First Time

The Maintenance Man 10

The Maintenance Man 10 ———————————————————————————————————————————————— The liner landed late the next night, two women stepped off heading for the king's palace. Unknown to them eyes were closely following them, curious as to where the man that was usually with them was. Knocking at the palace door, it was slowly opened a mousey looking man peeking out then rushing out to hug Nissie. "I heard you were coming back here, you should have called, I'd have had rooms ready for you and your master, by the way where is Mr. Mark?" he said. "He is still on the ship, he was quarantined, some type of fever was all we were told, Sam and I had instructions to come here and prepare for when Mr. Mark was released." Nissie replied "Does he need a doctor? We have several of the best now plus, the new med bots we added a month ago." The man said. "No, father he doesn't, they have some of the best on board the ship. We were assured by Mr. Mark and the liner company that Mr. Mark should be released in 1 to 2 days." Nissie replied a little depressed that Mark wasn't there with them. Nissie and Sam bade the man good night and went to a room that was prepared for them. Sighing Sam and Nissie entered the room and placed all the devices that Mark had told them to, activating them they both got ready for bed hoping that Mark would contact them soon. 2 miles away an angry man was punching the wall where was …


A warm summers day at the office

It was a brilliant, perfect day, 75 degree weather, the sun peeking in and out of the clouds like a game of hide and seek, and Jack, a buff, well-groomed attorney was in his convertible, zipping down the freeway heading for a lunch date with a city judge, Laura. He had the car freshly detailed, summer tunes on, freshly pressed suit on. Jack had a killer hard-on just imagining the sight of the gorgeous judge, Laura, a statuesque brunette beauty, 5'7, medium build, shapely breasts, great shape, long silky smooth hair that could take a man's breath away, and a plus for Jack, awesome stilettos and platform heels of various colors and heights that he saw her wearing before in a few court cases earlier, to complement her shapely legs. "Must be the results of plenty of workouts and good diet, no doubt," he thought to himself… He gave her a quick call on his cellphone to be sure that she was in her chambers and that she was on her recess from a busy morning: "Hey Laura, how's it going? Ready for some sustenance there, hun? I got a little somethin' special I brought for you on the way, want to give it you in private so it won't cause controversy around the office", he joked… Laura replied, "Sure, come on up to my chamber real quick before we head out! Thanks, that was sweet of you…" Man! Jack thought, what I'm gonna do to her…He was thinking about that long brown hair, that body, those legs, those heels to set the whole outfit off…He was still hard and almost wrecked his …

Love Poems

Rise and Fall

Spring will come and go, Summer and autumn too, Winter will roll around, I'll still be looking out for you, Everything I do, I do in pursuit of you. The sun will rise and fall, The tides will go high and low, People will laugh and cry, With every day that goes by, Every moment I see, My eyes will search for you. I may have lost you once, But I won't lose you again, I'm gonna capture your heart, Until the very end, My love so deep for you, It can't ever be pretend. My angel will stand, And take me by my hand, Whisper in my ear, To tell me when you're near, Forever is in demand, I hope you understand. A love to span a thousand years, I'll protect you from your fears, All you have to do, Is whisper and be true, I love you, I love you.

Body modification

From Pine Ridge to Princess part 2

Pine Ridge Pincess Part Two The afternoon sun shone brightly on the Berghoff, its snow covered peak dazzlingly white against the clear blue sky. The city was a bustling mass of people going about their business as a slim young woman in a tracksuit jogged along the sidewalk towards the royal palace. She took the palace steps two at a time and went to enter the main gate. “Halt!” the guard shouted. “It’s ok I live here,” Mitzy shouted. “ID?” he queried. “Like, I’m Princess Mitzy ok?” she insisted. “Princess Mitzy is not flat chested,” the guard insisted, “Go away!” “Now don’t you take that tone with me!” Mitzy protested, “I got ID see,” and she pulled out her Asda Walmart loyalty card. “Jessica May Blanchard from Pine Ridge Nebraska,” the guard read, “Its says nothing about Princess Mitzy Fucksalot.” “No,” Mitzy agreed, “Like you don’t recognise me?” “No,” the guard insisted. “I guess its because I had my tits done,” Mitzy suggested, “Guy in Heidleburg did it for free as long as he could sell the old implants on Ebay. “Really?” the guard replied in disbelief, “Now why would anyone do something that stupid?” “Cause you can’t jog very fast with E cup sillicon wobbing around up front,” Mitzy insisted, “I wanna run marathons like English princesses do.” “I see,” the guard replied wondering of the woman was in fact a slimmed down Mitzy after all, she certainly seemed stupid enough. “Do you reckon like if Boris married Mitzy then if I’m Jessie I ain’t no Princess?” she asked. …

Dark Fantasy


2pm on Saturday afternoon and I just ended another god damn 70 hour work week and only had the next 34 hours off before I had to do it all over again. I hate that damn place, I hardly make shit and I work like slave. The fucking old lady spends my check before it is even in the bank, her n them no good kids are bleeding me dry. I knew I should have never gotten married and had them three kids. Two boys back to back, only a year apart and then my little girl, pretty as can be, but dumb as a box of rocks, just like her ma. Best I can hope for is that she don’t get knocked up before she moves outta the house. Every Saturday was the same ‘ol routine. Work then down to the corner tavern to meet up with the same guys I’d known all my life. We were practically brothers, all four of us were rowdy as hell and really don’t give a damn about much these days. Drinking is the only there is to do, besides it keeps me away from that fucking mad house I call home. Teenagers – in and out, always wanting something but never lifting a damn finger to earn their keep. I shook my head just thinking about it. I needed to teach them a lesson or two about the hard knocks in life I learned as a young boy. I spit on the ground every time I even think about my pop and how I grew up. Love mama but my daddy was a true son-of-a-bitch and I celebrated the day we buried him 6 ft. deep. I blame him for the way I think. Everything he put me through, as much as I hated i t at the time, lately I catch these …

First Time

Blackmailed And Used By b*****r

This is another fantasy story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals. I have always looked up to my older b*****r Jake even though I have to admit he can be kind of strange. Jake is into the &#034Punk rock&#034 thing usually sitting in his room listening to loud music and wearing black cloths and has his hair shaved into a mohawk. My parents don't seem to mind though but that's mostly because all they ever seem to do is work. I on the other hand am a quiet, keep to myself kind of guy who avoids all confrontation if possible. Jake and I are usually at home alone while our parents work but we rarely every talk, we just sit in our own rooms doing our own thing until we go to bed. Well one night my parents left for work before Jake got home so I had the house to myself and so I did what I usually did when I was by myself. I went to my parents bedroom and got into my dads porn drawer grabbing the first movie I saw and quickly went back to my room. I popped it into my dvd player and laid on my bed sliding down my shorts just enough to pull out my smooth dick and began gently stroking it as I watched the movie. My dick hardened in my hand and I started to stroke it a little faster getting ready to cum. I was in the zone getting ready to blow when suddenly I heard &#034Seth!, what the fuck!&#034. I quickly turned to see Jake standing in my doorway shaking his head with a grossed out look on his face. I just laid there with my dick in my hand not saying anything because there was …

Love Poems

Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news, Spreading through the streets? Young Mary-Kate's had a man betwixt the sheets! They say young Tom, To whom she's betrothed, Found him in there in just his underclothes! The poor young lad, His 'art is broke, 'Tis a downright shame – he's a right top bloke! Now young Mary-Kate, She's lost both men, 'Cos she went and told both that she loved only them. So Tom moves on, To pastures new, And word has got it that his next stop is you! Prepare well your heart, To fix up his, You might find between you there is some fizz!

Group Sex

Kristen, Sally and Me

She was an attractive woman, and a lot of fun to talk to. I had no idea she would say, &#034That sounds like a great idea!&#034 when I suggested she join my wife and I for an evening. And the lack of resistance when asked Kristen about it didn't really make me feel too badly. Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of dining and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Kristen liked Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks, when Sally asked Kristen to join her in a joint. She never had before, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a few years before, so didn't dare join them. Well, it wasn't long, with pot and whiskey, and three people who had known each other for a few years, before the atmosphere became very, very comfortable. Finally I suggested turning off the lights and lying down and they both agreed to my pleasent surprise. It was pitch dark, and my clothes were off in a flash. Lying there in the middle of the king size bed, I was growing with anticipation, hearing them both undressing on either side of the bed. Sally laid down first and I put my arm around her, kissing her gently. Her skin was so soft, and I had never touched her before. As I felt the bed move when Kristen sat down, I rolled over on my back, taking her in my other arm. Her breasts were larger, and her perfume sweet, and she snuggled in closely. I was in ecstasy, feeling both of them in my arms, and their thighs against mine. Both of their hands …


Making Her Cum at the Cinema [MF] [Real]

It was a Monday night in the middle of a sizzling summer and I had only one thing on my mind: you. The ever so sexy Isabelle. We had only been on two or three dates but this was already becoming quite the steamy summer love affair. We had already made out all over the city and fooled around at most of the city's landmarks but I still hadn't gotten the chance to do the one thing I wanted most: play with your pussy… This girl was absolutely gorgeous and we were insanely hot for each other. We couldn't go five minutes without making out in public or me taking out your perfect tits and teasing your nipples in broad daylight. But whenever my hand reached down under your dress, you would slap my hand away with a sultry grin on your face and say "not just yet, big boy…" It was driving me crazy, I was fantasizing about you all week long. While I was at work, all I could think about was burying my face into your warm, wet pussy and licking your clit until you were grabbing the back of my head and moaning out my name. I called you up as soon as I got home and asked you out to go see that new sexy movie. But I didn't give a fuck about the movie. I knew exactly what I wanted. Tonight, I was going to make you fucking cum. We get to the movie while the previews were on. I find us a seat in the back row. I scan in front and see that there is no one sitting within three rows of us. Excellent. The lights dim down and the movie starts. While the opening credits roll by, I turn my head to …


First Class

Es war ein langer Abend, als ich sie zum ersten Mal sah. Ich saß an der Bar in einer Disko, irgendwo in New York. Normaler weise gehe ich dort seltenst hin, da ich kein guter Tänzer bin und ich mir besseren Alkohol leisten kann, als man dort kaufen kann. An jenem Abend aber saß ich an der Bar, noch im Anzug von meinem Meeting. Es war warm und ich trank gerade meinen zweiten Cocktail. Um mich herum standen viele Leute, denn ich ließ alle fünf Minuten eine Runde springen. Ich hatte gerade in einem Geschäft $ gemacht und war dementsprechend gut gelaunt. Ich trank und schrie und… Ich schweife mal wieder ab. Ich sah sie auf jeden Fall an diesem Abend zum ersten mal. Sie hatte langes, braunes Haar und bleiche Haut. Sie war um die 1,70m groß und in einem Kurzen Kleid in der Mitte der Tanzfläche. Sie schien ungefähr 18-19 Jahre als zu sein und einen umwerfenden Körper. Was ich damals noch nicht wusste war, dass sie an jenem Tag ihren 18ten Geburtstag feierte, aber aufgrund von Geldmangel nirgends feiern konnte, wo man bessere Drinks bekommt. Allgemein war sie zu diesem Zeitpunkt nur tanzen, weil sie pleite war und sich davon ablenken lassen wollte. Ich beobachtete sie eine Weile, und genoss den Anblick ihres braunen, lockigen Haares, dass ihr bei jeder Drehung über die Schultern floss. Kurz darauf trafen sich unsere Blicke und ihre braunen, wunderschönen Augen bohrten sich in meine Seele. Sie kam auf mich zu und ich verscheuchte mit einer Handbewegung schnell die …

Love Poems


Will you take my hand, Help me to fight, When dark clouds descend, Obscuring all light? Will you stay by my side, Weather the storm Of fragile emotions, Smashed, ripped and torn? Can you ever forgive My spiteful tongue, Spitting venom at you Over deeds you’ve not done? Could you hold me close When I’m lost and scared, Smothered by sorrows That live in my head? I rejected your friendship, Compassion ignored; Forgive me my dearest, That I am thus flawed. Pay no heed to my moods The tempestuous force Bringing heartache, confusion; It’s par for the course. I hate that I hurt you, T’was never my plan, All I want's your acceptance, In all that I am. So please take my hand, I’ll give strength to you too, For we are all broken, And that includes you.


The Best Sister-in-Law

This is another hot experience I had with my sister-in-law a few days ago. We have had sex a few times since our first time. Those times were few and far in between and not as hot as the first time or this. It was in the middle of the week and we were expecting heavy snow in my area. I had the capabilities to work from home so I did, my wife on the other hand does not and she had to go into the office. Usually when I work from home I don't get much work done, just a lot of watching TV or porn and taking care of myself. Well, today was no different, I was watching TV and my phone buzzed, my wife sent me a text: "Sara is leaving work early going to come to our house so she doesn't have to drive all the way home in the snow, she’ll be there soon." "K, no problem," I responded. "They are making us work the full day as of right now so I don't know when I'll be home," my wife went on to message me. "Aw man I'm sorry 🙁 well be safe I'll be here waiting," I sent back. At this point Sara and I have not had been alone like this for close to a year. It has also been at least 6 months since the last time we hooked up so I wasn't sure what to expect but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So I just went on watching TV. I heard the door open and Sara yell, "Hello?" "Down here," I yelled back. I heard her take off her jacket and boots and then her coming down the stairs to the family room. I glanced over to the bottom of the stairs when I heard her get close. I instantly got semi hard, …


Moonlight at the Pool

On one of our summer trips back to Rascal’s parents' house, she provided me with one of the most erotic and sensual experiences that begged to be recorded for the art that it was. Unfortunately, I did not have a camcorder, but the images are still fresh in my mind as if it just occurred even though it happened over fifteen years ago. So let me start the story. The day was a hot August day in the south. The air was so thick with moisture that we spent most of our time indoors during the day. Of course we did not have much choice as relatives stopped by for visits from breakfast to late afternoon. Chatting with family is fun but can be stressful. Luckily, the stress affected her parents, who quickly retired to bed soon after the dinner dishes were cleaned and put away. Rascal and I took the opportunity to open a bottle of wine and enjoy the full moon in the starry night sky. The country nighttime provides an awesome view of the infinite number of stars that the city just does not afford. The temperature had cooled somewhat, and the humidity was not nearly as oppressive. With our first glass, we set by the pool and realized that we had not got in all day. Usually, Rascal does not like to swim at night because she quickly gets cold (it’s no fun trying to make out with a shivering person), but we sat down at the pool’s edge and put our feet in the water. It was surprising how warm the water felt. It truly had been a hot scorching day. Rascal quickly suggested that we put on our …


A hot summer with… 7

I was awakened the next morning with the bed jiggling and so in my half asl**p stupor, I looked around to see what the heck was going on. There was my mother stark naked on her back only inches from me with Junior in the familiar position between her out stretched sexy legs ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. Junior had both hands on her tits fondling them while also passionately kissing my mom. She was responding to him by lifting her ass on each of his downward thrusts to maximize the penetration of his cock into her cunt. The bed was really beginning to bounce as the intensity of their fucking increased. My mom finally pulled her lips loose from Junior's lips screaming, "Oh god FUCK ME! YES, YES FUCK ME. Oh god I'm cumming hard, I'm cummmmmmmmmming, oh fuck yes, harder, fuck me harder, oh yes, yes, I want you to cum too. I want you to cum in me, shoot my pussy full of your hot semen, your juicy tasting baby making hot cum. God I love being fucked so much. Please cum in me, I want to be totally filled with hot juicy baby making cum." Junior was making some grunting sounds and appeared to be answering my mom's wish of shooting his load in her. She responded saying, "Are you cuming? Are you cuming? Oh baby I want to feel your sperm inside me, I want to feel that you could be getting me pregnant if I were still fertile. I want to be your slut whore that has your baby. Oh fuck this feels so wonderful, I don't want it to ever quit, I love being a slut. Oh yes baby, I can …


Sharing Cindy Chapter 29 Fun In Florida Pt.1

Sharing Cindy Chapter 29 “Fun in Florida; Part 1” The following is part one of what happened on one of our vacations to sunny Florida. Cindy loves the beach. It may be spending endless hours relaxing on the warm sand beaches, letting the stresses of our lives melt away with each cold drink. It might be the fact that we can leave everything behind: jobs, cold weather, etc. It might be the atmosphere that comes with being in a new place and not worrying about what others think. I suspect some of it comes from loving the attention she gets in a tiny bikini. We have managed to spend at least one week every year on the beaches in Florida or some other warm location. This time we both managed to get away for two whole weeks and we were looking to enjoy it fully. It was the end of April, so the weather here was still not quite warm enough to spend too much time outside, let alone in a bathing suit. We decided to hit the beaches before all the kids were out of school and the families over ran them. With a couple of weeks to enjoy, we decided to do a trip that included several different places. We were going to start in the white sands of the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area, and then a couple days in Key West while ending up at Daytona. It would be a lot of driving, but with a couple of weeks, we could take it leisurely. We spent the first couple of days just unwinding. A few days on the beach and Cindy was already working on a nice tan. We happened to be staying at a small family …


Her Husband Watched in Horror – BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories….BBBBTS I was getting out of my SUV. I motion for my friend to get out of the passenger seat. Ace worked at a tattoo shop in town. I sold him a computer last year. He owed me a favor. "Buck… Is this the place? Should I get my needle and ink?" said Ace. "Yes! She's right inside. She can't wait." I said. He smiled. "She really wants your initials on her breast and ass??… Wow! That's my kind of woman." said Ace. I smiled. 'Yeah! I'll show you were to put "BK" on her. Thanks once again." I said. I knocked on the big red front door. "Knock! Knock!" Before I get ahead of myself…. It all started about a week ago… I just parked my SUV in the back lot. I got out. I started walking toward the hotel bar. I was out near the airport. I just got off working a long day. I was tired, but need a drink before going home. Thursday is lady night at this bar. There usually a good crowd after 9pm. I was wearing some simple tan cargo pants. A long white button down shirt. I pulled up the long sleeves. I changed shoes after work. Now I just had some white canvas tennis shoes. I was not wearing under wear or socks. I left them in my office. I checked my watch as I walked into the small bar. The place was half full. I took a seat at the end of the bar. I ordered a beer. I then looked around. I saw a few girls walking around the bar. There were a few people playing pool. Some were watching a game on TV. A few people were on the dance floor. The music was not …


The Battered Lamp Chapter Eighteen: The Windy Bow

Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Eighteen: The Windy Bow Copyright 2014 Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Character List Main Characters Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart, and in a magical coma cursed by Ms. Franklin. Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife. She was a member of Ms. Franklin's dark coven and betrayed Kyle and Aaliyah. Out of guilt, she fled to find redemption with the Goddess Ishtar. Nakamura Fumi: Kyle's girlfriend. She's a Yuki-onna, a succubus like creature that feeds on semen and will kill any man that cums in her pussy. She is in Japan looking for a way to be with Kyle. Wielder of Windfeather. Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw. Enemies Principal Burke: A man posing as the principal of Kyle's school and a powerful warlock who desires Aaliyah and her power. Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy. Zaritha: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. She was instead captured by Burke and forced to serve him, sent to …


Winter of My Discontent

I’m not really sure how to start my story. Is it too cliché of me to say, “It was a dark and stormy night?” Or should I give some backstory first? I’m trying to finally write out the worst single day of my life and I can’t even figure out how to start. Fuck it, I’ll give some background. I had met Summer my sophomore year of high school, when she came in as a freshman. I’ll be honest, at first she kinda annoyed me. Definitely the preachy type, though that might have had to do with the fact that her father was a pastor of one of our local churches. I don’t really remember how it happened, but Summer ended up falling in with my crowd in school. See, I wasn’t part of any one real clique. I was more that weird puzzle piece that somehow brought and held a bunch of different groups of people together. I always found that to be a little ironic since I’m such an introvert. Sophomore year was pretty rough for me in the love department, I fell hard for someone who seemed to take great pleasure from both the attention I was giving, and the idea of toying with my heart. Summer watched from afar as I was constantly manipulated nearly to the point of breaking. It wasn’t until April that things profoundly changed for us. See, after months of leading me on, it came out that my crush was secretly dating someone already. As you can imagine, I was completely devastated. Summer though came to my rescue—she suggested we hang out, go to a movie to get my mind off of things. I’ll admit, I didn’t …


Checking Out

Tod smelled the acrid oil on the cool metal he held near his face. Up close it didn’t look as smooth as it had in the storeroom. It had fine lines from the machining process & wasn’t as heavy as it’d first seemed. He looked it over carefully, checking each screw, all the moving parts and grip. It was ugly & powerful at the same time, but it would never be a thing of beauty. It was too cold, lifeless and mechanical looking to ever meet his standards of beauty. The cold blue-black steel of the barrel stared at him without blinking as he saw the groves machine-cut inside the tube that was the muzzle, looked into single eye in the face of the instrument of death. He thought about the day he found it. A WW II vintage American made Colt revolver, loaded, as lethal looking as anything he’d ever seen in his thirty years. It made him tremble to consider he might one day fire the destructive weapon at another person. Maybe at a wolf or weasel, even that oaf Owain, who tormented him at the pub as mercilessly now as he had years before while at school together. Owain married Penelope, the gold-haired beauty of their school and age group, though after two kids & ten years, Owain she no longer quite met Tod’s exacting personal standards for feminine beauty. Kerith however, did meet his exacting standards for beauty. Her beautiful long red-gold hair danced in the wind of autumn, her fair milky skin, a scattering of freckles on the bridge of her nose. Her smile with subtle dimples, her red …


Beth takes a walk in the woods

Annabeth Lily Moore, or simply Beth to her family and friends, sat alone in the darkened moving vehicle. Her pulse was racing and she could feel her breath coming in raggedly. She had been excitedly looking forward to this day for years, but now that it had arrived, she was terrified. The vehicle started jostling and jumping under her, and she knew that they had left the road and was now in rough country. "Not too much longer" she whispered to herself in an attempt to soothe her nerves. *** Beth had grown up in a military family, as did most kids these days. Most of the world had been at war with itself for almost 13 years. The parts of the world that wasn't either under water or bombed to shit, that is. Beth had been lucky being born in the relative safety of Cuba to the Commander and his wife, a Captain, in a top secret US military installation. What came to be known as "The War" broke out 3 years after Beth's birth, in 2122. The entirety of Cuba had been evacuated by the UN after the radioactive spill in 2072. Nobody officially went to Cuba anymore. What came to be known as Fort Purgatory was established roughly 5 years after the incident by the US Government to serve as an elite training ground for the next generation of soldiers and as a secret bunker for the Leaders of the US government in the event of an emergency. When The War broke out, 17 countries, including all of the countries belonging to the United Kingdom, Japan, Iraq, Iran and several US states were …

First Time


I had to lose almost everything before I came to my senses, sitting there at the dining table with my boyfriend Todd – watching him gamble away everything he owned and, as it turned out, a few major things that I owned too. I never considered myself to be stupid, but much as a frog stays in water that slowly warms up to a boil without noticing what is going on, it somehow didn't concern me when he stopped winning at poker and started to lose. It didn't concern me that the new car I was promised for my birthday didn't happen because he didn't win that money like he thought he would. I wasn't worried when the extra cash we kept around the apartment, our tax-free stash and his backup bankroll, disappeared due to losses at the poker table. It didn't alarm me when he would stay up all night playing poker online instead of giving me attention or holding me as I drifted to sl**p. And somehow, incredibly, I didn't panic when I came home one night to find the power had been shut off. "Dammit… well… baby, I was just a little short this month, I should have paid that on Monday after I won that afternoon – tell you what, I'll pay it in the morning when I'm done here," he said to me on the phone from somebody's house somewhere, at yet another all-night game that he was likely to come home broke from. I used the light from my phone screen to guide me to the bathroom and over to the cabinets so I could get ready for bed, before falling asl**p alone in even greater darkness than I was …


The Passion of Agnes Part 3

The keyhole was wide. What occurred in the punishment cell, which Abbess Clarissa eccentrically called the Misericord, was the stuff of constant gossip among the lesser sisters, but what I now beheld made me gasp in awe. The room was peopled with four naked female bodies. The Abbess, her unleashed red hair falling in crimson tresses along her sensuous back, held a whip in her hand. Without her habit her ample charms were for the first time fully visible. Genevieve held a chain which attached to the collared form of Sister Gwendolyn who lapped at a dish of milk before her, reminding me of my old cat Pierre. She had clearly been punished as her back was striped with red marks yet her look was one of beatific bliss. Had she suffered or been pleasured? She fairly cooed as, at the end of her taut harness, her pink tongue lapped at the creamy milk. The walls were hung with whips, cords of leather and twine, chains with collars attached as if for the convent watchdogs, belts and sleek lacquered devices shaped like the phallus, attached to harnesses. Dangling with her wrists bound from ropes that hung from hooks set into the ceiling was Sister Mary, the meekest of all the convents sisters. She was gagged, a wad of cloth tied around her face. Her nipples were clamped with the wooden pins used to hang our wash. The Abbess, having turned her attention from the evidently satiated Gwendolyn, was poking, probing, whipping and worrying the helpless form of Mary, circling her, contemplating …

Group Sex

Finding new gangbang friends

We had a great thing going for a while. My wife was getting used by her Ex boyfriend Keith and all his friends and in return I got back a super horny cum filled wife to fuck all the time. She was getting more wild every time they had a gangbang or just a party and probably fucked over 100 guy last year alone most of them bare, black and let me clean up after. We got news that her Ex was transferred to S. Carolina so after a few more dates with him he left and so did all her fun. I always trusted him and know no matter how kinky it got she was safe doing it with him. We talked about finding a new guy and had a plan to go out to a bar and see what happens. She was getting ready and she suggested we go to a rough bar on the East side of town. I was worried already that she was getting to horny and what she wore would be to temping for most guys. She had on high heels, thigh high stockings, a very short skirt with no underwear and a shirt her ample breasts are ready to pop out of. As we drove to the bar my cock was already rock hard. We pull into a pretty unsavory bar and Kristi struts inside, everybody stares. We sit down at the bar and start taking shots while we survey the room. Most of the black guys inside are pretty thug looking, and were eyeing her like a piece of meat. Kristi is starting to get a little d***k by now and keeps glancing at the group of very large men. "You see one you like gorgeous?" I ask. "Uh huh," she replies huskily, " lets go play pool next to them." …


The Maintenance Man another repair 3

Mark docked the shuttle as fast as he could, he'd been taking readings all the way back to King Rufus's planet. It had only been 5 days since he'd talked and given the plans to the leader of the Imperial Space fleet, if he'd listened to Mark then the first ships should be there soon. Mark was just praying that the Styrox delayed a little longer so they could arrive. From everything that Mark had seen and read after talking to the fleet leader it wouldn't be much longer now before they attacked. Going over everything that the king had implemented plus a few things Mark had added, Mark knew that eventually they would fall but not for at least a week. At least from everything he saw it should be a week especially with him there. Mark went before the King and advised him of what he'd seen, all aspects of their weapons, defenses and the few weaknesses he'd seen. The king listened with rapt attention calling out an order every few minutes, though Mark knew they might not survive this, he at least knew they had a fighting chance. Mark had finally finished explaining everything to the king, he was about to leave when the king asked him a simple question. "So Mark, what do you think our chances are?" Mark wasn't one to lie, looking Rufus straight in the eyes he replied, "Not that good, they have power, numbers, and time, honestly? I give us a week with no help, even with help alot of shit is getting destroyed." Rufus shook his head affirmative, "I thought that was what you might say, …

Love Poems

Your Valentine Gift

The day has come and mercifully went Candy gifted, and flowers sent Wishes conveyed for romantic meetings Courtesy of Hallmark and American Greetings A day devoted to romantic dreams Re-invented for corporate revenue streams So click on Ameri-flora or FTD To deliver your intended's floral glee Those Godiva chocolates can do no harm Except for child-labor on a foreign cocoa farm So buy a box of assorted confections Free from any moral reflections When she opens that diamond necklace You mustn't feel so ethically feckless For the children who slave in the diamond mine Are a world away from thee and thine So fete the day without a care And share your amour, if you dare But open your wallet, certainly To boost the retail economy Or, send some affection to Bangladesh And give those kids a Valentine wish The lovely garment you gave your gal Came from a sweatshop there or from Senegal Take some care next Valentine's Day To share your feelings in a more generous way When giving your lover that special gift Make some effort to give a lift To those, the many, who suffer and toil And work for pennies on foreign soil To enrich the few, in corporate guise Who've exported your jobs with clever lies The presents you give on this special day Might just be tainted in some sinister way And though they're gifted with true affection You might give pause upon reflection To consider the items that you endow So you're always mindful exactly how The thoughtful tokens of your esteem Might not be as romantic as they seem

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