since Newton, if Einstein hadn’t stuck his oar in. He’d been in the news a few times these past few years I’d been in the nineteenth Century, they would of course mention his affiliation to the university in such articles. I whispered to Maria, “I think that maybe Gauss, you know Ceres and all that.” One of his recent headlines was to do with the rediscovery of Ceres, …


Early morning fuck with Sarah, oh my.

I was sl**ping, woken up with my cell going off. Not the alarm but a phone call. I thought it be my wife who was out of town, but saw it was sexy hot Sarah. I picked up and talked to her. Sarah needed a lift, she was in the bad section of town without a ride. Got dressed and on my way I was. When I pulled up, I see her hot sexy legs, and that she was wearing a short dress skirt. Sarah was a white blonde chic, her dress being black….kind of look that gets you in trouble in this part of town. Once in the car, we left…she was thanking me and telling about her broken shoe heel. When we get back, I walk her to her door. "Damn" she says, Sarah looking furious for her keys. A quick call and I'm letting Sarah stay the night at my place. I hook her up with drinks, and massage her feet. Her feet were swollen from walking several blocks in bare feet. Abit of talking, I made up the bed in the guest room. I offered the nice bed to Sarah, who turned it down, but stripped naked and climbed into bed. I went to bed…with a hard cock. Out like a light, woking up with a dream that was real. My eyes focused as I try to see who was sucking my cock. The blond hair, and the bouncing boobs told me Sarah was the dream but real. I watched Sarah move up and down, her tongue lick my hard cock, and her lips sucking me. Sarah sucked away, she played with my balls, and had me moaning. Just at the height of her sucking, I told Sarah to climb on, and place her pussy on my mouth. Her BJ was making me …

First Time

my date with jennycumslut part two

The second part of my story about my date with Jennycumslut. This memory will be burned in my mind forever and thinking about it drives me wild to know I did what I always fantasized about! Hopefully this will make you cum hard… I left off that I had just made plans with Jenny to see her later that evening. I was out for a nice paced walk in the park close to my apartment at the time we had made plans so I hurried back home. After drenching of sweat from hurrying home since I was to meet her in less than a hour I quickly showered and didnt have time to shave my pubes down. Me and her texted back and forth and decided to meet at a parking lot at a mid point of where both of us lived. All the time I was so horny and this sexual energy was flowing through my body so much that my nipples were so sensitive that I leaked pre cum anytime my nipples were touched. I also slipped my aneros anal toy as well before I left the house so my ass was on fire driving towards the meeting place. I had arrived first and texted her and she responded she was running late… Typical of a woman lol! Well she answered that she wanted to be somewhere private and I wanted to fuck that night so I made the move to reserve a king size bed hotel room close by. I made the arrangements via an app and texted her back. I was so horny and my boner, asstoy, and nipples were bringing me to assgasms texting her back and forth. I told her where the hotel was and I proceeded to make my way there all while dancing …

Dark Fantasy

My Summer With Mom

The next day started out like normal, up before the sun and out the door to the farm before the rest of the house was awake. When I got home in the afternoon no one was around so I decided to grab a quick shower and rest for a few hours. I fell asleep with my thoughts racing about what had happened between my mother and I the previous day. I was having a very erotic dream of my mother giving me a blowjob when I awoke in the afternoon. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn't just a dream. "Good afternoon sleepyhead." I heard my mother say as I snapped awake and looked down at her as she slowly jacked my rock hard erection. "Now that you are finally awake we can have some real fun." With that said she inhaled my cock back into her mouth and started sucking me in earnest as she gently fondled my balls. Every time I felt myself start to get close she would feel my twitches and stop sucking me and squeeze hard on my balls, pulling them roughly down to delay my eruption. After five to ten minutes of this she finally relented and told me," I guess I've teased you long enough." She popped me back in her mouth, alternating between sucking hard on me, and gently licking around the crown of my dick. Just as I felt my load start to race up my shaft she looked up at me sucking hard on my knob and gently squeezed my balls. "Oh my god mom I groaned" as I started to cum. I came so hard it felt like by balls were turning inside out. It was a mix of pleasure and pain as I shot spurt …


A Cuckold By Any Other Name – Part III

John sat on the edge of the bed watching as Kate put the final touches to her lip makeup. Her favourite lipstick shade was dusky pink and he looked on as she puckered up her lips one final time. He knew that she never allowed him to kiss her just after putting her lipstick on but he still got up to hold her in his arms. She turned her cheek to allow him to kiss at least one part of her face. Her perfume was intoxicating and as always she was immaculately and seductively dressed. He dropped his hands to her sides and held her momentarily. He could feel the straps of her suspenders. “You . . . you don’t mind me going round to Frank’s, do you?” she asked him. “He really needs a hand to sort out Elle’s belongings. She’s been dead almost a year now and he’s hardly touched any of her things. He needs to sort it all out and get rid of it. He can never move on with all that stuff lying around.” John shook his head. She hugged him. “It’s very good of you letting me help him out,” she told him. “Very few husbands would be as understanding as you. I really do love you.” He ran his hands up and down her thighs momentarily. Kate reached for his groin. “I’ll have something very special for you when I return,” she told him. John groaned under her gentle squeezing. “Anything particularly that you would like me bring home for you?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye. He knew that twinkle. He also knew how suggestive she sounded. “You only have to ask,” she told him. “I would never deny you …

Love Poems

Loves last quatrain

I built a poem from Lego bricks Perfection! Not a hole to fix Each room I filled with emptiness Each plastic rhyme with hopelessness * Hey, lover! (who builds poems from sticks) I built a poem from Lego bricks He read, his face – a doleful mask – Proclaimed I had not met the task * 'To beat the wolves, my lover dear Do more than to the rules adhere I built a poem from Lego bricks When I was four, or five, or six…' * With love, he cast straw in the air Such meaning, passion, beauty there! 'Ne'er say again – ne'er use such tricks! – I built a poem from Lego bricks.' *


Open wide!!!

broke a tooth and went to the dentist and was treated by a very attractive classy blonde who I'd seen and admired in our local pub, I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of anaesthetic. I was a bit disorientated and left my mobile phone behind. I was a bit worried as it contained some really hardcore pictures from a meet earlier in the week, but when I collected it the screen was locked so I wasn't unduly concerned. The dentist Imogen handed it back with a nice smile, so I was less concerned. Anyway I was at the pub and got a tap on the shoulder it Imogen, looking very classy in her medical outfit, we started talking and then flirting, I thought she's up for it. I played it cool and then offered to walk her home, all the time flirting. I was asked in for a coffee, I noticed she went into her bathroom before going into the kitchen, I decided to go for a piss after, I looked in her laundry basket there was a pair of knickers, I took them out for a sniff and they were still warm and clearly the cunt that had been touching the was damp. I ran my tongue over the material it tasted fantastic. I was now full of lust, all sense of reason had gone, she was in the kitchen I walked up and put my hand right up her skirt and inserted two fingers up her cunt, she made no resistance and I bent her over the work surface, took out my erect cock and pushed it up her from behind, I thrust into her with full f***e. A string of of obscenities came out of her pretty mouth urging me to fuck her …

Gay Male

The Job

Ricky had two things going for him in his life:his huge cock and his ability to last longer fucking than most males. After losing his construction job and going through a costly divorce from his ex-wife Mary, he also needed money and he needed it fast. And then, when things began to look their bleakest, he stumbled upon a way to earn the money he so desperately needed. Only problem was he’d be required to do something he never dreamed of doing and swore he would never ever do. But, as the old saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers. And Ricky was most definitely in a begging state. Ricky found the ad in the spam folder of his e-mail while he was checking to see if he had gotten any responses to all the resumes he had sent out. He wasn’t surprised that he didn’t see any in his inbox, at least not positive ones, so he checked the spam folder to see if any happened to end up in there. There were none, though there was one with the subject line: “Looking for a way to earn some quick money?” Curious, he clicked on the e-mail and wound up with the shock of his life. The e-mail told of a “job opportunity” where a person–a man–could “earn” a grand for a few hours “work.” Ricky wondered like anyone would what kind of “job” could pay that kind of money for only a few hours work? He read further and saw two words no “straight” man wants to see or hear: Gay porn. Of course, being the strong heterosexual man that he was, his first reaction was to click off the e-mail and delete the damn …


10 strokes

Silken blindfold covering my eyes. Wrists grasped and bound tightly. I know the marks the twisted hemp will leave on my skin. A firm hand turning me, pushing me face down across the bed, arms pulled out in front as the rope is secured to the wrought iron swirls of the bed. There is enough length that my feet still touch the floor on the other side, just, balancing on the high heels of my shoes. I hear your soft tread as you move around the bed, hands stroking silk covered calves and thighs. One ankle grasped firmly and I feel the leather cuff being buckled into place. A whispered, &#034Spread your legs.&#034 No thought of disobeying that soft command, my thighs part and the other ankle is cuffed. The spreader bar now holding my legs apart. Now I'm exposed, glistening pussy and upraised ass. My hands strain against the bonds, my breath quickens in anticipation. Tits pressed against the cotton sheet, nipples hard and aching. No movement, no sound other than that of my own breathing. My ears strain to capture some slight noise that would tell me where you were, what your next move might be. The waiting is intolerable and seems to last for an eternity. Are you watching me, watching the way my fingers tangle in the rope binding me to the bed, the way I struggle to close my thighs? Do you see the wetness of my pussy and know it's because I'm restrained so, the faint bruises on my skin from my last encounter with you? Still no sound, my head turns desperately trying to hear …

Love Poems

The Nettle Queen

Quick predator, rendered still and quiet By the tenderness of night, and dripping Of love alight. Stinging of fresh venom, Voices whispering in cold breath sigh it Like willows drifting, like nettles whipping Under midnight blue storm clouds of denim. Restless, thirsty, brave, and hungry for sex; Fearsome, strong and courageous, carrying The pennant. Somnambulist, tarrying Over pennies, lovers, time, and apex, Red widow, bearing the signet of Rex. Devoid of fury, always parrying, The only one ever worth marrying. Only flame that bright could so deeply vex.


crackwhoreblues -42%

Transmission # 97 Standing at the edge of the cliff, gazing thoughtlessly down into the septic tank of our soul… High heels and lip-stick, cocaine enemas, we beg the Whore-Goddess to fuck us with her fifteen inch throbbing cock, to be her slave…. Bouncing up and down, playing pogo on your cock, tightening my sphincter, milking, teasing, squeezing your throbbing shaft so deep inside. You pull my legs back, speeding my asshole, gape-r****g me, making me scream as I lose control over my body, spasming anal-orgasmic ecstasy. Face fuck me, electrocute me, your trannytweakerfuckslutslavewhore, pounding harder and deeper until there is nothing left, breathless, quivering, there is no more….. Your cum oozing out from the gaping wreck of my ass, dripping all creamily down my limp, shriveled trannytweakerpenis and you smile like a god as I open and close my asshole, forcing your nut out into a bowl. The process is repeated, you invite you friends over, gang fucking me, splashing happy milky cum into my bowl and when it's full I hold it high tipping it over, letting all that sperm pour into my mouth, over flowing and spilling onto my naked body, smearing it all over, the cum, it tastes so fucking delicious, I crave it, I need it, squirting thick and warm, playing with it with my tongue, gurgle gooey fun, I drink it by the glass full and beg like the trannyslavewhore that I am for just one more shot in the mouth. You and your friends take turns abusing my asshole and my mouth, …


Island Fever 4: Paradise – Chapter 07

[[[-IF4-P7.TXT-]]] —————- Island Fever 4: Paradise Written by: [email protected] M/F, F/F and a whole lot more —————- Chapter 07: "Idyllic" ——————————————- -*- Monday, June 1, 2015 -*- Foamy seawater burst in small explosions around my bare feet as I strode through the surf. A breeze swept through my hair and cooled my otherwise sunburned face. My eyes were glued to the ground, where sea and sand met. There was nothing here, I said inwardly. Just busted-up pieces of mussel shells. Then, I saw something – a blue and white seashell glowing in the sand just a few feet away. It was perfectly formed, with shallow ridges all around. That would be a fine addition to my ever-growing collection! But when a small wave tumbled in, the shell disappeared from sight. Undaunted, I lunged through the water and bent down at the spot where the shell was. Miraculously still there, I began to close my fingers around it. "Watch out!" came a voice from behind me. But it was too late. A runaway surfboard banged hard into my shin and knocked me completely off balance. I fell down in the water and lost my grip on the seashell, which gently floated out to sea and then vanished beneath the surface. Good luck finding it now, right? "I'm sorry, Jeremy!" came that same, concerned voice. I ignored the slender, feminine hand that soon offered to help me to my feet. Upset at the sudden pain in my lower leg, I sprung up myself and snapped at Kristanna, "Why …

First Time

My Best Friends Mom is a BBW Whore

Ring !!Ring! Ring – My phone is ringing and I whip open the shower curtain and run for the mobile phone on my night stand next to my bed. "Hello. Hello! You reached him now give me some news!" I say. "Hello, is this Jeremy best friend. My name is Ms. Keisha and I was hoping you could come over right away. I just had a big fight with Jeremy and he stormed out of his room and the house." she said. "Oh Ms. Keisha,how are you? It almost 10 o'clock and I have to get up early for my paper route on Saturday. Do you really need me to come over? I am sure Jeremy will be home in the morning, I could try his cell." I said. "My son Jeremy and I got into a big fight and he left his cell on his desk to next to the computer. I really need your help with something and if he comes back I am sure he would like to talk to you." After a pause I said "Sure I can be over in about 15 minutes, I just have to put on some clothes and comb my hair." I got back in the shower and washed the shampoo out of my hair. I got dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a AC/DC black t-shirt and a pair of sandals and headed out the door. I drove my car about 5 miles to Jeremy house and I noticed some black tire marks in the driveway and the light over the front door on. I had not seen Jeremy in about a week and I know he was having a hard time with his parents divorce. His father had left his step mother for a younger women and he had to move back in with his birth mother (Ms. Keisha). I had not seen Ms. Keisha in …


The Education of Diana (ch. 01)

It was the summer before her junior year in high school. Diana was unsure of what would happen. She was new here in this small town. Her parents had moved the family to this coastal area as soon as she and her brother had completed school. Now they were getting adjusted to living in a town that had the amount of people found on one block of her old home city. She still thought of her last home as her real home. Diana was a shy girl. She hadn't always been that way. But coming of age had caused changes in her. She hadn't been able to handle them as well as she would have liked. Too many silly boys teasing her about her growing breasts. It was just dumb actually. But she developed a shell. Her girl friends had seemed to become mature much faster than she did. For a sixteen year old girl she was still quite young. No one had ever kissed her. She hadn't even gone out on a date. She had been asked by several boys. But it had always seemed wrong to her. They ogled her and didn't seem to really care for her as a person. She just ignored them all starting from when it all went bad. But her mother and father always told her she was pretty. Her brother didn't pay much attention to her. He was a year older. They had to share a room in their apartment in the city. But they tended to forget the other existed unless they were actually together. He was popular and had been seeing several girls at the same time. He hated the move as much as she did. Now, in the cottage their parents had …

Flash Erotica

On the Down Low

It all started one summer day, when I was on my way to Dallas from Oklahoma City. I had spent a week up there, and I was on I-35, heading south. I'd been drinking coffee, and needed to stop for a break at a rest stop. I entered the rest room. I decided to relieve myself completely. So I took a stall at the farthest end. That left three others. I let my jeans down over my boots, and dropped my boxer briefs. I heard another person enter the room. Someone entered the stall right next to mine. Not really great etiquette. He could have taken one of the other stalls. But what the hell. I finished my job and cleaned up. As I rose up and pulled my pants up I noticed a rather large hole in the partition of the stall. A finger was wiggling in it. You know, my first reaction was to get pissed. I was about to yell out something, and maybe rush out, but something stopped me. I was thinking. It occurred to me that this was a signal of sorts. Yeah, a signal that this guy wanted me to give him some hard cock. Certainly, I should have left right away. I know, but I was feeling sort of horny. I hadn't seen any pussy in a week. And my dick knew it, because it was starting to get hard. It had a mind of its own. Slowly, I slipped down my zipper, and dragged my peter out. It was almost totally engorged now. I leaned into the hole in the partition. I had plenty of dick to feed through, believe me. A tongue licked it. Damn! That felt good. My prick was taken by a hand as someone's lips wrapped …

Love Poems


I always have my music playing To drown out the voices in my head Most are happy, some confused or mad The thing they share is that they are all dead They all walk amongst us, the living And they wander from place to place They always seem to seek me out I can then match the voice with the face Some people call it a curse others say it’s a gift I was near death when I first became aware of it They lifted me up and made me fight for life Even though I just wanted to lay there and quit The doctor’s ran all the neurological tests And the results proved I wasn’t at all crazy My mind and body hardly ever can just rest So plenty of days I see the world a little hazy I know sometimes you feel that I’m distracted And that at times it causes you some distress There is no other that occupies my time but you It’s the voices sending messages like a printing press I know it’s hard for you to understand, it is for me too But I was chosen to be a messenger for these souls It makes me happy to bring them peace and joy I guess this life offers us a variety of roles.


Helped A Girl Get Revenge On Her Cheating BF (True

This story is based on a picture I had posted to my galleries named "I Helped Girl Get Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend". Many people asked me to share the story of how my load ended up all over that girl. So due to the amount of requests for the story here it is. It won't be a very long one I am sure you will still enjoy. I was sitting at home on a Friday night bored out of my mind. My girlfriend Sarah had other plans so I decided to go to the bar for a couple hours. I got dressed and walked down ten or so blocks to a little bar that was usually pretty packed. I sat at the bar having a drink while I looked around at all the people when I came across two girls who were sitting at a table talking and laughing when one of the girls noticed me and smiled. I played it off like I usually did which usually worked and it did so again this time. I turned around in the chair facing the T.V behind the bar when the girls walked up next to me and asked for two drinks. "You here all by yourself?" she asked. I nodded with a grin as she stuck out her hand "I'm Ashley" (The girl in the pic above). I introduced myself and then she invited me to sit at the table with her and her friend. I grabbed my beer and sat down with them asking what they were up to tonight when Ashley quickly told me that her friend offered to take her out after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. I listened as Ashley told me how that her boyfriend was her first and that they had been together for over a …


My Brothers Big Cock

Walking in my house from a run, my tight pink sports bra was restricting to my C-cup boobs. My ass needed some fresh air also. Running my hands through my long blonde hair, my blue eyes twinkle. Stripping off my bra, I dump water over my head, feeling up my boobs and running my fingers down my ass. Suddenly, a male clears his throat. Turning, firm tits and all, I see my brother Derek. "Dere!" I squeal, running to him. With his tan skin, athletic body, dark hair, and green eyes, who wouldn't love him? Derek was my older brother who I shared everything with. "Alexa!" He smirks. "Love the outfit." He shifts. Blushing, he checks me out, my firm C breasts boldly hanging out, nipples hardening. His gaze shifts down to my short tight fitting jog shorts. "Let me get something on,'' I speak, covering my tits. "No no. Wouldn't dream of it.'' He shifts again, and I see a big bulge in his jeans. He leans in to hug me, obviously feeling my hardened nipples through his shirt. He licks his lips. "So why are you here?" I ask, letting my hands fall. "Just here to see my beautiful sister." He has a hard time not staring. "You can stare, Derek." His eyes immediately fall to my boobs. I shake slightly and he moans. I freeze. He does too. "Um. Well. This is kind of awkward." He manages out. I nod, blushing furiously. "Well, since your naked, only fair I should be too." He pulls his gray shirt over his head. "Derek." He smirks at me. His abs are defined and totally gorgeous. "Might as well." His …



I have you just right , bound real tight with that devils glare in your eye here and now as you try to smile through your gag … you and I as one have been fiending for this moment…as master and slave… I pull your hair back to get your stare as I proceed to slowly thrust my rugged digits in your pussy, i can start to feel your sweet sin drip down my fingers , then moan so softly , you can barely hear through her ball gag … SMACK!!! On your bare ass as your bound and double over with my one hand finger fucking your pussy and the other giving you the hard bare handed spankings you wanted and deserve… SMACK!! … SMACK!! … SMACK!! as I get harder rougher faster… your squirming your howling your gushing with sin… I ask you …does the lil one want to quit on me? I remove your gag to no… I reply to you …no,WHAT? as I use my paddle to swat your now tender ass… you howled …NO LOBO, NO…may I please have more… Good girl…I proceed to relieve your legs from the ties that bind …. … Finally I free your legs , your hands still bound to your side your gag removed… I then proceed to hold your legs against as I lightly claw up and down your sin soaked legs with ice between each knuckle… like a cold steel rake . I can feel your legs quake off my body as I look down at you and see your hungry eyes screaming more. I get down and crawl to you and slither onto you for the mount, as I did I lean down to ask you …are we having fun? you nodded your head so I …

Love Poems


When I close my eyes I dream of you Seeing your love Feeling your touch caressing my skin Finger tips gently trailing down Sending shivers up and down my spine Passionate kisses soft and sweet You are the perfect man Gentle and kind Knowing what I need Through our time As I sleep you come to me Always in my favorite dream As I wake I know your love is in my heart Days are long and slow Thinking of you all the while Knowing when I lay my head upon my pillow You are waiting in the shadows Waiting to enter my dream Your moment arrives You walk right in, a smile upon your face I look into your eyes Seeing the love you have for us I have you eight hours a night Not nearly enough time I memorize every inch of you So when I wake I have you with me all the day Nights are just for us For you come to me every night Just so you can hold me tight I love the time that we have Falling in love with you each and every night For you are the man of my dreams

Love Poems


Last night I stood transfixed as I watched the moon chase Venus across the sky. Darting between the clouds, an impossible arc, only to fall short of her beauty. And I watched in total wonder. Does she not know he is old, dull and scarred? Her eyes see only wisdom, far beyond he countless eons he has shined. His scars subtle reminders of the gallant battles he has won. She waits in anticipation and blows a kiss as he dips away into the morn.

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