My life with vampirism part :3

I awoke the next morning in a daze and starving. 2:35pm, damn it was late. I wondered if I was able to roam the day, better yet stay out from dawn till dusk or if I'd char. As I walked downstairs I noticed a note that read. " Sam Lauren, Lexi and myself went shopping. We wont back till late, we may catch a movie. There is blood and food in the fridge. Call us when you wake up our cell numbers are speed dialed into the phone as numbers 1,3, and 4. see you after while, Emily." Well the house to myself I thought and the thought of sunlight killing me was bannished from my mind as I looked over the note. "how may I assist you my king?" A young maid asked me, bowing to me. "Where is samantha?" I politely asked. She pointed to the third door on the left of Emily's. I bowed back and she giggled. I thought she was beautiful which I guess was the point. As I walked I felt watched, inspected and mentally picked apart. I sat at the bar thinking about being a king. There must have been 30 plus servants and if I wasn’t thinking too outlandishly a few dozen vampires in the local area that would soon reveal them selves. Looking up at the door where the third member of this family was, I saw the door was open but I just got up and walked over to the fridge, grabbed some blood and headed out side. It was warm but it didn’t warm me. I didn’t burn or char. I was simply there feeling the heat yet never absorbing it. I walked back inside and was immediately grabbed from behind and put into a …


Bi MMF, FemDom, Cross Dressing, Cuckold

I have these friends, a husband and wife. For the longest time, I've wanted badly to have sex with both of them. First I wanted just him, but I thought it would be even better if I involved both of them. I'm bi, but they don't know that. Anyway, after years of hanging out with them, I see how domineering she is over her husband – my friend. She really puts him down, bitches at him constantly and belittles him, in front of anybody. She's really tough, but she's mostly been nice to me. She's got a couple of extra pounds and she's pretty and blonde. My friend is not very handsome, more "pretty". He's tall and has a few extra pounds too. I just knew she calls the shots when it comes to sex. I'm pretty sure she hardly ever fucks him. I feel bad for my friend so I had been wanting to release some of his pent up "tension", if you know what I mean. I've felt that they had both given me hints a couple of times that they are both attracted to me but I just wasn't sure enough yet to do anything about it. Heck, once when we were hanging out at my house, we had been drinking and I remember my friend and I were alone and he jokingly told me to suck his dick in response to something that I said. Guys say that all the time to eachother as an insult, so I didn't take him too seriously but at the same time, the way he said it was very flirty. I was a little buzzed, I immediately thought "damn, i would so suck your dick right now", but I didn't, lol. Another time, we were at a party and he and …


The Maintenance Man another repair 6

Assti opened her eyes slowly, he head was throbbing, the light harsh and glaring, problem was the sun was setting. Assti estimated she'd been out about 2 hours, slowly looking down her body she saw that the little bastard hadn't tried to molest her. Not more than twenty feet away from her his slightly rotund body was perched on a ruined section of wall, again she tried not to gag from the rancid aroma of filth that emanated from his body. Trying to not make a sound she tested her hands, they were bound? What the hell? How in the hell had he gotten her shield deactivated? Tantka was feeling pretty confident he was on the planet, he had a fool proof plan to kill fart boy and as an added bonus he'd captured that assassin bitch who'd stalked him for months. A sound behind him drew his attention to the skinny flame haired beauty, she certainly was looking pissed at him, good she deserved it after chasing him for so long. "By now I'm sure you're wondering how I got through your shield," Tantka said, chuckling at the death looks she was throwing at him. "It was quite simple really, I have hacked almost all of fart boys programs, he's so predictable. After I immobilized you, I just removed it, though it isn't as good as this one, I can tell it's one of fart boys." Assti hoped the signal she'd sent out before she was hit had been picked up enough for her sister and Sam to know where she was. "Now I have a present for you," Tantka sneered, "I thought since you went to the trouble …

First Time

So young and so cute

It was a year ago and I had been out on the town with friends and had a lot to drink. In all fairness I was hammered and staggering home. After the call to the local kebab house I guided my way through the streets probably dropping more meat than I was eating. I managed to stumble through the door and into the kitchen. In the fridge was a cold Bud and I opened it and had a swig. Even in my head I was saying don't do it but it was so refreshing. I turned on the TV and leant against the worktop watching some crap. I heard the foot steps coming down the stairs and my daughter came around the corner. Fucking Hell dad she said. Your pissed as a fart. Then from behind her two friends appeared. They were all laughing at me. Well I was pissed and prob looked like an idiot. My daughter who was18 came over and grabbed me and pulled me through into the lounge and sat me on the sofa. We are back up stairs now so see you later she said and off they went. I went upstairs to the toilet. I could hear them in the room telling my daughter that I was fit. I laughed to myself. I was over double their age. I pulled off my trousers and went into the bedroom and put on a dressing gown. I kept my pants on though as I didn't want to embarrass my daughter. I went down stairs and sat down watching more TV and carried on finishing up the Bottle of bud. I must have fallen sl**p as the next thing I felt was a hand adjusting my boxers. I pretended I was still asl**p and through squinted eyes saw my …



I was just finishing up my shift. It was around 8am and I was driving down a rural road when I came upon a car that was parked along the side of a deserted road with someone sl**ping in the driver seat. I pulled my unmarked car in behind the vehicle and approached with caution. I discovered a female driver passed out behind the wheel. She was rather attractive, large breasted wearing a low cut shirt and shorts. I opened her door and woke her. She was surprised to see a cop standing above her. Drivers license and insurance I commanded. She was very groggy but proceeded to look thru her purse and found the requested documents. I took down her information and then asked her what was going on. She explained that she worked as a dancer and the strip club down the road and that she had too much to drink and decided to pull over and sl**p it off. I told her she should have made that decision when she got in the car before she drove. She tried to protest, that it wasn't her fault, that the people that run the place require her to drink with the customers. Please step out of the car I commanded. I stated that I was going to conduct a field sobriety test on her. She couldn't walk a straight line and failed every other test. She was still wasted. I administered the breathalizer and she was still twice the legal limit. I put the cuffs on her and placed her in the back of my vehicle. I gathered up her purse and car keys and locked up her car. I got in my car and she was already crying a …


My s****r in Law

Several years ago I had to move to my parents in law as we were moving house. They were well off and had a huge house an lots of room so we stayed there for three months whilst we bought a new home. We had a lovely big en suite room and a massive king size bed. Living here was a bit of a pain but it had two positives. Firstly the mother in law was a true Milf. in her 50's but posh and vey well turned out as they say. Also my s****r in law was 17 at the time. I had known her for her entire life and watched her grow up from an annoying k** to a very fit well endowed young woman. Luckily for me I had a job where I started early and came home mid afternoon. I had the whole house to myself for a few hours every day and what else is there for a man to do on his own but wank. Every day for the first month I wanked. It was great as I had a selection of used panties to sniff and taste. Every day there were fresh pairs in the wash basket. So today we a little different. I locked the door as normal and went to the wash basket and picked out my s****r in laws panties from the previous day. Amy's panties were always rally damp and often creamy in the gusset. I lay on the bed and started to flick through my mag and wank steadily. I heard a noise and stopped. I lay still for a bit and then thought nothing of it and carried on. I was inhaling her scent through her panties and steadily stroking my cock. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her. My door was half open, well down stairs was …

Flash Erotica

Naughty Fun at the Shoe Store

I recently had a little fun when I went shoe shopping. I was really horny and just felt like fucking around with somebody. I wore a short, pleated, black skirt, a low cut blouse, which showed my amazing cleavage, no panties, nude hold up stockings, and heels. I went to the mall and went into my favorite shoe store. The kind of a shoe store where people actually help you. I started to look around the store and more importantly at the sales help. There was one male sales person that seemed to be the only person working. He was a young guy, maybe about twenty-five years old. “Miss, is there something I could help you with?” “Yes, I’m looking for a shoe, that’s about five inches high, black color, and very comfortable. Shoes now a days are always so uncomfortable.” I giggled. “I think we have lots of shoes that fit your description. Would you mind if I measured your foot? Please sit down, so I may do this for you.” I walked over to him very slowly and of course wiggled my curvy hips. I’m a very attractive woman. I have brown long hair and brown eyes and am about 5’7.” I have a nice sized chest and a great ass. But, I have been told that I have the most wonderful, long legs. I sat down and he brought out the shoe measurer. I then put my foot into it. “Okay, you’re a size six. I’ll go and get the shoes that are in your size. I’ll be back in just a minute or so.” I was going to be having sex with this guy. He just didn’t know it yet. My pussy was throbbing and I needed a good …

Dark Fantasy

Naughty Family: Sins of A Mother Chapter 2

Chapter Two – Tense Situations A couple of weeks had gone by since the Vicki and Carmen situation. Things were awkward since that night. Even though days had gone by, the only thing I got from my mom, Melinda was the silent treatment. She didn't even want to be in the same room with me much less speak to me. I just couldn't figure it out. The only thing I could put together was maybe she was angry with me for having sex with her friends. Even they hadn't been over since that night. And they had become a weekend fixture around the house before the incident. Melinda wasn't even answering their calls. It was the middle of the week when I finally got fed up. That entire day had been just as awkward as the previous day. She stayed in her room and I didn't see her for the rest of the day. Bored as hell, I decided to spend the evening with some friends. I didn't get home until way past midnight and by that time she was fast asleep. I woke up early that morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. I always slept nude so I went to drawer and put on some white boxer briefs before exiting the room. Still rubbing the sleep from my eyes I entered the kitchen. My mom was at the stove in a white cotton night gown that went down to her knees with her hair tied in a ponytail. I needed to break the ice, so I decided to take the 'good son' approach. I silently tiptoed behind her as she cooked at the stove. Upon successfully reaching her without notice, I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist …


The night that changed my life

The sexual tension has been building for years however I just was too shy to act on it. She was a thing of beauty beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, standing about 5 foot 3 with a trim body and 36 C breasts. Oh, those breasts. I have been lusting for her for over eight years now; however, we lived on opposite sides of the country. She worked at the head office while I was a salesperson in the field. We would get together twice a year at sales conferences and exchange pleasantries and flash each other cheeky little grins and dirty dance a little but never more than that. We couldn’t act on it, we both were in relationships. However things started to change between us when she asked me to fly across the country to the head office to do a presentation for her employees. She was the first to greet me and commented just how good I look. It was very nice to hear those words. I was working hard to get myself in the best shape of my life. I ran 5 km every day and as a “reward” on the weekends I would go for a 10 km jaunt. She noticed! My heart started beating a little faster. I have wanted her so bad and here she was right in front of me commenting on my looks. I was thinking to myself that I would like to take her somewhere in the office right there and then and… No you can’t you’re married you have invested 10 years in this relationship with your wife and can’t throw it away just to have a good fuck. But damn she looked so good and I often thought of her during the …

Consensual Sex

Sign of the Times Part 12 & 13

Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 12 Chapter 20 That is everybody but Susan, who seemed to be helping them. I watched for a minute to see what was going on. These two guys apparently made a deal with Susan to share the wealth if she would help them and one guy said, “These bitches will make great fuck toys.” Susan said, “I personally want to cut the cock off that smart ass kid.” I stepped out and open fired killing all three. Susan turned as I fired with a shocked look on her face as I put a half dozen shots into her at least. She never got a word or a noise out as the bullets came at her so fast. She with the others just slumped over and fell dead on the floor. I removed Cindy’s gag and Cindy she said, “There is one in the yard as I cut her free.” Cindy grabbed her gun and out the door and she ran to Judy. they took cover and raised the door of the APV. I freed my girls left Linda and Sara tied and gagged. All my girls armed themselves and opened every window and were on station. I had Melody at the master flood light and light it would light every outside light including barn lights she lights and garage lights we were all set she turned it on the guy was by the water trough a half dozen guns opened up on him he was dead. I took the gag off Linda. I said, “Is there any more?” Linda said, “I don’t know there were four guys after we broke down and Susan was talking to them. They took her in the woods and we figured they raped her but she came out all smiles.” “Were …

Love Poems


Sitting here in this lonely airport, Waiting on your flight. Thinking of the time we will have, Spending the night cuddled on the couch . Holding each other tight, never letting go Looking into your eyes, As I tell you how much I love you. Laying my head upon your shoulder, Your soft touch on my face, your kisses upon my cheek. Thinking to myself that this must be heaven, I snap out of my daydream, As I hear your flight has arrived. Waiting for you, My heart beating faster, Waiting for the moment, To wrap my arms around you. As our lips meet, Sparks start to fly, Love burning deep in our souls.

First Time

Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.

Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets. There's this female I know.. We used to talk back in the teen days.. Were close enough to be called a couple but it never went through. Years go by and I decide to rekindle what we had. It was awkward at first because I always knew she was a major bitch. Seemed very forward but I didn't mind it. She portrayed the image of “I'm a Boss Ass Bitch” type of girl. Did d**gs, partied, tattooed from head to toe, yet still very beautiful is an image she will continue to portray.. That is until she got tattooed on her face or something. I tried talking to her a few times and it just failed. I never gave up because she still would respond.. So I figured there's a shot. I thought back to our old conversations and honestly said whatever I felt as she answered honestly as well. I then asked her out no bullshit just us chilling as friends to catch up. We met and she still looked sexy as hell. It was nothing but a 'date' you can say at a bar. She wore tight leggings with somewhat of a booty short look to it. Booty short were the tights and the rest of the leggings were see through. You can see each curve of her body. Up top she wore a a top that had straps crossing all over her upper chest and back that held it up. Very revealing and everyone stared at us just having our conversation. She's mixed with Vietnamese and White in her.. Her face is the cutest thing out there.. Her boobs were nice as always but within these last years from what I've seen …


my arab cheating wife jesmina with my boss alfred

my arab wife jesmina cheating on me,with my boss alfred Hai I am Baher from saudi arabia, living in los angeles iam 31 year old arab muslim guy ,its my real story, working in IT company, my wife is from saudi arabia she is 27 year old her name is jesmina bin, she is beautfull hijab wearing arab muslim girl,we married 3 year before in saudi,she not working ,she is finished college,her father run flower shop in LA ,that’s why we come in LA looking job, we have one k** 2 year old boy, i working in IT company in LA , I join that company 1 year before nice job good salary and nice atmosphere , my boss alfred he is 44 year white divorce man he own company, major part of share his, me and alfred in good relation I know he like me one week before alfred secretary lucy was resign , some f****y problam, I heard he looking new secretary . I cant alone afford f****y budget ,I meet alfred in his office tell him about my wife she is educated finish college we really want this job because ,I know jesmina also like working, I talk him and beg him,because at last he convinced, he tell its not permanent its temporary, if she not working good I will fire her, if its ok come to my office Monday morning, I go home and tell her about job ,she was happy because I am also working there , I find babby sitter for our k**, Monday she come with me , I am go with her alfred office introduce my wife to him, and leave his office , evening I wait her we gone home, •After 2 day gone ,in that evening after …


The long road to black (Part 1)

I guess if I look back I suppose I could say that it was pretty obvious that eventually I would submit to a black man, but there were times in my life that it was not obvious at all. Here is the first part to the journey, all true. Because this is true it may not have as many crazy scenarios as you hope, but I hope that it turns you on knowing that everything is true. Going to inner city schools I was exposed very early to very competitive, sometimes racist, and sometimes mean black guys. I was also exposed to some great interracial friendships as well, don't get me wrong. But some of the competition made me forget my liberal and anti-racist upbringing and sometimes I would look at things from a racial point of view. The competitiveness of some black guys would make me want to compete likewise and this led in junior high and high school to sometimes fierce competition and even some racist thoughts. I think the competition was natural for young guys but it did seem to gravitate around race because we had different styles and cultures. It seemed like we would compete in sports, women, and generally who was cooler and more respected. This was all very stressful and unrewarding for me who was always a little shy and non-competitive. Every now and then I could out compete some black guys depending on the sport but it seemed like there was a pattern of getting dominated especially in the popular sports of basketball and football. Also when it came to women I felt like the black …

First Time


It all started with a simple, “Hi,” written in a chat room. They started talking once upon a time, simple and straightforward conversation. He was new and she had plenty of friends to talk with when they met. He may have been a little nervous in the beginning. Maybe even back then he had an inkling of what was to come, not consciously though. All he really knew then was that he was slowly making a new friend. They talked regularly and he grew to watching for her to show up, and missing her when she wasn’t around. He waited patiently until she asked him to be her friend and join the circle of close friends she had. Finally she did and, in addition to the privilege of being her friend he got his first glimpse of what she looked like. Her pictures were careful not to show too much of her face but he could tell she had long, light brown hair reaching not quite to the middle of her back, perfect full lips, long sexy legs, and succulent breasts with pert, pink nipples. Being an erotic website, friendly chat occasionally turned into sessions of mutual masturbation and fantasies acted out in the confines of a chat room. For whatever reason, something always seemed to interrupt their attempts and it was weeks before they finally were able to enjoy each other’s company to orgasm. The night they finally did, the fantasy involved laying her out on the kitchen table for his dining pleasure. After he used his lips, tongue, and fingers to make her cum, he pulled her slowly onto his lap and …


Oh, No! Oh, Yes!

I was away on business for 3 days a while back and when this happens, my wife and I will occasionally send each other some naughty pics of each other. On this one night, I was in my hotel room lying naked on my bed, with my hard cock in my hand when I snapped a picture of cock and prepared to send it to my wife. I attached the picture to my email and lazily began to type in her address. The auto-fill function on my email completed her address for me after typing in the first few letters and I clicked send. That’s when my heart sank. I realized I was looking at an email that was just sent to my wife’s s****r. Their names are very similar and begin with the same letter and I hadn’t even realized at the time the wrong name was added. Oh no. My wife and her s****r are both in their mid-30’s and my s****r in law is also very attractive like my wife. We are very friendly with each other, but not to this extent and never really sexually. I instantly panicked while sitting there, not knowing what to do. I decided the best thing to do was email her again and apologize for sending her the picture that showed me from the waist down holding my hard cock in my hand. I briefly explained to her this was meant for my wife and I had somehow accidentally sent it to her. I’m sure it sounded like a bunch of crap, but I immediately sent the 2nd email to her trying my best to explain. About 40 minutes later I get a response from my wife’s s****r in my inbox. My heart sank again when I saw the …

First Time

My first real girlfriend

That winter was a confusing time for me. I spent the rest of the break trying to understand what I was feeling. Was I lesbian or maybe bisexual? What is a lesbian? I started to search online for answers to my questions. As I learned more, I realized how strong my attraction to girls was. It also was the first time that I started to search out porn online. When I returned to college, I didn’t know what o expect from my roommate, Monica. We had a talk on that Sunday before classes restarted. She revealed to me that she had told her boyfriend about what we had done. In typical college boy fashion, he was jealous. So jealous. Monica was very surprised that her boyfriend reacted that way. She explained that she didn’t want to concern him, so she was going to focus on him for a while. I didn’t expect that would happen. I certainly didn’t expect her to react so conservatively. Looking back, I liked Monica and was attracted to her, but I wasn’t “in love” with her or any girl. I was confused and still hadn’t experienced a strong attraction to one girl. To exasperate matters, Monica’s boyfriend started to spread a rumor that I was a lesbian. I didn’t realize this until months later. I’m happy that I didn’t know about it then. It would have really hurt me. Unbeknownst to me, that rumor did slowly spread around campus. It even resulted in a strange event that March. I went on spring break with a few friends from school. I didn’t know them well but liked them. The four of us went down …


Rough Riding Cowboys

This is my raw and raunchy fantasy. If you do not like rape and abusive race play, you should stop reading now. Well, it all starts with my friend Mindy. She is a transplanted Texan and was missing her home town terribly. So, some of the girls and I decided to take her to a new Honky Tonk bar that opened on the outskirts of town. When we get to the bar the place is crowded and everyone is dancing drinking and having a good time Walking in all eyes are on us. We are a group of hot young women out to party and are strangers to them. I stick out like a sore thumb because I am the only black girl there. I am wearing jeans, heels and a red bustier over my big tits. My creamy brown skin and big brown eyes complimented by a luscious ass were immediately noticable in a room full of white people. Tall slim and beautiful with gorgeous tits, I began to feel a little self conscious from all of the stares. We joined in the dancing and are soon surrounded by hunky cowboys. I'm drinking more than usual because I was a little nervous about coming here. Bad idea, because I'm buzzed. Cindy is our designated driver but I should never have consumed so much beer. A tall handsome guy pushes up behind me and starts dirty dancing. Grinding his cock against my ass. I can tell he is packing and it feels good. He whispers in my ear "I want a taste of chocolate tonight". I should have pushed him away, I should have told him to calm the fuck down. But..I didn't. And he then slides his hand up my body to …


26/04/2015……David in tights

I had a meet with a guy called David last Sunday morning which turned out to be a really horny session. He was only 24 which was a bit disconcerting for me as I am 55. But he said he preferred older guys which put me slightly at ease with the situation. We had been chatting on "Fabguys" early on Sunday morning and he said he was free and very local if I fancied him paying me a visit. I had been watching gay porn on "xhamster" most of the morning and feeling very horny so I agreed to meet him. He said he would be about an hour which gave me time for a shower and so I gave him my address details. When he turned up he did look very young, wearing a grey tracksuit and trainers. He was quite chubby with short, cropped blonde hair and was wearing glasses. I invited him in and took him to the lounge where the "xhamster" porn was still playing on my television screen. " Oh yes very nice, gay porn too" He said. The clip playing showed a mature guy wanking his big cock into another guy's mouth. Almost straight away David starting stripping. He certainly came across as very confident, where I always tended to be very nervous in these situations. " I've got a surprise for you" He said. With his tracksuit top already discarded, showing his chubby and hairless upper body, he slowly pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and underneath he was wearing a pair of tan coloured tights. " If you don't like the tights I can take them off" He said " No it's fine I like it" I replied. As I started to …


Lake Dstrict Holiday (part 2)

I awoke first to the rain on my body, before I realised I was naked. Then the pain in my head hit me – a crushing, paralysing headache, like the mother of all hangovers. Pain so intense I could hardly open my eyes. I heard the rustling of leaves and then hot breath on my skin. I heard panting (panting?) and tried to open my eyes against the pain, tried to shield my eyes from the dappled sunlight but I couldn’t move my hands. “Geordie!” A voice in the distance. I tried to open my eyes, tried to move my hands, pulling my arms in, I felt a burning pain at my wrists. My eyes open a crack against the pain in my head, I saw ropes tying my wrists together and – what? – I was tied around a small tree. I opened my eyes wider and realised I was naked. Completely naked, and lying on a woodland floor. My head was still pounding. I felt that hot breath again, and raindrops and something else: something rough against my leg. Sandpaper? “Geordie!” The voice, was it a little closer? I tried to stand up; it was really hard, with my hands bound and my head hurting the way it did. I worked out that I’d have to hold onto the tree and use it to lift myself up. First I got to my knees, and then pulled myself to standing. I looked down and saw a dog, a greyhound, at my feet, licking my calf. I was cold and naked, and my head was pounding. What the hell was going on? “Geordie! There you are.” The voice was much closer now. Right next to me in fact. “What the hell?” he said. “My sentiments exactly.” …

Group Sex


I don't understand why your husband would have wanted this for you. Well, maybe I do, because I'm the one who first mentioned it to him. But I don't understand why he gave you to me in the first place. Not really. When I saw your pictures on-line, I knew that you were special. Yes, you're beautiful…but you're also intelligent, you're sophisticated, you're elegant. Why you and your husband posted pictures, is another thing I don't understand, but I'm glad you did. And I'm glad he (or was it you?) wrote to me when I made favorable comments on your first series of posted pictures. And if I were a religious man, I'd be thanking every deity I could that you – or he – and I connected so quickly and completely. Your husband wanted me to challenge you. He agreed readily to my plan. We both knew that you would probably agree, that you trusted me, maybe even loved me. While I would never say this to your husband, I knew I loved you – not quite as a protege, not quite as a lover, not quite as a daughter, some strange melange of emotions. So I agreed to challenge you. You arrived at the hotel room with your husband. He helped you with your coat, revealing your beautiful body, nude except for your Louboutin heels. So perfect. My heart ached a little, seeing you stand there. Dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful soft lips, thin, elegant, small breasts, firm abs, perfectly smooth pussy, perfectly shaped, long legs. So very, very perfect. I love you, my perfect little angel. I stroked your …

Love Poems


I find myself clinging onto you, Onto everything you are, Everything you were, Everything I miss. You have moved on, Yet my heart is stuck, And that it something, I cannot defeat. I gave everything I was to you, For you, In the hope of you, And now I am lost. So I cling to the memory, Of you, You I still love, Though you no longer love me. You let go of everything we were, Threw me to the dogs, And let them have me, Now little of me survives. My heart still loves you, Though I have been betrayed, For a thousand years, My heart shall mourn.


Grandmas Secret Part 1

My grandmother Lynn was my grandfather's second wife and was about 20 years younger than he. She married him after his first wife died and Lynn raised his c***dren as her own even though she was only 12 years older than the eldest c***d, my mother. When my mother was married and had her first c***d at 18, Lynn was about 30 years old. Lynn is young thinking, young looking, and young acting which made it strange to have her as a grandmother because she certainly looked more like an aunt than a grandmother. When her first grandk** (me) came along she was understandably freaked out. Only 41 years old at the time, Lynn flatly refused to be called "Grammy" and she started a running joke by getting me to call her Lynnie, which was the only name I ever used to address her. As the other k**s came along years later she relented letting them call her Grammy but I was grandmothered in, so to speak, and always addressed her by her first name. Lynn was a slender blonde, blue-eyed woman of Scandinavian descent, about 5'7" with an average frame, small but perky up top. She was no runway model, but she was cute in her own way and she loved my grandfather to death and the rest of the f****y never thought of her as anything other than bl**d kin. My grandfather, Walter Tucker, and his first wife, Lilly, dreamed of raising horses together, so he retired early and used his life savings to purchase a horse farm estate to make that a reality. But when Lilly unexpectedly passed away less than a …

Love Poems

Fortunately Forrest

Just a shadow I spread of myself, In Fortunately Forrest I stance, 'Neath the sycamore bounty woods. Casting but a nuance of me Under shade of the tree, Wisp of stirring breeze Laying kisses upon my lips. In soft silence, whispering prose, Daydreams I suppose, In time, my mind flight's, Gifts of love I compose. 'Neath the sycamore bounty woods, In arabesque the dryads dance… In Fortunately Forrest I stance, Stanzas of romance.

First Time

Fantasy To Reality

Phil had just finished mowing when Phoebe pulled into the drive way. Sweat streamed down his face and glistened on his sculpted shirtless body. Phoebe whistled at him the way construction workers would do to a hot woman. "Hey baby!" Phil smiled and waved his hand to her. He was breathing heavy from the yard work. He put the mower back in the shed and met her in the kitchen of their suburban home. The air conditioning hit him as he walked through the door. It felt like a relief on this ninety degree day. He grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat from his face. "Hi Hon. How are you?" "I'm good. You?" "I'm fine. Just need a shower." "Yea the air conditioner at work wasn't working right and I think I need one too." She smiled and gave him "the look" that meant she would be doing more than cleaning herself off. Phoebe poured them both a glass of wine and turned toward the hallway leading to the master bedroom. Phil followed her to their bedroom where they both got undressed. Phil finished first as all he had to do was kick his sandals off and pull off his gym shorts. He stood watching his beauty slowly remove her bra. Her plump breast freed from the bra stood out in the open. Phoebe was a total brick house. She was 5'5" 130 lbs with curves that turned heads. Her tits were 44DD with dark areolas topped with big nipples. She reached down to slide out of her bikini panties. Her muff of black pubic hair now exposed, Phil felt a twinge in his cock knowing what they were about to do. Phil …

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