Group Sex

Beech Mountain and Naples,Florida Ch 9–14

Taking Care Of Business I came in the gym at 10:45am .. Sandra was already there. “ Well Dano– how was your evening ? You don't look like you've had much sl**p. Smiling , I pulled up a stool and accepted the coffee she had brought me from Hardee's. “ I slept some – [I lied]– but not as much as I would have liked.” The truth was Connie had worn me down, screwed me in every known position imaginable , some that you needed a knowledge of yoga to perform. I don't know yoga. She had given me little choice in the matter. We began around 9pm last night,except for the occasional bathroom break, stopping long enough to devour the rest of the pizza, have a double jack , Connie was like a little girl that had been given a brand new Barbie doll—-just couldn't put it down. We watched the sun come up together from the balcony, denied ourselves breakfast and even done the wild thang standing in the balcony doorway. With only an hour before the maids came around, I was showering when she snuck in and sucked my cock empty. I had it coming too– all that shit she laid down about her 'fantasy ' … But I look back on it now as a learning experience… Be careful what you wish for.. Sandra asked were we staying or leaving. Her voice dropped as she said above a whisper– “ Is she any good ?” Sandra's eyebrows rose and fell a few times—her eyes wide. “ Sandra– she's good as Donna and Debra , but is somewhat of a 'control freak' if you get my drift. She turned me every way but loose last …


Spring Roadtrip Ch. 1, Pt. 2: The Next Day.

**************CHAPTER ONE, PART TWO: THE NEXT DAY************************* It was about early the next morning after arriving into Myrtle Beach the night before, when the morning sun was rising over the Atlantic Ocean. The resort that we were all staying at all had rooms with an ocean view with their own balconies. So as I was waking up, so did Kara. Both of us wanted to watch the early morning sun rise over the Atlantic, so after a night of passionate fucking. The next thing I did was I got both of our cameras so we could take pictures of the sun rising. This was about maybe closer to 6:45 in the morning. So after we were both up and in our robes, I slid opened the sliding door which led us out in the balcony. There were a couple of plushy lawn chairs out there for us to sit in. And so we got cozy and waited till the sun has risen to a certain point to where we could take a few decent pics. It was still chilly out there. And of course where and when the sun usually rises along the Atlantic shoreline, you've also got your early morning risers as well. Kara and I must've saw a bunch of joggers and their dogs up and down the shore. We saw the sun fully rise after a short period of time. So we were both able to take a few pics before we went back in. "Man Mark," Kara said, "is this ever breathtaking." "It sure is," I said. And then, we started to kiss again in a passionate stance. Then we heard the phone rang, so Kara went in and answered it. She couldn't have been on the phone …

Love Poems

When I Wake Up

When I wake up, I find my eyes searching, Longing for the eyes that make it okay, My hazel eyes looking for your chocolate brown. When I wake up, I find my fingers wishing, Wanting your hair to curl softly through my fingers, Wiping away all the pain from the ones that came before. When I wake up, I find my skin cold, Awaiting your touch to make its coolness warm, And feel your soft caress brush against it and comfort me once more. When I wake up, I find my heart waiting, Hoping that one more morning has come, Where you wake up beside me and fill me with the hope of another tomorrow. When I wake up, I find my soul searching, For more of the happiness that was in the realm of my dream, More of the beauty and the magic that I so crave from you, as you do from me, to help me through another day. When I go to sleep, I am at rest, Wrapped in the arms that I cherish and adore, At least, that is what I dream for us.


Onstage with Taylor

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Rebecca’s heart raced as she walked backstage to meet her favorite celebrity, Taylor Swift. Clenching, unclenching her hands, Rebecca nervously approached Taylor. “Play it cool Rebecca. Play it cool.” Taylor’s aide, Dan, introduced me to Taylor. “Taylor, meet Rebecca. She won the best Taylor Swift fan competition. She gets to hang out with you tonight and tomorrow. She also gets front row at your concert tonight.” Taylor responded warmly. “Congrats Rebecca! It’s so nice to meet my greatest fan! Wow Dan! Look at her! She’s gorgeous.” I couldn’t help but blush as Taylor heaped praise on me. Taylor grabbed me by the hands and led me to the stage. “Uh aren’t we going to the front row?” I asked. “Nah don’t worry about that. I will make tonight one of the greatest nights you’ll ever have. And that is why you are coming with my onstage as I perform.” I gulped. I had never been in front of a crowd comfortably. Today I was going to stand in front of thousands of people. I could imagine all of them staring at me, expecting something good. Taylor sensing, my nervousness, gently touched my shoulder. “Don’t worry hon. You’ll do fine! Forget all those people in the crowd. I want you to focus on me.” Anxiously, I nodded. “Lets get going. Can’t keep the fans waiting too long,” Taylor joked. Out of sheer anxiety, I couldn’t help but laugh at Taylor’s cheeky joke. “That’s the spirit! Just stay like that and you’ll be fine! Let’s go. We’re up.” Taylor clutched my …

First Time

The holiday beach cabin with mum

I was away on holiday with my parents to a friends villa in Spain. We was only away for a few days so I took advantage of a free relaxing trip with my parents. We was a couple of days into it and was a bit bored of the pool and as we had hired a car dad said he would take us to the local beach 15 minutes away. We had a cool bag packed and our towels and we set off mid morning. I didn't no until we pulled up that dad wasn't actually coming to the beach with us he said that he had things to do. He dropped us off and said that he'll be back to pick up us round about 4 ish. As me and mum got out of the car we walked down to a empty beach, a part from a few groups plotted up the beach was pretty much empty. Me and mum found out spot laid our towels down and I un folded a chair and like any other day we put out heads in out books. I had placed the chair behind mum as she laid on her back holding her book up reading it, I couldn't help but find myself peeking through my sun glasses and her body in just her bikini. My mum is 54 and still an attractive lady. She's pretty easy going and for a older women she's up for a laugh and a joke. I had a good relationship with mum yet she didn't no I liked the odd peek at her. As I looked down at her tight bikini bottoms and her cleavage I couldn't help but think under that was her private parts. I could feel myself getting rather aroused and as I was looking down mum started to sit up, shall we going for a swim she said. Shortly after that we …


Kinbaku: Fire and Ice

I could tell something weighed heavy on her mind. I mentioned that I had noticed a change in her and was a bit worried and that she could tell me anything. After a long silence she crawled on to my lap, tucked her arms and legs in to her body and nestled her head on my chest. It is her favorite position to be in, after we had fucked. She said that she didn’t know how to tell me, that recently, each time she had an orgasm, it felt as if a little piece of it remained deep inside her. It had been building up slowly and had now become overwhelming. She ached to feel empty again. And that it wasn’t me, she loved the way I made her feel. She nervously asked if I would be harder on her. She begged me to make her feel empty. I assured her I would, as I placed a kiss upon her head. ——————————————– She stood naked and motionless in the middle of my bedroom. Her eyes glaring at the red, hemp rope lying at her feet. I stood behind her and put her long, shimmering, chestnut hair in a ponytail. My hands ran down her slender shoulders, down her arms and came to rest on her hips. I rested my head on her shoulder and watched as her chest heaved. She was breathing slow and deep. Her large breasts swelled outwards and shifted to the side, with each lustful inhale. I tower over her. My six foot, lean, muscular frame makes her look tiny. The top of her head barely meets my collar bone. I turned her around in my arms and placed a long, loving kiss on her forehead. …


My First Meeting With Denise

My First Meeting With Denise A story by Chris Straight @all rights reserved I was hiking in the hills just on the edge of the city. I had a favorite trail. It was quiet and peaceful. Lots of green shade and plenty of pine needles on the trail. When I came to a familiar fork in the trail, I decided not to take my usual path and instead I took the other trail, which was hardly visible. It dipped down for a while, and then curved around a bit. Then, without warning, I came upon a man and woman arguing. He was dressed in army camouflage—boots, pants, shirt, hat, the whole thing. She was maybe 5’ 6” a brunette, with hair that just touched the top of her shoulders. She was wearing turquoise shorts and a ribbed, white tank top that showed off her incredible physique. The trail had changed so quickly that there was no way I could pretend I didn’t see them. “You promised,” the camouflage guy was saying. “But I’m scared,” she said. Then they saw me. “Ooops,” I said. “Sorry, I didn’t see you on the trail.” “No problem,” the guy said. I noticed he was holding a camera. I was right next to them now. Despite his camouflage gear, the guy looked friendly. And the girl was definitely hot. Her breasts were clearly outlined underneath her tight tank top. “Can I help?” I asked. The guy looked at me. “Well,” he said. “We came out here to take some pictures. And now she doesn’t want to pose for me.” “Listen,” I said, looking at his wonderful girl. “You don’t have to worry about a thing. This …

Group Sex

Lucy Fucks The Neighbours Part 2 of 2

It was a couple of days after the fateful party before I got together with Jane for a coffee. She seemed excited about something and barely waited until I'd sat down before she started. 'Remember how Martin was going on about Adam and Zoe having a threesome? Well, it's true. Zoe told me yesterday when we went out for lunch!' she blurted. 'Really?' I said, 'so did she go into detail then? Did she shag the other woman?' 'We were in a cafe at the time so she couldn’t go into detail. She did hint that she had made Adam sit and watch the two of them at one point so I assume she did,' answered Jane. I continued questioning her, trying to figure out if Martin had suggested that we have a threesome. Her answers didn’t give me any clue that he had although I did find out that although she appeared to be shocked by her friend's actions, Jane was actually quite thrilled and turned on by it all. 'So would you ever fuck another woman?' I asked, intentionally using the word fuck to make Jane jump. 'I don't know. I suppose I've fantasised about it but I've never had the urge to go out and try it. What about you?' she said. 'I'm bisexual,' I explained, 'I’ve been with lots of women.' Jane looked at me with her mouth open. I reached over and gently closed her mouth. 'Close your mouth love, there's a draft,' I laughed. Jane started to say something but the phone rang, breaking her train of thought. I busied myself washing the cups we had just used as she answered the call. 'I have to go, …


f***ed to be Female

f***ed to be Female CHAPTER ONE The last thing I could remember was walking out of the Bank and crossing the road to my car. I had just been to see my bank manager to discuss transferring some money from one of my accounts into a high interest savings account. I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change. I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump into me. Then everything went blank……………….! The next thing I remember was being faintly aware of people standing around me and talking in low voices. As my sense started to return I tried to move but found I could not do so. My first thought was that I must have been in some sort of accident. My arms and legs did not respond and I tried to speak, to attract the attention of the people standing around me. I could only mumble and it only gradually dawned on me that I had been gagged. My head became clearer and I then realised that I was lying on my back on some sort of table. I could move my head slightly and saw that my arms and legs had been strapped to the table. The people standing around consisted of two men and one woman. They ignored me as I tried to attract their attention. It was as if I did not exist. But then I realised that they must be talking about me as the older man was looking at me and saying something to the woman, who was writing down what he said. I tried to listen but my head was still fuzzy and I could …

Gay Male

Buddy Fucker

Countless nights I have laid in my bunk, waiting to hear the shower turn off in the bathroom, knowing that Christian would soon be walking out with a towel around his waist. The skimpy brown towels that are issued to G.I.s. I hear the water turn off and pretend to be reading when the door opens and I watch my best friend and roommate exit the bathroom and head to his bunk. The bulge under the towel moving left and right as he walks past me is not hard to notice. He opens his wall locker and reaches for his underwear and sets them on his bed. He undoes the towel at his waist to finish drying off and I quietly inhale as his cock swings freely. He hangs his towel on his locker and turns to pick up his underwear to put them on, and I am treated to another beautiful view of his magnificent cock, until it is packed away in the ugly brownish green issued skivvies. I am lost in thought as his wet towel lands on me, and he says, "Shower is free buddy." I am caught off guard and manage to mutter, "Huh?" "Shower is all yours, better get in before all the hot water is gone." "Oh yeah, okay, sure," I stammer as I grab my towel and head into the bathroom, while trying to hide the semi that has formed in my shorts. When I am done, I walk out and he is laying on his bunk with his hands behind his head watching the television. I take in the view of him laying out like that and my eyes linger on his underwear encased cock. I ask him, "What are we doing tonight?" "What do you want to do?" …


Breeding Beauty Part 4 – Pissed off

A few months have passed and she is not pregnant with a black baby and I have not heard from them. I have now become and angry lover and she is responding to my domination in the bed. I now find something truly amazing as I have only been fucking her ass….After a good ass fucking on night I was thrusting and my cock popped out and on the next ram in it went into her cunt instead…Holy shit her cunt was sopping wet….She was getting off in her sleep or at least her body was….and it was from anal sex the little bitch…amazing… so to get over the pregnancy I now just invite men over I meet online to take her ass. I have lost track but she has had to have at least 50 anonymous cocks in her and now I am becoming numb to the sight of her being breed and to the thought of disease. One particular night I find I am having a harder time cumming and the thought of my dirty little whore is fading…so I post online but this time not just for black guys….after a 100 emails I select a hung 30 something white guy that seems to be cool. finally after some prep I pick a night and make sure I have her sleeping meds all crushed up for her dinner…many drinks later and a night out and we are back home…Where is she? Asleep on the toilet….I hear a thud and she has fallen face first on the floor, panties to her knees….I look down and am disgusted with her and it makes me annoyed…I try to lift her but she is dead weight…humm…I strip her naked right there sprawled on the …

Love Poems

Christmas In My Parallel World

I wake up This Christmas morning You're beside me In my parallel world Still asleep Your hair tousled Over your bare shoulder Your breathing soft A slight glow on your face From our night before I smile at the memory Of who we were, At the warm comfort Of who we are And at the promise Of who we can be As I watch you sleep You're waking now Your eyes twinkling Your mouth opening To a gentle smile That lights up this room I reach for you My hand on your cheek Leaning closer For a tender kiss, A lingering kiss But for today, Only a kiss A small connection For just this moment Hands holding briefly Not wanting to let go Each knowing this is all We can share for now Our real worlds Calling for each of us To be elsewhere today We look over our shoulders A Merry Christmas Merely whispered Our eyes saying So much more As we walk through Our separate doors To our worlds So far apart At 3 o'clock your time, Think of me As I will think of you Two secret smiles A Christmas shared For just a moment On our second Christmas Day

Group Sex

My first threesome with two young woman, a very re

I had a gf for over a year, very gothic, short, long black hair, a nose ring, tats, and the cutest b cups I have ever seen. she was very open, bi sexual, very much so. Dana over the years had told me stories of her woman adventures always with a smile. One night we got to talking about sexual adventures and She wanted to have a threesome with her best friend whom she had already slept with. I said sure we could try, meet have a few drinks. She agreed get comfortable with each other etc. so she came over to our apartment and little did I know her best friend was someone I had gone to school with, she new who I was and who I was dating and found out I was dating Dana. She already new she wanted to fuck both of us. Tina was amazing looking and had always wanted to fuck her, she was shorter then Dana, stockier but not fat, big round ass, amazing c breasts, short blonde hair. They both had a good laugh. So we ended up hanging out re telling stories from the old days, drinks etc. then it turned over to the topic of sex, Dana my gf, and Tina had slept together on diffrent occasions already. They told the stories of being in middle school sl**ping over and one night getting naked and fingering each other. They then started to kiss and motioned me over. We were all kissing, things were starting to heat up, I could not believe this was happening to me! Tina moved in and wasted no time coming to my mouth for a kiss, I was a little shocked, I looked over to Dana to make sure it was ok …

Gay Male


Depuis 2 semaines, Stef, un jeune étudiant musclé très sportif de 20 ans s’installe toujours à côté de moi au vestiaire. Sans doute parce qu’il ait partie de la « bande au jockstrap » ! On est 5 ou 6 à porter ce sous-vêtement très pratique pour les sportifs et prisés des gays. J’adore voir son Q rond bien musclé dedans ! Il fait 1m75 60kg cheveux noir courts, yeux bleu (oua !), torse et abdo musclés et un peu poilus. On discute souvent sous la douche l’un à côté de l’autre, j’en profite pour mater son sexe épais, déjà ferme au repos, et c’est l’un des rares à être entièrement rasé. Personne ne dit plus rien, mais moi je trouve ça très excitant. Comme il est mince, sportif et qu’il est bien monté, on à l’impression au 1er regard de ne voir que son gros engin sous lequel 2 grosses boules sont suspendues. De quoi faire pâlir de jalousie certains mecs plus âgés du club qui arborent un sexe beaucoup plus petit… (c’est parce que l’eau est trop froide dans les douches disent ils en guise d’excuse !). Un soir après un match en double très sportif avec Stef, on était les derniers dans les vestiaires. Stef me propose d’aller fêter ça en prenant un verre chez lui. Surpris, j’accepte. On sort des douches, on se sèche et on enfile vite fait un jockstrap propre, un tee shirt et notre jogging. Tout en marchant pour aller chez lui, on a échangé joyeusement sur les bons points du match contre le binôme adverse. Arrivé devant son immeuble, on monte quelques étages à pied (j’en profite pour …


A Boy and his Genie – Chapter 10

Philip Banks woke up slowly, to a headache, and a sound of his children laughing playfully. He opened his eyes, and saw his two young children, Jane and Michael, who were watching lights flying around the room. He looked around more, and saw a beautiful, naked girl, who seems to be directing the colourful lights with her hands. “What…what’s going on?” Philip asked. “Daddy, daddy, this girl is magic!” Jane said to her father excitedly. “What are you talking about Jane?” He asked her. “And who are you, girl!? What are you doing in my house!?” “Why, you summoned me, Master,” the girl replied. She picked up her lamp, and smiled. “Don’t you remember?” Philip remembered the lamp. He’d found it on the way back home from working at the factory, and had taken it home, figuring he could probably sell it for some extra cash. When he’d gotten home to examine it, he’d noticed it was rather dirty, so he’d decided to give it a clean. When he’d done that, however, he’d felt it grow warm in his hands, at which point light-blue smoke had begun to pour out of it. Philip had dropped the lamp out of fear at that point, and backed away from it. But he’d then tripped up over something on the floor, and banged his head on a table, knocking him unconscious. “Where did you come from?” Philip asked. The girl merely indicated to the lamp. “You came from the lamp?” “Why yes Master,” she replied. “Did you not see the smoke? That was me.” “You caused the smoke?” The girl shook her head. “No Master, I was …

Group Sex

Carol – Part Twelve

Carol and her friend Jill had removed all of their clothes and had been playing with my cock. Carol, the instigator behind this quickly emerging threesome, had suggested that we all move upstairs to my bedroom. Carol led the way, followed by Jill and then me. I could see Carol’s tits sway back and forth as she climbed the stairs, and I watched Jill’s ass as she took each step. My hard shaft swung side to side and up and down as I followed. I put my hand on Jill’s ass, and she stopped for a second, turned and smiled her approval. “Nice big bed,” Jill observed, as she and Carol entered the bedroom. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it at the end of the bed. Placing my hand on Jill’s lower back, I reached out and lightly rolled one of her nipples between my thumb and fingers. Jill moaned and leaned against me, taking my erection in her hand. “Mmmmmm. That feels so good,” she whispered. Carol nuzzled up to Jill and me, as we stood near the bed. She cupped one of Jill’s breasts in her hand, and squeezed, before she bent over and sucked on a nipple. I remember thinking that Carol probably wanted Jill as much as I did. Carol pulled the three of us together in a group hug. We kissed as one, our lips touching and tongues battling. I spread a hand on each of their asses; they each grasped my hard tool. For the next few seconds, we became lost in each other. I became very aware of Carol’s and Jill’s perfume. It was flower and spice mixed with the scent of sex. The bouquet surrounded us …


Our new friend (Bi-sexual threesome story)

One The night I met Steve I knew there was something special about him I liked. "I just about always get what I'm after," he'd said with a smile. "Sometimes I have to work hard for it, but I get it." I don't remember how I happened to stop into the bar after work, unless it was that Lil and I hadn't been hitting it off too well. After a year of marriage I guess the honeymoon was wearing off a little. Not that Lil wasn't damn good in bed; and she loved my big dick. A few times lately I'd gotten the idea she was imagining someone else on top of her. I was thinking, too, how it would be with someone new. I still loved Lil, but what the hell… So I was talking to this guy, Steve, and after a few beers we were slinging the shit like a couple of old buddies. He was the one that brought up dames, and the stories he told made me wish I were single again. We swapped experiences, including some of my rougher sessions from my Navy days, but finally I just listened. I wouldn't have believed half the stuff he told me except for the way he had of looking straight into my eyes while he talked. His enthusiasm was so apparent I got the impression he enjoyed talking about it as much as he'd enjoyed doing it. I finally got around to the trouble I'd been having with Lil, and he laughed. "Doesn't sound too serious to me," he said. "Maybe just a hangover from too much of a good thing. Maybe you just need a little variety." I happened to notice it was after eight. I telephoned Lil to say I'd be …

Flash Erotica

Flash Fairytales: The Beast of Beauty

The mansion’s pale lights flickered in the rustling leaves and swaying tree boughs, casting tendrils of sinister shadows across the garden. The clipping of heels heralded the tall, gracious figure strutting up the stone pathway. Her pace was quick, but her gait was firm and steady. Even her silhouette oozed confidence. The doors opened and bathed her flowing auburn hair in light. She glowed in the bright yellow cloak – and matching dress – trailing in her wake. As she stepped inside, the doors closed solidly behind her. Her cloak fell away in front of the door as both of her elegant, golden heels were kicked to opposite corners of the hall. A swish of her hair and a shrug of her slender shoulders seemed to lighten her mood immediately. She turned on the spot and crooked a finger at the man by the door. “Come with me,” Belle commanded him, a confident smile on her lips. “Now, please.” She pirouetted on the toes of her white stockings and swaggered towards the grand staircase. He was large, well over six feet, and his massive frame filled his suit to bursting. Long, unkempt hair, a shaggy beard and rough hands showed his disinterest in grooming. He followed, watching her strut up the steps, elegantly. Her pale arm reached behind her to point a slender finger at the zipper of her short dress. “Help me out of this.” He followed closer, admiring the tightness of the dress around her hips, hugging her figure. He took a deep breath as Belle stepped onto the landing. He pulled hard …


Kathys New Clean-Up Man

Kathy first met a black man without her husband’s knowledge and had a great time experiencing her first taste of black cock. Kathy told me she loved meeting them and watching the contrast of seeing a huge thick black cock as it slices into her pussy. Kathy still felt guilty about going out with these men and coming home with their seed still inside her belly knowing her husband had no idea his wife was out screwing around. After she told me she was going to stop seeing her black lovers because she felt she was cheating on her husband, I had thought she wouldn’t be making any more video’s anytime soon even though she has developed a huge fan club. So many guys were asking me if Kathy ever told her husband she was screwing black men without him knowing about it. Yes, Kathy finally told him everything that had happen and here is what his response was. Kathy took out a video of her very first meeting with a black man and played it for her husband while they sat in bed. Kathy had no idea how he was going to react until she saw they look on his face as he watched a black man touching her white pussy for the very first time. Several minutes into the video, Kathy began to play with her husband’s cock while he watched and listened to her getting banged by a black bull. She kept very still as she sat next to her husband and watched as her black lover shot his seed deep inside her belly and kept stroking her husband’s cock until the man had stopped moaning and pulled out of her. Kathy …


Macs Winter Spanking

link with pictures+video adults only: Luke let himself into the apartment. It was flooded with light and sound, but that was normal now that he lived with Mac. She seemed to switch on everything in one room and then exit to the next without turning anything off. The television was on in the living room, along with all of the lights. He could hear music playing in the kitchen and the sounds of her talking on the phone. She was cooking, he paused to sniff, no, she was burning something. He didn't care, he was starving and tired and he missed her. He placed his suitcase next to the couch and looked around. The apartment was freshly cleaned, she'd even put all the Christmas decorations away. Cleaning was not one of Mac's favorite things to do. Before catching his flight back to New York from LA he was treated to some salacious pictures on a tabloid website of his errant fiancee. He did not approve of public displays of intoxication, like dancing on tables. He guessed the tidied apartment and home cooked meal was supposed to get her back into his good graces. He walked into the kitchen. She couldn't hear him approach over the music. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, placing a kiss on the top of her head. She let out a startled shriek, then giggled and swatted him away, saying goodbye to the person on the phone. “You scared me half to death!” She was still laughing as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her body close …

Love Poems

Our Love

I pour my heart out As we move forward On the journey of love Seeing your face Feeling your touch Your love burning deep in my soul Looking into your eyes I see the flames Burning bright for me to see You are my heart You are my world Always showing me love Never letting me fail Holding my head up high Showing my love As our hearts beat as one



Victorious: IT'S OKAY, JUST RELAX! They'd just completed their exams at the end of senior year so Jade and Tori decided to go apartment hunting as they'd both decided to take a gap year before uni, because they wanted to go out and gain experience. It didn't take long before they found a nice apartment that they'd both be able to afford. Jade had gone out to lunch with a potential client of an up and coming production agency that Jade had started working for, so Tori was alone. She must have dozed off because when Jade returned home, her girlfriend was hunched over on the sofa. Jade had a plan to treat her girl; she always does have a plan. She snuck into their bedroom and lit some candles that Tori had arranged in a pretty way the week before. She went into the bathroom and found the lotion and oils that she uses when Tori really needs to relax. When she walked back into the bedroom, she noticed Tori stood beside the bed looking rather confused by the gesture. Jade just smiled. Partly because she had surprised Tori; partly because Tori was only in shorts and a bra (which made things 100x easier for her). &#034So, how'd your meeting go?&#034 &#034Pretty good, I think. She said that I'd hear back anytime between now and Monday so we just need to pray a little.&#034 Jade smiled. Tori walked round the bed to Jade, still not asking the most obvious question… Why. &#034What have you done today then babe?&#034 Jade teased, knowing Tori probably continued re-watching 'The L …

Consensual Sex

My first Time

I have had many send me messages since I started posting my experiences as a hotwife. Many have asked what my sex life was like, and what my first time was like. I was not sure I wanted to post this, but my husband said I should, and thought it was a good story. When I was 13 I had a friend who was very wild. She had porn videos that her dad had and always talked about sex. She had big boobs when mine were still not even "A" cups yet. One of her porn vids were of a teenage girl playing with a dildo that looked like a dick. In the video she kept calling it he lovers cock. It was amazing to me that would actually fit in a girls vagina. One day my friend and I were at her moms house (her parents were split as her dad had been sleeping with his co-workers), while watching some show (may had been MTV) she said she wanted to show me something. We went to her moms room and she opened a drawer and under some cloths was a big shoe box. She dug it out and opened it. In it was 3 dildos. Two looked like missiles, and one like a penis, which I was told "it's a cock". My friend, oh her name was Lisa, laughed and said "what do you think? I just told her I thought they were weird and would never fit in me, EVER. She laughed and said thats what she had thought. I said THOUGHT? She said, yep, I can fuck any of these. I said no way. she said, want to see? I said gross no, I don't want to see your pussy with a nasty rubber cock in it. She laughed and made fun of me, I told her to fuck off. …


Missing Mom – The basement

Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom – Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 – Bred Like a Dog Prior: Missing Mom -4 – Preggo Slut Party Prior: Missing Mom -5 – No Pity Preggo Slut Prior: Missing Mom -6 – Preggo Movie Star Prior: Missing Mom -7- Going Black Ricky kidnapped Jolene and had her at home with his girlfriend Kendra. They abused with a brutal breeding session. Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills. Abused at the poker party, the next morning Doc Rosen advises rest even as he abuses her himself. Ricky and Kendra] Pimp her out, flush with money they get a delivery of movie equipment. The delivery men and then relatives join for a brutal gang bang. Four Months later Kendra and Ricky have been tricking Jolene out for money. Seth brings two black guys who own a club. They try Jolene out and buy her to use in their club. Now over 8 months Jolene finds herself captive at a Black club. ============================================================================ Jolene lay in the dark, tired, hungry and scared. She had been held in the basement room for hours, wrists chained to the small bed, only a blanket, no pillow, lying on her back. She could hear voice and footstep passing her room. She wanted to cry for help but was afraid. Her back ached and her limited movement kept her from finding a comfortable position for her preggo belly. The door unlocked, opened, light streamed in. Straining in the bright light …


A Cousins Reunion 1

As a child one of my most favorite places in the world was my grandparents cottage. It was a rustic little place on the shore of a reservoir, set back in a large pine woods in Wisconsin. At night the wildlife fluttered around the cabin lights and by day the wildlife ran or flew from tree to tree in an unending ballet of wild motion. I cant begin to count the number of hours I spent sitting with my grandmother soaking a worm off the dock for bullheads and perch. It was a love of fishing that I just was never able to fully satisfy. My cousins and we were there frequently in the summer, and while I didn't always get along well with my one brothers and sister, Julie, the closest in age of my four first cousins, and I got along well and when I wasn't fishing I was hanging out with her. We didn't see each other nearly as much in the colder months, since my dad's job seemed to move us farther and farther from them every few years. But summer was our chance to catch up and talk about all kinds of stupid stuff. I just enjoyed spending time with her… even if she was a "girl". Over the years that closeness seemed to fade as we moved farther away and our families got together less frequently. From once every couple weeks it turned to once every couple months. Fall turned to winter and we would get to sled together or play some pool in their basement. Seemed like we did the traveling, but I didn't mind. I still enjoyed catching up with her when we got together. The years didn't seem to …

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