Shawn and Joeys New Arrangement

Note from the author: So, due to the new rules for the site I cannot tell some of my younger stories. So i am skipping ahead a few years. For more details on those kinda stories I guess send me a message or something. My name is Shawn and I am 16 years old and in High School. If you have read any of my previous stories, then you know my back story. For those who have not, here it is: I lost my virginity at the age of 12 to a boy named Ryan. I am a skinny white boy, no real muscle on me at all. I weigh like 115 lbs at best and am 5 10. So, yes tall and skinny. I have a 6 in cut cock. Ryan and I had sex with eachother for several years. I got to try topping a few times in that period, but mainly was the bottom boy. In the end, he got into some kinky shit and I became a slave to him. It was like paradise, until he started getting bored. In the end we "broke up" I guess and he decided to try girls. In the end, he stayed with girls and I was left with no longer having a sexual partner. So, now onto the story. I was walking down the halls of my high school Monday morning. It was spring time and I was just wanting this school year to end already. I had gone about six months without sex and was a bit depressed at that. I mean, I was getting fucked several times a week usually by Ryan for almost four years! Now, I was back to not getting shit. It was not all bad though. While I was not out to everyone, except a few close friends, there was one person I could confide in. His name was …

Gay Male

My first man

Up until my sophomore year in college I almost exclusively was interested in women, but after reading a couple of hot gay stories, I started imagining myself sucking cock, though after coming I’d usually be shocked at myself. This changed when I suddenly had the overwhelming desire to suck myself my first year of college, and over the next week managed to do so. I came in my mouth almost immediately and choked down the cum; I was nauseous afterwards but that didn’t happen the later times. For a couple of months I was insatiably hungry for my own cock, and while I could sometimes get about half my length in my mouth (I’m 6 inches long) and gloried in the feeling of my cock on my tongue and lips, it hurt my back enough that I tapered off doing it and pretty much quit after three or four months. By that time, however, I was becoming successful with women, so I had straight sex and lots of it for the next few years. I still enjoyed rubbing off to gay fantasies and watching gay sex movies from time to time, but I didn’t seek out any opportunities to be with another man until I returned to college after dropping out for four years to recover from illness and work. My second year back in school, I was friends with a couple of other older students who were in a band. They lived with three other guys in an old house they rented a bit outside of town; it was surrounded by small fields and was fairly secluded, so they could practice in the basement without disturbing anyone. One …

Teen Male / Female

Fuck buddy seduces son

My son Ethan turned 18 about six months ago. He's kind of a nerd, and socially awkward, but a handsome kid and very smart. He grew up with me, a single dad, for most of his life. Recently I had begun to worry he would never get a girlfriend – other than one girl he "dated" for about 2 weeks in high school, he's never really had any experience with girls. For a while when he was younger I thought maybe he was gay (which would be fine with me) because he didn't seem to show much interest in girls. I was careful not to have women cycling in and out of his life when he was a kid. Despite my voracious appetite for sex, I always met my fuck buddies at their place, or we would get a hotel room, etc. Over the years I had a few real relationships with women that he eventually met and got to know. When Ethan was 15 my 25 year old girlfriend moved in. She was cute and perky, high sex drive, and not bashful at all. Sometimes she would run around the house in skimpy outfits and sometimes I thought he was checking her out, but really couldn't tell for sure. During the course of our relationship she had of course sent me some dirty selfies, and I took some pictures of her myself. After we had broken up and she moved out, one time my son borrowed my iPad without asking. When I got home and turned it on, a picture of her spread wide with a finger in herself was up on the screen. Clearly he'd been taking a gander at them. Between that and porn links I found in our home computer history, I …

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