the Weekend 2

The meal over washing up followed then he announced “it was time,” the butterflies immediately returned, as he led her outside and bade her to stand on the veranda. In front of the building was a square of wooden strips very much after the shape of a door frame, he had her lay spread-eagled inside the frame and he spent the next few moments securing her He went indoors returning with the paint brush which he firstly used to dry paint her nipples, her sex and finally her rosebud. It tickled and she said so, enjoying the sensation as he administered to her with the soft brush, Next he produced a blindfold, she raised her head so as he could fit the dark materiel around her head, she then felt the paintbrush repeating the gentle dry brush on the same places as before, finally he painted her nipples oh so lightly, with the contents of the honey jar, then her rosebud and finally her sex with a heavier dose. She felt the frame lifted then being dragged across the ground; it was then stood up before her being laid forward onto the earth, face down, she didn’t understand, her mind in a turmoil now, what was all this about, why the honey? It did not take long to find out, the ground began to move under her, insects seethed onto her sweetened body, she knew to her horror that he had laid her on an ants nest. The effect was instant; she began to writhe in her loose bonds, as the little creatures began to crawl over her skin, she began to scream, and he removed the blindfold stuffing it …


Becoming Zoe II

It had been a night filled with surprise and hot sex with Zoe the night before. I awoke late on Saturday laying on my side looking out the window of the loft at the snow beginning to fall when the bathroom door opened and Zoe came sauntering out still wearing her purple camisole and white boy shorts. Her long thin blond hair fell around her face as she slid into bed behind me and put an arm over my hip. “good mornin’ Zoe” I reached back and squeezed her ass. “Good morning mister man” she slid her hand down and began stroking my naked cock. “I feel like a morning screw” she began kissing my shoulder blades. I soon felt her hard cock rubbing into my ass crack. “Oh my I have let the genie out of the bottle haven’t I” I breathed as she gripped my hardening cock and began pumping it. She repositioned slightly putting the tip right at my back door. Slowly she slid into my ready ass. Slowly goimg deep into me as she jerked me off. “fuck Zoe you are so good to awake to” “all I want to do is fuck now” She whispered as she quickened her pace with growing excitement. “you have shown me the ways of anal and I love it” I could tell by her breathing that I was about to have my ass filled again. “oh fuck, oh fuck I love this fe-he-hee-ling” she gag as she filled my ass with her first load of the day. She rolled me onto my back and slid down the bed and wrapped her pretty mouth around my dick and began a rather enthusiastic hummer as she got up on her knees. She slurped and bobbed and …


Teaching the neighbors part 2

I slept better than ever that night, hardly believing what had happened earlier. I kept myself composed around my parents, even though they probably wouldn’t care. A little background: My parents are very easy-going, which is partly a result of them being both young and in the upper middle-class bracket of income. My mom is 42, my dad 43, but they look and act younger. They’re not exercise or tanning freaks, but they keep themselves in shape. All throughout my childhood, they showed plenty of love and affection both to me and around me (it helped that I am an only-child), but not to the point where I grew soft or spoiled. My parents taught me the value of hard work, responsibility, and humility from a young age, making me work before reward. I could never be so grateful for them. As kids themselves, they had each grown up in similarly-run households; easy-going, supportive, and involved. Now they raised me in a similar way: For my 13th birthday, my dad sat down with me and basically taught me better sex education than any teacher ever could. He told me everything, from the rights and wrongs to the parts to the rules. He then went on the internet and opened a porn website, found a non-hardcore video and showed me some of it. He told me to never be ashamed to watch porn, but to keep it in moderation and at home. I can’t tell you how much that helped me in my development. Now, back to the present day, a Friday to be precise. It’s been a couple days since me and Alex had our …

Love Poems

Just A Whisper

The falling rain is just a whisper to me, storms swelling from worlds away, scattering the earth's patterns below, wind climbing through windows and walls. A soft lullaby caressing your ears with a cool touch. There's still faith here as the season hands itself over, flashes in my head of fluttering curtains you stood by in the dark, waiting for my footsteps nearing the front door like I wait for yours now. Watching tree branches sway, brushing and colliding, when I listen long enough, the sound is like the crackling of low fires. Your hand would softly squeeze mine in those hours, stirring beneath the covers until your head lays on me, draping your arm around my side as a subtle gesture of affection and ownership. The wind tonight is just a whisper to me, storms swelling from another life, scattering leaves as they swirl, as they twist below to graze wet concrete and every home. A soft lullaby caressing our ears with a faint rhythm. I still have faith here as the season hands itself over, flashes through my head of spooning beneath blankets in the dark, street lamps glowing along your delicate features, as you exhale a slow gust of heated air meeting my bare chest. When I listen long enough, the sound of your breathing drowns out the storm. Your warmth was an anchor to me in those hours, more pure than any other glow or fire, draping around me as a gift of love and ownership. Everything else is just a whisper when you're gone, a soft lullaby humming to caress your heart once more.

Group Sex

Sex club, part two

We managed to find our clothes and get dressed, fondling and caressing a little in the process. There was some momentary confusion when we got to our trucks, but Nikki decided she would ride with me as I followed Ben. She slid over beside me on the bench seat like we were dating in high school. Her hand on the inside of my thigh, my hand on the inside of hers, “Ben’s always liked men too, but was too scared to try anything in Oklahoma,” she said. “He was terrified at that club, I had to talk him into at least fucking me in public there. He always calms down after he cums. I was so happy to see you watching us and being so openly stroking your cock … and such a NICE cock,” she said giving my crotch a squeeze. “So he’s never even sucked a cock before,” I asked. “Well, once. I met a gay guy and we all got d***k at our house. Wasn’t long before we were all naked in a pile – kind of like tonight, actually – although my pussy was feeling VERY neglected. They were 69ing and pretty much forgot about me, until they came in each other’s mouths.” Nikki said the fun kind of fell apart at that point because Ben started crying, she was convinced it was tears of happiness, but the other guy got freaked out and left. “I held him all night, when he got hard again he fucked my pussy harder than ever – I was actually really SORE. When I was cumming, I slipped my finger in his ass and he came so hard … it was hot, but he’s been too scared since.” “So he’s never had a cock in ass,” I asked. …


Being a helpful Brother

Jason Lee and Kimmy Lee are the only Asian kids in there whole school. That ment they are more then just brother and sister they were also best friends. Jason was a year older then Kimmy so it wasn't uncommon for him to only see his sister after school. That made him lonely during school. Not only was he awkwardly tall having a growth spurt every few weeks right now he is standing at 5foot and 13 inches. That made him the tallest kid in his grade range. Also he was a a complete and total nerd only hanging with his chess club members on the week end if his sister had plans. Being tall and smart made him a huge target to the class bullies. He had his hair combed to the side parted in the middle with a lot of hair gel it gave his head a shiny glow. Always took pride in wearing his schools colors and uniform. In a sharp long sleeve purple coat over his white button up shirt and pressed blue slacks. His sister was a total opposite of her brother she was naturally short barely standing at 5 feet with shoes on. She let her hair grow long and often had it in a ponytail or in a bun depending on her mood that day. She was an average student so she wasn't a obvious target for the bullies and somehow made friends with Britney the most popular girl in her class so she actually got a pass from most bullies. She wasn't to keen on the school colors she thought that purple and blue made her look like a giant bruise. She wore her tight bleached white button up shirt with her skirt just barely …

Wife Lovers

Always Give The Wife What She Wants

“Mate, if you’re gonna watch this stuff, you really need to remember to wipe the internet history.” Pete shot me a glance of incomprehension, but I ignored it, turning back to the screen. “If Kim sees you’ve been watching stuff like this…” “What do you mean?” Pete had come across behind me, resting both hands on the back of the chair. “All this stuff! Double penetration, triple penetration…” “But I haven’t…” He fell silent. I didn't doubt him. And if he hadn’t been watching this stuff, there was only one other person who could have watched it; Pete’s wife, Kim. Pete’s my best friend, and has been since we were at university together. That was where he met Kim, and I was best man at their wedding. The three of us always got on well together, and continued to meet up regularly in the years since. Once a month Kim would have a girls’ night with some friends, and Pete and I would meet up on our own. Mainly we’d have a few drinks down the pub, but this evening we’d met at Pete’s and Kim’s place. We’d had a disagreement about something stupid; names of places in the US that are identical to British place names. I claimed there were eight towns by the name of Penzance in the United States. I was wrong, but in a futile effort to prove myself right, I’d borrowed the computer in the work room, logging on to the internet. I remember typing, “P-E-N,” and all these entries sort of tumbled out of the URL bar; all of them involving some kind of double or triple penetration. Now Pete sort of …

Love Poems


I have to learn how to let go, unwilling to fade away with you, if this is how we'll scream, pull the air from my lungs. I'd rather just be left alone in the enveloping dark to no longer carry the flame, the torch that could once ignite entire valleys and mountains, snuffed out the moment I could sense you Pulling away one fragment at a time, first noting the distance, the hesitation in your voice. I can feel the tiny vibrations when your head rests on my chest and you speak, the gradual subtle changes lacing familiar chords, the welling tears in your eyes becoming lonely ripples in beautiful mysterious oceans, the fleeing warmth of your body beneath the blankets leaving me as a still glacier. And there are times I almost want a lie to consume me, to draw blood from each stone. But fiction is even more dangerous than learning how to let go, unwilling to place these coins over my eyes, if this is how we'll drift, pull your hands away from my face now. I'd rather just forget what inexplicable pull brings me to you and be left in the steadfast dark to no longer sway with the dancing flames, the torch that could once evaporate entire frozen lakes and rivers snuffed out the moment I could sense You're intoxicated with another bloom, one petal at a time, first noticing the shivering, the withdrawal from my touch. I can feel the pockets of heat closing off between us when we share a bed, the crushing subtle changes in the chords, the way close bodies can become lonely glaciers drifting in beautiful mysterious oceans slowly fleeing and finally letting go.

First Time

Cash, Grass, or Ass

Getting a new license at the age of sixteen is always an exciting event. Jacob was getting his license today. The first time in his life he had more mobility, which meant more freedom. His mom had driven him to the DMV but he had driven home. “Now, I want you to know,” his mother said, “that you need to help drive Lisa around sometimes.” “Oh, mom,” Jacob said, “she is such a pain in the butt.” “She is also your s****r, and I need some help getting everyone to their after school events.” “I’ll never get to go anywhere myself. I”ll always have to drive her around with her annoying friends.” “I didn’t say you had to be her personal taxi, but if you want to have keys to the car, with no questions asked, then you need to help out.” Jacob was obviously not too keen on the idea of driving Lisa around at her beck and call. He didn’t plan on doing anything for her. “Fine mom,” emphasizing mom as if he were annoyed, “I’ll drive Lisa around when she needs rides to school stuff, but I won’t drive her around with her friends.” “That would be great, I’m sure she can find her own ride for social occasions.” Jake scoffed at his mother’s response, “Social occasions?” “Yes, if she doesn’t need to be somewhere for school she can either find a different ride or barter with you for a ride.” Barter? Why hadn’t Jacob thought of that! Perhaps there was a way he could get some cash out of her, a quick way to make some cash. ***** A couple weeks had passed since Jacob received his new drivers license. …

Love Poems

Your Surprise

"It'll be Valentine's Day" That's what she said, It was ages away, I wish it was now instead. "You are my life, My day, my night. One day, my wife", I hoped she was right. It was a whirlwind romance With ups and downs, She had me in a trance, But never any frowns. I'd upset her, we fell out I'd messed her around. gave her reasons to doubt But our feelings are tightly bound You're my long distance crush, Makes seeing you tough. Chatting on Lush, Just Isn't enough. So, February fourteenth is here again, I wake up early, I'm excited. There's no post, it never came My emotions take over, uninvited I text you, I call you, I scream out your name The silence deafens me Then out of nowhere it came Your voice, I hear with glee I run to the door, nearly losing my balance. You're on the other side I'm sure My adrenalin pumping in gallons. Through the door I fly. Wrapping my arms around you, Uncontrollably, I start to cry. You step back, what did I do? "Oh sweetie, my precious baby, I'm so sorry I'm late, You are my special lady, I shouldn't make you wait." She takes one step back, Gets down on one knee. My face about to crack "It's a yes, now inside and fuck me"


A day at the beach

Last year my wife and I took my cousins daughter (lets call her Belle) on a camping trip to the beach for a couple of weeks and I tell you, it changed my life forever. My cousins daughter was 14 at the time and just beginning to ripen and blossom into an amazingly attractive young woman – tall and slim with long brunette hair, and a smile that will melt men from now until the day she dies. I had fantasised about her for a while now, but it was getting harder and harder to ignore her body and she had become the frequent object of my masturbation fantasies. The second day of our camping trip. my wife decided to go shopping while I took Belle to the beach for some summer fun in the surf. When we got there, she stripped down immediatly to her skimpy bikini and paraded self consciously in front of me. "I bought it especially for this camping trip – do you like it? " she purred. Recently I had been thinking that not only had she become aware of my glances but she had also started to become aware of the effect she could have on boys. My boner MUST have been obvious. "You look great" I said and ran toward the surf. She followed after me and we swam and bodysurfed for about a half hour, me showing her how it was done. After one particularly big wave dumped us and washed us laughing into the shallows, we both stood up in waist deep water. She turned to me and started going on about how cool that was etc and when she turned to me, she failed to notice that her little skimpy bikini top …

Group Sex

Dogging slut

Dogging! Do you love it hate it or just don't think about it? One of the guys on here, 1voyeurhubby, has a slut for a wife. She has been for some time but over the last few years it seems to have taken on a much more permanent role in their sex lives. She just cannot get enough cock, she loves being fucked. Me you ask? Well I got talking to him and wanked off to the pics he posted of her being well and truly slutty. Liked it so much I had to try her out for myself. During the summer his wife was feeling extra horny, it was sunny and warm and she just gets extra wet between her legs. He'd come home to find her sitting on the edge of the sofa, her legs wide open in just her stockings and suspenders, rubbing her pussy and looking at him as he came through the door. "Honey, I need fucking!" This wasn't a request. She was horny and she wanted a good fucking. The kind of fucking you get from not just one guy. This meant she was in an "I don't care who or how I get fucked" moods. In this mood you can easily get her into going out dogging, whatever the weather. So he made her kneel on the sofa and got a vibrator inside her with one hand while he texted me "Wife extra horny, get guys, meet at woods park". I didn't need any encouraging, she has a great pussy. Seriously she is one of the best fucks ever! I got in touch with four other guys I've met through regular fuck meets with her, they were all up for a meeting and agreed to meet there asap. So I excused myself from my mate's and …


A Family Betrayal Chapter 2

Two weeks as gone by since I left not telling anyone why or where I was going. Making my way east was very interesting as I slept in the back of my truck after getting a shell for the back. I bought a air bed to put in the back and pillows. It wasn’t the Holiday Inn or a Super 8, but it was my makeshift home. I did this as to not leave a trail in case my ' Family’ tried to search for me. I used that word family loosely as of how my old way of thinking had changed to a new way. After all the promises had been broken, and the way those around me changed so did my heart. That first week my heart was surrounded by a wall made of pain mixed with hurt. I felt alone as I still do. First my Sister and Brother changed, then my mother distanced herself, but three people I thought that would never in 20 years betray me did. Every moment I drove away from the west coast the more I harden my heart. The more my blood toward them turned to ice. I sworn a vow to never go west again as it would only bring hurt. I hardly slept as nightmares haunted me. I would maybe get two to three hours of sleep at rest stops or parking lots that I parked in at night. On my way I also ran into bikers on the road. Seeing different groups ride from all over. I guess since it was summer they were taking trips. In Tennessee that was when I noticed one gang or club whatever they were called. These bikers acted like family as I watched them intently while refueling my truck. The patches they wore was a eagle …


We hate clothes – part 04

We hate clothes by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 04 DAY 11 We woke up on top of the bed, heads at opposite ends and the dildo still joining us. I was awake first but I didn’t want to disturb Jude so I just lay there looking out of the window. After a while I saw that we had a voyeur; a face from the room the other side to Jacob and Aiden kept appearing then disappearing. It was so quick that I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. Having nothing better to do than get turned on by knowing that someone was looking at our naked bodies, complete with a dildo joining them, I turned my head the other way and let them get on with it. I must have dozed off because the next thing that I knew was the sound of Jacob singing on his balcony. Jude was coming round too so I shouted, “Morning Jacob.” He looked over the little wall and saw our tangled bodies. He watched as Jude and I get off the bed. As we did so the dildo slipped out of Jude and I was left standing there with half of it hanging outof my pussy. “Nice.” Jacob said. “Stop it; it’s a girl thing.” I replied. Pulling the dildo out of me I joined Jude on our balcony to get some fresh air to fully wake us up. Aiden had joined Jacob and after saying hello he asked us what we had planned for the day. “Don’t rush out when you get back from breakfast; we may just be able to make you an …

Gay Male

An Interview.

"Just put your hands on the arms of the chair, bend over and spread em." I did as Vicki said, she's the boss around here. Then out of the blue she drove her well oiled forefinger straight up my clacker. Her offsider was a real sweet young guy, barely looked 18. Vicki withdrew her finger slowly while young Marcus shone a torch up my arse. It was one of those skinny torches like Doctors use. I'm really being checked out big time I thought to myself. "All clear" said Marcus turning off his light and walking away. Vicki then gave me an oral examination rubbing her fingers on my gums. "Can't be too careful these days, besides you're a brothel worker aren't you"? I was taken aback. "It's more e****t, I've got a few regulars they book through that establishment." I fumbled. She smiled at me knowingly. "Any way I get to sample the goods, like the guys previous." My mind flashed back, I've had to suck 18 cocks to get this far, 6 last Tuesday then 12 on Thursday. They were pigs on Thursday, d***ken losers seeing who could humiliate me the most. One jerk even ran a book on it. "I'll back him out before Midnight" he screamed. "I'll back him in" Cried another, then there was a flurry of betting activity, with people betting "in" or "out", all happening in front of me. The bet was simple I go in the toilet/bathroom at 8 and stay till 12, if I leave early I lose. They nearly got me though, I'd serviced all the guys by 11.30 when the loud mouthed bookie and a young punk who gave me a hard …


Mutual Satisfaction 2

That evening as Megan was getting ready for bed, the memory of what had happened in Terry's room invaded her thoughts, and it got her excited again. She crawled naked under the sheets and once again directed her fingers to slowly enter her already wet pussy. Just the memory of him touching, kissing and then licking her breasts as she masturbated had gotten her hot again In her minds eye she envisioned him in bed and jerking off into her black silk and lace panties again. That mental picture, combined with the others, pushed her over the edge in no time, and she was forced to bury her face in a pillow so her orgasmic cry did not wake anyone. She didn't feel guilty about what happened between them, as they were related only through the marriage. If they had met before her parents got married, she would have invited him into her bed with no hesitation. She had been without a lover for quite a while, as the last one few were serious disappointments – minimal kissing and no foreplay of any kind, all they wanted to do was slam it inside her. She had been in a self imposed celibacy state for a few months and was surviving until she realized that she had been missing and craving a mans touch. Terry seemed to be the solution. He was attractive but shy, and based on her experience was probably a gentle lover. Not like that was likely to happen as he was embarrassed at being naked in front of her. She forced herself to sleep as she had housework in the morning and 7:00am came awfully …


Legendary Whore

Legendary Whore Part One I wrote this as a gift forgg854 I grow bored as I wait at the coffee shop, I don’t even drink coffee, I’m British! The tea here is awful. I take out my fountain pen and begin to write notes for a dirty story. I give up and start doodling, I draw the cute coffee shop girl’s head with a look of ecstasy on her face, she has a bruise on her neck cleavage so I write ‘Choke me daddy!’ underneath. Next I draw a woman holding a man’s head between her legs then superimpose the coffee shop girls head onto it. I tear the page off, put it down on the table and get back to writing. Just then a beautiful woman approaches me, far more appealing than the coffee shop girl. She has a nice smile, a pretty face, perfect skin, perfect everything! She reminds me of Eva Green in the film Casino Royale, the same air of sophistication and intelligence with a great deal of sex appeal and an air of mischief and danger. “May I join you?” She says and I gesture for her to sit. “Be my guest.” It’s you. We make eye contact. Just looking at you makes me want to have you but I have work to do and I’m on my best behaviour until later. You don’t seem too bothered by the way I am looking at you. In fact you seem to like it. You bite your lip as you stir your coffee and look down at my sketches. I really like you but I have work to do and I get back to writing a filthy story. After a while I notice that out drinks are empty and I offer to buy you a drink. I have a hot chocolate this …

First Time

Why I love all things wanking.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed everything about masturbation. Watching (male and female) and being watched. For me the biggest turn on is watching a naked man stroking his stiff cock until he cums. I have found myself getting more and more aroused by this and if I want to wank I just watch a compilation of naked guys working their gorgeous cocks. For years I wanted to experience the feeling of having a guys hard cock in my hand as I made him cum. When I finally got the chance I slowly stroked his cock for about an hour before finishing him off. I was so aroused that the guy could only touch my cock for a couple of seconds cuz I knew any longer and I would explode. Having a women watch you when you are naked and wanking is fantastic. If I want a rock hard cock I get a guy to watch me. My wife who is very live and let live about sex asks me why I enjoy Naked men as much as I do naked women and here's why. Many years ago we were on holiday at a camp site I was 15 and thought I knew it all. After a couple of days I went for a shower and met a guy in there who seemed friendly enough. After a couple of minutes he came up to me and asked if I had ever seen a man wank. A little shocked I said no. He asked if I would watch him while he wanked and I straight away said yes. We went into the shower room and he stripped off completely naked which surprised me a little because I was now looking at a naked man with a big, stiff, and looking back at it, gorgeous cock. He …


Birthday Sex-t Part 2

After my aunt jokingly declined my offer. She stood there for a bit smelling the air. Her conscious was fighting her thoughts in a battle of trust and wits. As she looked towards her daughter, I tapped her on the shoulder to let her know our "massage" session was over. My aunt asked her to come and help with a dish she had some skill for. Asking sarcastically in a county accent, "Not yer famous three cheese chilli is it?" To which my Aunt carried the joke with a mocked impression in reply "Why I reckon it is!" Minutes after they left down, I became busy changing my sheets and also myself into a pair of pants. I received a text from my cousin saying she was sorry. I replied that I had no intentions of taking advantage. If she see fit that nothing else happen, then we act as if nothing happened. Knowing good and well that would not be the case. I was relieved once receiving her next text. Cousin: I want us to keep our relationship, and keep the sex discreet. Is that okay? Me: I see nothing wrong with that. Best option in my opinion. Make sure you erase these text and I'll do the same. Cousin: I love you:-) Me: I love you too. Around four o'clock, I made my way down to the den we had set up. My father stepping in the door from work, gave me a quick greet. I put my favorite game into the console once settled into the den, and sat back on the couch. Few minutes passed until my father came in to give me a present. It was a watch that came with a few words from him. It made me tear …

Erotic Poems

The Virgins Gambit

Nightly, lightly the dance continues, echoes on Lightning quick, chancing eternity, just for possibly. Slightly, sprightly, another stab at plausibly; Counterstroke, counterpoint, turning, spinning like a boson. Each thrust and parry of words halts hearts, as a great oak sawn. Each singular step executed sensibly, Not even one footfall is mistaken, so flexibly, Serpentine ever, to the sound of virgo's song. Puritanical rhapsody burns the planet, Trembling, erotically, with each step, a new tone. Drawing now ever closer to earliest September, Scarlet arils fall, of lustful pomegranate, Tempting blank, bared flesh, frozen, erect, turned to stone, Hardened and hallowed, and kissed with sunlight's searing ember.

First Time

Fucking Mommy&Daddy

AUTHORS NOTE: i will absolutely appreciate any dick/tit/pussy/asshole pics/stories. preferably if theyre actually of yourselves. Dont be afraid to message me! 🙂 and i will write a story for any hot ideas you may have. AUTHORS DISCLAIMER:THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTION AND NOT MEANT TO BE EMULATED OR TAKEN AS CONDONING ANY SEXUAL ACTS WITH MINORS OR bl**d RELATIVES. THIS IS PURELY FICTION AUTHORS NOTE: My name is Mariah, 22 yrs old and a lover of all things sexual 😉 if you like this story and feel like you want someone to listen to your filthy fantasies, then im your gal : D **** My name is Alyssa. When my story started, I was 10 years old. Barely a girl, but that, my friends, was that start of the sexual adventure that is my life. My father was a huge, highly attractive man. 6'2 with sandy blonde hair and a physique to die for. Of course that meant that his dick was equally as impressive, being 6" when soft and a whopping 10" when hard. as a c***d, I had felt his dick through his pants and wondered what it was, but i never had the chance to ask. Until my 10th birthday. That was a day I will never forget for as long as I live. I barely had any tits and my pussy was still small and hairless. Innocent for only until that day. i came home from school that day to walk in on my parents having sex. I saw my father, knelt between my mothers thighs, licking her. Though at the time, i had no idea what he was doing. i pretended i hadnt seen anything and slammed the front door loudly, …


Forbidden Fantasy

It's funny about fantasies. We all have them, but rarely do we get the opportunity to act them out in real life. They usually remain just that, fantasies, something to stimulate our minds and bodies and sit in that tiny area in the back of our thoughts, always hot to the touch but never fulfilled. My story is about a life-long fantasy of mine, one which became sort of an obsession over the years. It was both immensely satisfying and full of guilt, for it involved cheating on my wife with her sister. I still can't believe that I fantasized about her so much, so let me fill you in on some background. My name is Sean. I've been married for 30 years and while sex with my wife Deidre was once robust, it's slowed down to the point where I can usually count on one hand the number of times we have sex in a year. It's been frustrating for me and my thoughts frequently turn to fantasies I've developed over time. One of them, the biggest one, involves my wife's sister. My sister-in-law, Janice, has always been something of a free spirit, always taking her own road and doing things with a sense of adventure. I always admired her. I don't know when my admiration for her turned into lust, though. I suppose it was something which grew over time until it filled my thoughts every time I saw her. When we were younger, Janice had a habit of wearing t-shirts without a bra. While she didn't have the large breasts her sister (my wife) had, hers were very firm with huge nipples which pointed …


Satisfying the Bull

Lin Hsin-ju is 38, Chinese actress, pop singer, and director. She is a successful Chinese business woman owning her own production company in China. My Venture Capital company has and continues to invest in her production company. Lin flew to the United States on my private jet for a working and pleasure week in New York. We are staying at my Manhatten penthouse for the week. Lin knows I'm divorced, wealthy and a womanizer. She is single and very interested in seducing me, she knows I prefer Asian women as lover, mistress, wife, and escort. She fantasied about having sex with me. Lin knows I make million dollar deals with my clients so it is very important that she not arrive late. She bursts into the office out of breath and I don't look very pleased. " Mr. Malone?" Lin asks politely. I rise from my chair impatiently and she is instantly intimidated. I'm well over six feet tall with broad shoulders. I appear to be in my mid-fifties with gray hair and icy blue eyes that are now glaring at her. " Yes Mr. Malone." I state in a frigid tone. " I moved our meeting up and I have been waiting for a half hour." " I'm sorry Sir." Lin replies in her sweet voice. " The limo was delayed in traffic." " My meeting will mean the difference between your production company continuing or closing." I tell her coldly. " You have been trying to meet with me for the last six months and now you have the nerve to make me wait for almost two hours?" " I am sorry Sir. I didn't realize the traffic was …

First Time

First Time in a Swingers Club

I was at a conference in Phoenix fifteen years ago. It was a good conference in a large city with many amenities not found in my small town. After the day was over I went driving looking to see what kind of hot fun I could find. I was driving down Indian School Avenue when I saw a building with a sign blaring out Enounters. Swinger's Club. I wasn't at all sure if they would allow singles into the club, but they were very happy to take my $35. It was around eleven P.M. I walked in and saw many people sitting at small round table talking and sipping sodas. A commotion in a far corner when a group of people expressed pleasure simultaneously. A woman stood up from the group, her blouse unbuttoned and wide open, her tits swaying as she moved across the room and right toward me. She had semen covering her face and neck and some on her tits. She was headed to the restroom to remove the semen. From where she had arisen stood a large black man. I found out upon joining that group the woman who had passed me loved having black men jack off onto her face and chest. I looked around for more action and saw none. I found out soon there were rooms upstairs where things happen. Rooms had windows and curtains. If a couple or a group wanted privacy they would close the curtains. If they liked being watched they opened them and left the door open too. All the blinds were shut. I went back downstairs and tried talking with a heavy woman who was watching a couple playing pool. I asked her if …

Lesbian Sex

The Babysitter

We came home early, that night. The party was not very exciting, so we made excuses and left before 10, even though we had told Heather, our babysitter, not to expect us until after midnight. And obviously, she did not expect us – at least, not right then. Although we made a normal amount of noise driving up to the house and walking in, she didn't hear us at all. In fact, neither of them did. Not she or her boyfriend, lying on the couch in a passionate embrace, seemed to notice as we entered the living room. We were both startled, and hesitated awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Then you placed a finger on your lips, motioning me to be quiet; and we both relaxed, leaning quietly against the doorframe, enjoying the unexpected entertainment. Both Heather and her companion (who was unknown to us) were fully clothed, but the young man was trying to correct the situation. He slipped his hand inside her blouse, which was already half unbuttoned; she moaned softly, but slowly, reluctantly, pulled his hand away. He slowly reached in again, undoing one more button; even more slowly, she removed his hand again. Like a stuck record, the identical motions were repeated over and over. It was not difficult to understand the young man's fascination with what was under Heather's blouse. When she had arrived, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra; her large, firm breasts stood out proudly from her magnificent 17-year-old body. I suppose I stared, but she didn't seem to mind. As we …

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