A Back Rub For Julia Ch.10

I woke up exactly as I had yesterday morning, entwined with the two most beautiful women that I knew; my sister, and my cousin. We all lay in a tangle of limbs, naked as the day we were born. This day started like yesterday, but I knew that it would end much differently. Today was the last day of our vacation. In a few hours, we would pile ourselves into the big Cadillac SUV, and make the four hour drive back to our house in Sterling Heights. Katie and I would go back to sleeping in our own bedrooms, under the supervision of our parents, and Julia will go back to her own house. As much as I tell myself that the feelings between Katie and I are real, there is this nagging little voice in the back of my head. It says to me that our relationship will all be over once we walk out the front door of our vacation house. I know it's all bullshit, but I just can't get that damn voice to be quiet. "Hey, big bro. What are you thinking about?" The voice was whispering softly, directly into my left ear. I felt soft lips touch my neck in a sweet kiss. "To be honest K, I was thinking about us." I felt the rough side of her tongue flick my earlobe. "Why were you thinking about us, Jack?" I saw her curly red mane shift, as she raised her head to look me in the face. "The 'us' part will be easy. We love each other, and we'll be together… end of story." She could tell by my expression that I was nonplussed. "Do you really think it will be that easy, Katie? What if people find out? What if …

Consensual Sex

My aunt — my babysitter

I want to say up front that I got this idea when I was reading jl317's "the Babysitter." “Jimmy, you're not old enough to watch your brothers for the weekend.” “April watches her sisters,” I said and sulked. April's family lived across the street. “She's more mature than you are.” “I'm mature!” I whined. “Jimbo,” Carl, my stepfather piped in, “Do you really want to watch your brothers?” He didn't insert himself into my disputes with my mother often, but when he did, I had learned to listen and think about what he said. But the two of us were both trying our best to get along, after we'd fought it out hard and dirty for over a year. He had pinched me painfully hard under my upper arms or spanked me with his belt so often that, thick as my skull was, I had learned to listen to him. I thought about it, and laughed. “No, Carl. I'm sorry, mom.” He had taught me to admit when I was wrong and to apologize to my mother. He had said, “You don't have to apologize to me unless you break something of mine. But your mother, you damn well better . . .” “You want the house to yourself,” my mom said, but she was smiling her thanks at my stepfather over my head. “I guess.” “Jilly's will be here,” my mom said. “I know.” I had known that it was a loosing battle anyway. Jilly was the fat college girl from our church who had been our babysitter for the last two years. “Is she in charge of me?” “How about this,” Carl suggested. “Behave yourself, and you and Jilly can both pretend that she's …


Jackin Jill Ch. 03

Rodney started awake, shaking his head and blinking against the light streaming in the window. After a few seconds, the sleep fog began to lift from his head, and he realized that the light was out of place. He wasn’t in his basement room at home. Memories returned as his eyes adjusted, and a smile spread across his face. Jill completed a long, broad-tongued lap of his erection. When she saw that he was awake and watching, she stopped teasing and took him in her mouth. After a few sucks, she pulled his wrist, guiding it to the back of her head. Rodney groaned, pulling down ever so slightly each time she swallowed his cock. Her hot mouth tantalized him for around a minute before she let the tip slip free, looked up into his eyes and said, “Good morning.” “Uh huh,” he responded – his saliva-slick member bouncing up to tap her in the chin. He shifted on the bed, wincing a little from the pressure in his bladder. “Need to pee?” Rodney nodded. She gave the head of his cock a final kiss and said, “Go ahead.” By the time he returned from the bathroom, she had put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It was disappointing – but only a little. She was every bit as sexy clothed as she was naked. “Thought we should probably slow down a little.” She picked up his underwear and tossed them to him. “You’re going to need enough energy to go get some clean clothes.” While he pulled on his clothes, she typed away on the computer. He could see that she was on her website, posting on the forum. …

Love Poems

How Can It Be Me?

How can it be me, When I don't know where I stand? How can it be me, When I shy away from love's demand? How can it be me, That you choose to call your love? How can it be me, When I stop my good for bad? How can it be me, When I have gone wrong before? How can it be me, That deserves such love from you? How can it be me? Because darling, I just don't see.


Young Boys Delight

I am a divorced 46 year old women who is still very attractive and sexually vibrant. That's why having been divorced for over a year has been so painful for me. Not that I missed my ex, but I missed a cock. My husband and I may have been kind of kinky by some peoples definition of sex. We enjoyed corresponding with other couples who ran ads in dirty magazines. We used to write hot letters and trade photos and videos with other couples quite often. We used to watch the videos while we fucked and fantasize about being with the couples on the screen. Now all I can do is finger my aching pussy to climax while I watch alone. But thankfully that changed drastically about two months ago. When my s****r and her husband went to California to check out a new job position for her husbands possible transfer. Since my nephew Billy, was still in school, and not doing very well, it was decided that he would stay with me for the two weeks. That way he could stay in school and also take care of their house which wasn't very far away. Billy is big for his 13 years of age and is a real nice boy to have around, to help with things around the house that a husband usually does like lawn mowing and so on. I never dreamed that shortly after him staying with me that he would fulfill a much more important role in my household. I had read articles and books about i****t, but had never dreamed that some day it would apply to me, as it has. Let me tell you how it all came about. I am a career woman and …

Dark Fantasy

third time with my daughter

After our second sexual encounter, my daughter would take every opportunity to be alone with me, so she could ask me questions about the sexually related things that she had heard in school, but didn’t really understand. She would also ask me to show her pictures and videos on the internet of the sexual acts that she had heard about. She was particularly interested in seeing pictures and videos of fathers having sex with their daughters. She knew that it was not a socially acceptable practice, so I think she wanted confirmation that we were not the only father and daughter having sex. The day before my wife left for her next training weekend, my daughter told me that she was really looking forward to us having sex over the weekend. She even told me that she wanted to try something different this time, but wouldn’t tell me what it was, because it was a surprise. That really turned me on. I couldn’t wait for the weekend either. When I got home on Friday evening, I took both kids out for dinner, and then went back to the house. When we got back to the house, I asked my daughter to help me put laundry away. That way, my son would not want to come up to the bedroom, because he would be afraid that I would make him help. Once in the bedroom, I turned on the TV to cover up some of our sounds. My daughter jumped onto the bed and laid there with a smile on her face like the cat who just ate the canary. I asked her what her surprise was, but she said I had to undress her first. I …


Golf Girl: Fuck me, FUCK HER!

“Hey, could you help me with something?” My brain went into hyperdrive. Help her… The hottest, youngest piece of ass I’d seen on the golf course the last six months with the shortest skirt, tightest ass, and firmest breasts, in the most form fitting and braless tops EVER in the world! The perfect golf girl! She wanted me to help her with something. Like maybe put my sprung hard cock in her hot, wet, tight pussy! Help her like that?! Luckily what came out of my mouth was, “Uh, sure. How so?” Well, maybe not too lucky as that sounded as dumb as a stump but it was certainly better than I what was thinking. In the sweetest Texas drawl she responded, “Yes. I can’t seem to get this stroke down.” OH… MY… GAWD. She’s gonna see my ten inch erection sticking out of my short’s leg any moment. Luckily, I was carrying my bag—golf bag—so it was hidden, for now. “Yeah, maybe I can help with that. Let me stand behind you. Swing away.” She smiled, put down another ball and lined it up. Jesus fuck, thank God she couldn’t see what must have been the most pervy expression in the world on my face and me swallowing a bucket of saliva so I wouldn’t drool. Just what a young twenty something wants to see an older man doing. A shifting of her feet, a cute wiggle of that tight butt, she took a slow backswing. Firm breasts—nipples partially erect in the cool morning air—she twisted her torso and then followed through. PING! She made precise contact with the ball, straight and true, arcing high… just …

Wife Lovers

Sleep of the Guilty

Jimmy Boyd was a hard man. Towering over most people at six feet tall his casual persona hid the physical, threatening and violent tendencies that earned him his reputation. The long white scar running across the left side of his neck was given to him by a nightclub doorman, just before Jimmy got the better of him. After Jimmy had finished with him his injuries were so bad an ambulance had to rush him to the nearest hospital. Jimmy had an opinion that was without compromise. You either agreed with him or you were wrong. He drank his whiskey by the bottle rather than by the glass and if you were to ask him how he ever managed to get through life, he would be the first to tell you that he had a lot of help from his best friend, Jack Daniels. Some people called him ‘the butcher.’ Others called him ‘scar face.’ But nobody would ever dare say it to his face. Frank Brand said Jimmy was a fearless maniac and probably the reason why he had his blood-type tattooed on his right arm, the day he joined the British Armed Forces. Jimmy’s wife, Sandra never used any of these names. She just called him, ‘that fucking arsehole.’ Before joining the army, Jimmy lived with his parents in a modest council house in a working class area of Gateshead. He was only fourteen when his father fell to his death whilst erecting scaffolding on a multi-storey building. After the funeral he refused to go back to school. He told everyone that he would get a job and look after his mother. Jimmy never lived …


Justine & The Truckers by loyalsock

Last weekend we (my wife Justine and I) had driven a long haul. We had finished up a two week road trip from Fort Worth to Virginia and back to Fort Worth. We drove the entire trip back from Virginia in about a day. About 10 hours into the trip my wife was just laying back in the seat listening to the radio as I rubbed her leg. She surprised me by opening up her legs and allowing me to rub her thigh. It felt so warm and smooth that I spent at least a half hour touching the inside of her firm thigh. She wore a very loose fitting pair of cut off sweat pants without panties (for travel comfort). Every time one of my fingers came close to her pussy I could feel how warm it was becoming. I traced my finger along the edge of her quickly swelling pussy lips she closed her eyes and opened her thighs even wider. My wife is trim but has the fattest pussy lips I have ever seen. Her thick, fat, pussy lips are accentuated by the fact that she shaves her pussy bare. Seeing that she was enjoying herself I cupped her pussy with my hand and began to slowly rub it. She began to moan very softly. As my fingers began to explore her pussy I was blown away by how wet she had become. I knew from here that things were going to get very intense. After stroking her soaking bare pussy I began to move my hand up her body. Doing this and driving was easier then I thought. The roads through this section of Tennessee were very straight and empty. As I began to touch her warm soft stomach I noticed that …


Island Fever 4: Paradise – Chapter 11

[[[-IF4-P11.TXT-]]] —————- Island Fever 4: Paradise Written by: [email protected] M/F, F/F and a whole lot more —————- Chapter 11: "Congregation" ——————————————- -*- Friday, June 5, 2015 -*- My eyes widened as I saw Pamela approaching me, wearing a yellow bikini thong and a soft blue hoodie that did not quite cover the luscious, tanned expanse that led to her round hips. Pamela was slender and curvaceous, with golden hair and ripe, full breasts pressing against the partially unzipped hoodie. "Kristanna and I are headed out to the water on our surfboards," Pamela offered, her hood up, little wisps of blonde hair flowing out and casting shadows on her enchanting face. It really highlighted those big, chocolate-brown eyes of hers. "Would you like to come with us, Jeremy?" "I'll be over eventually." Pamela smiled, sliding back her hood to reveal her full mane of platinum-blonde hair. She unzipped her hoodie very slowly, allowing me to admire the amazing spectacle, only to reveal a bikini top so small and skimpy that it seemed her overflowing breasts would just burst from it at any moment. The afternoon sun was blazing and I was already feeling a bit light-headed. My body shivered and shook at the sight of Pamela in her favorite, yellow two-piece bikini. With a bounce in her step and that ever-present smile on her face, Kristanna literally appeared out of nowhere in a floral-printed bikini of her own with a pair of surfboards. …

Love Poems


Inside your heart, Feel my voice, Beat like a teardrop, "You have a choice." Skills of a juggler, Arms of some Hindu deity, Multitasking, Losing reality. End of the tunnel, My Silverlight, Let me go, While love still burns bright. ~Roxy

First Time

Our House by loyalsock

Back in his room, barely half an hour after masturbating with his steps****r, Chris was still a little disoriented. He'd just jerked off in front of Laura. She'd fingered herself. She'd touched his cock. She'd licked his cock. Was any of this normal? Granted, they weren't related, but it still felt…taboo. He was sure he should feel guilty. But he didn't. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Downstairs, Laura was working on beef stroganoff wearing her jeans, her tank top, and a permanent smile. She kept thinking about the experience she just shared with her stepb*****r. Laying between his legs, watching him stroke himself, she working her clit. Just thinking about it made her cheeks flush and she felt hot. And she had to laugh, too. She was giddy. And she still couldn't believe she'd tasted his precum. She'd just been overcome with desire. She found something liberating in not thinking rationally, not questioning or doubting. She hadn't thought. She'd just done. And she felt really, really good about it, too. Like she'd found a new purchase on her life, a new sense of control and confidence. She felt sexy. And she liked it. Except for the sideways grins Laura and Chris kept shooting back and forth, dinner was uneventfully normal. Lucy, Chris's mother, had had a bad day at work and wasn't saying much. She was a trial lawyer; a lot of people thought that sounded more exciting than it really was: she was in environmental law. Right now, she was tied up in litigation with a …


Allisons Dark Adventure (pt3)

Allison heard him talking with two other men outside of the basement. "trust me Michael, this girl is some high quality merchandise", the kidnapper said. "she's sexy and she's fucking tight. I got all her info from her bag right here… Let's see…. Her name is Allison…. She's a high school senior…." "listen Eric", Michael said, "we'll test her out, and we'll give you an estimation". Allison saw two new men, dressed in suits walk into the basement. "her outfit is already going to drive the price up. Younger girls are pretty rare." He pushed up the top of her uniform exposing her breasts. "yes, these are perfect…firm, nicely shaped, soft" he was squeezing her tits. "and these nipples are good quality" he pulled at her smooth, pointy, pink nipples. "her hair will attract some customers", the other guy said. "it's nice and thick, and long, you know how men like something to grab" he pulled her hair elicticting a small squeal. "all right, we're gonna test her out". One guy shoved a cock in her mouth while another pushed his into her pussy. "that's fucking tight!" he said as he was plowing into her. Allison gave a muffled scream on the cock that was plunging into her throat. Michael smacked her ass as he fucked her. "yeah, shes fucking sexy", he said. He was thrusting his cock all the way into Allison now. At the other end she began choking. "she can't deepthroat either, there's alot of clients who like the struggle". He pulled her head to the base of his dick. Michael …


First anal with a college freshman

This is a true account of the first time I had anal sex with anyone. For starters I am 6 foot, male, athletic (six pack etc.) and am pretty lucky size wise (7 inches and thick). I am still finishing college, and this took place my freshman year. While I was at school I regularly had sex with a girl who I will call Jess. At maybe 4 am one Saturday morning I got a knock on my suites door, I had just gotten back from going out and was not tired yet. Opening the door, I found Jess waiting in what were obviously clothes she had been out in that night. I remember a black pencil skirt and heels were the highlights. I knew exactly what she wanted, and invited her in. As she entered I noticed she was limping slightly, and thought it was probably the heels. Another thing I immediately noticed was instead of jumping into bed like normal she sat gingerly resting against the edge of my mattress. I asked if she was hurt or something, and then she blurt out the truth. At the party she had been at, a boy she didn't know had somehow convinced her d***kenly to try anal with him. It was her first time ever with no experience. Up until that point she had not even let me slip a pinky inside her there when we slept together. She said he was very small and gentle with her, but still she had barely been able to walk across campus to see me after. She knew how badly I had wanted that part of her virginity, and was not surprised when I was angry about missing out. She promised I could have her ass …


Telling D@ddy No

I looked at him and said 'D@ddy, I've been missing so long, I know i need a spanking. You need to order me to my room and make me put on my absolute favorite panties. Then you need to lift up my skirt and rip them off while i pout. You should f***e those panties in my mouth and bend me over your knee. Then I want you to spank me so hard you can hear me whimper. Once my ass is totally red you need to lift me up a little bit more so you can slap my clit until you feel it all swollen and ready for a good fucking. He knew how bad I wanted to cum like a bad glrl, He started spanking my ass again and then he ordered me to unbutton my blouse and he told me to squeeze my nipples. I grinded my clit against his knee getting it all wet. Then he stood up and whipped out his cock with me bent over the chair with my ass up in the air. He teased me rubbing that thick cock up and down my clit knowing how bad I wanted it. Finally, he stuck it in my pussy and pump me a few times making me want to take the panties out of my mouth and beg for it. But, I don't ever want to make d@ddy mad. His dick was soak n wet from my drenched pussy. I felt him press the tip against my tight little asshole. He spread my ass cheeks so far apart so he would have a good look at his cock about to slam into me. I knew it was going to hurt so bad, but I wanted it. I held myself up on one elbow because, I couldn't stop rubbing my juicy clit really hard. Suddenly, he rammed his cock in my asshole. He went balls deep …

Love Poems


Impressive. I am trying to be impressive. I want you to be impressed. Please, understand. I need you to think highly of me. I need it so much, because you are perfection. And I want to impress the perfect lady, The perfect lover, The perfect one for me. I want to impress. It is not certain yet. Not certain because we just met. We are tentative, groping, and searching. Trying to find out Where we are. How it will turn out. Will we be everything to each other. Or we will simply touch, nod, and pass each other by. So I need to impress you. Show you I can be what you want. Show you what I am. Impressive. In your eyes. In your life. I have deep vision. Deep understanding. I know You are the one for me, with your wit, your style, your glow. You are the one, The intellect to match my intellect, The love to match my love, The lust to match my lust. My love. You could be. I know. Is it working? Is it making you smile, and laugh, and clap your hands? Am I impressive? I must be. I must be. I have to be impressive. For you. For you to want me. For you to accept me. To know I am the one. I must be. I must be the one. Impressive. And the fortunate one. Impressive. You are impressive To me. Let us share. Let us touch. And be impressive.


Why dont boys like me? 2

Im pregnant? I couldn’t believe it. I was so sure it would never happen, especially after my first time. I called Nathan. It rang for a few minutes with no answer. I wasn’t sure if I could call Oliver because he was still pretty mad at me. I started crying. What do I do? Do I keep it? Abort it? Put it up for adoption? I spent a few minutes thinking. It wouldn’t affect me too much, only my reputation. But Nathan, he would be so screwed. He couldn’t have a kid. I finally sucked it up and called Oliver. It rang, and rang, and rang. No answer. I left a message. “Hey, it’s me. Im in big trouble and I need help. I need you to call me back when you get this. I’m sorry Ollie.” I was hoping he would call me back immediately, and that he had his phone and was ignoring my call. I looked at the time. 4:30. He was at work, and I don’t know what Nathan was doing. I just sat and started to think about my situation more when finally, my phone rang. “Ollie?” I said hopefully. “What do you want? What kind of trouble are you in?” He was trying to be an ass but he couldn’t help but be nice. “I don’t want anyone to hear, so I’ll tell you over dinner? Maybe we can go to Shake Hut?” I said holding back my tears. Silence. A deafening silence. “Umm ok. I get off in about an hour. Ill go right there.” He finally responded. “Thank you.” I said. I then hung up and headed into the shower. After a shower, I still had time to kill. I walked back to the convenience store and bought another test. I used the …

Love Poems

If I could turn the clock back

My silly ways, shooting here and there like a pinball, I didn’t stop to reason what effect my actions would have, I didn’t stop to think. Sometimes I just go out there, thinking I’m so clever, Now I’m full of regret, wanting to turn the clock back, But I lost the key. I never wanted this to happen – to damage us, Now my size fives have crushed our rose underfoot, And I don’t know what to do. Even as I write, I want to reach out to you, to say sorry, There are no excuses, I ain’t gonna lie, All I want to do now is sit down and cry. Perhaps in time, you will know that I could never hurt you, If I had my time again, my hand would wither, Before I did what I did. This is to say sorry for the grey cloud that darkened your day, And to make the sun shine on us again, Because we are special.

First Time

Watching My Wife With My Hung Boss

My name is Trevor, I am twenty seven years old and have been married to my amazing wife Katie for a little over four years now. Katie is twenty six, a sweetheart and absolutely stunning. She has a petite body, blonde hair, green eyes, amazing tits and a tight ass. When we first started dating I couldn't believe that I could land someone like her and I will admit dating her wasn't easy at first because of the constant flow of guys that hit on her sometimes even with me with her. We couldn't even walk threw the store or the mall without guys leering at her. I know Katie loved it though and she didn't help much with the cloths she wore but she always assured me that there was nothing to worry about because I was the guy for her. Our sex life was amazing, Katie was up to almost anything and everything that either of us wanted to try and believe me we tried a lot of different things weather it was me getting a blowjob while driving, sex in the woods etc. Now after awhile I started to have fantasy of watching Katie with another man which as much as I thought it would be awkward for me the thought really turned me on. At first I was way to embarrassed to tell Katie even though I knew she would probably go along with it but to me this fantasy was bigger than me getting sucked while I drove. Weeks passed and one night after we got finished having sex and were laying in bed I just let it out and told her about it. She turned on her side smiling at me "Are you sure you could handle …


Older women are freaks

It was october when i went to visit my father down in louisiana. I was 18 and fresh from basic and AIT, at 5'10 and about 185 with short black hair and a boyish face. My Father owns a bar and after seeing him and celebrating together i started noticing this women at the end of the bar. She was short maybe 5'5 ling blond hair nice D cup tits and nice tight looking ass. she wore this tight green dress and cowgirl boots. She was much older then me, i would have to say around 50. My father looked at me and said "you dont want to mess around with her, ive heard some stories." but being young i didnt listen and walked over and started talking to her. she was a flirt and was teasing me by shifting her legs and putting her hands on my thigh, i soon found out that she wasent wearing any panties. she kept buying me drinks intil she asked me if id like to come back to her place for some coffee or tea. i said yes and we made it to the parking lot and drove to her house. when we got there she pulled me right to her bedroom and tossed of her dress. she was standing there with those nice big tits out and she rubbed her hands all over them and down her body to her nicely shaven pussy. she told me to strip and i obeyed and tossed of my clothing, she smiled as she saw my cock al 6 inchs of it stiff as can be. she smiled and said softly "that wont do, i didnt say you could get hard" she walked over and tied my arms to the bed posts and my legs to the base bored. she lowerd her head down to my …

Consensual Sex

Lucky husband

I was heading home from a pretty standard day at work. I had made maybe thirty dollars in tips after figuring fuel costs. I raced south down a back road with my windows down and my left hand sticking out to feel the warm sun and cool breeze flow by my fingers as I aimed my car home. I didn't call my wife to tell her I was on my way like I usually do. I'd always call her on the road between deliveries if she wasn't in class. Most times I'd call she would be painting or playing video games. We had gotten married young, both of us were still 19 and we were each other's first. I loved her like I loved air itself, I yearned for her in the same way… Too long without her and I would feel her absence with a burning intensity. And now I was heading home to her. I pulled up to our apartment and quietly slid out of my car. I wanted to surprise her. She was beautiful and petite, bubbly with a youthful energy. She'd usually greet me by bounding across the room and into my arms, tackling me with hugs and kisses. I was curious to see how surprising her would go. I got halfway up the stairs and realized I probably should have picked her up flowers or something special for her. It was too late now… I'd have to do so next time. I slid my key into the lock slowly, hoping she might not hear me enter. I turned the lock and began to enter… I heard her jump and shout in surprise. "Ryan!?" she screamed. I stood in the doorway smiling. I hadn't thought that I might have just put the fear of God …


I Bet Youll Like It 4 by loyalsock

&#034Yes! Uuuhh fuck yeaaahh! I'm your buttslut, babyyyy!&#034 Judy mewled, trembling from the stinging smacks on her bouncy ass and the swift butt-reaming thrust that drove my cock balls-deep into her little hole again. &#034I'm gonna fuck this fantastic ass all the time now,&#034 I panted, overpowered by a rush of anal lust, &#034I'll just bend you over and pull your panties down and ram my cock up your ass any time I want!&#034 &#034Uuuuh yeees,&#034 Judy screamed as I flexed my pole deep in her curvy ass. She was clearly as savagely turned on as I was while she yelled out her total submission to this new, intense pleasure. &#034I love your cock in my ass aahhh! I'm your anal fuck toy, baby, you can use my horny little asshole as much as you like! I want your cock deep in my ass all the time! Uuuuuh… It's yours, my ass is all youhh-uuhrs oowwhh fuuuck!&#034 At those words, I went crazy. Unable to restrain myself anymore, past even the dirty talk and rough play, I started slamming Judy's asshole with all I had, desperate to cum. Her yells and my growls and the clapping rapid-fire impacts of my groin against her plump rump filled my ears as I reamed her tight slippery anus with unrestrained, primal abandon. My hips were a blur for a few dazing seconds, then I f***ed myself as deep as possible inside Judy's perfect ass and I came. &#034Aahhhh, I love your ass Judyyyy!&#034 &#034Uuuhh yeaahh, baby, cum in meee!&#034 My howl of release and Judy's choked cry fused together as …


Desires of Hogwarts – Part 4

Harry stirred in his sleep, slowly waking up as a familiar sensation washed over him, pleasureable and warm. He soon realized what was happening. Someone was sucking his dick. He let his eyes be closed, enjoying the blowjob as he tried to guess who it was. Ginny perhaps? No, this girl, atleast he hoped it was a girl, was far too good at pleasuring him. He groaned out, hips bucking slightly. He heard a slight gagging sound followed by a female giggling. He opened his eyes slightly, his curiosity overpowering him at last. On his bed were Gabrielle and Fleur Delacour. Fleur spoke to her sister in french as she took his cock into her mouth once more, enveloping it in warmth and wetness again. As Gabrielles mouth bobbed up and down, and her tongue swirled around his cock, he could hear Fleur giving advice to Gabrielle on how to improve. Fleur was probably the reason she was so good, Harry reasoned. Gabrielle popped off his cock and gave the underside of Harry's cock a long lick with her tongue, flicking it when she reached the crown. She planted a dainty kiss on the head and fondled his balls with one of her hands. Harry groaned out, making Gabrielle smile around his cock as she descended once more, slobbering his cock with her saliva. Gabrielle felt every bump and ridge on his delicious cock. She hummed on his cock, loving to please her saviour. She deepthroated his cock with some effort, gagging slightly as she reached the base. Harry couldn't believe how that little girl …


Love At First Piss – Part 3

The sun was already peeping over the horizon when the three of us began the hike across town towards the cove. That quiet, secluded bay was to be the venue for the most disgustingly lewd act I’d ever taken part in…if all went to plan, that was. I had my doubts, but excitement drove me on. It was peaceful in that early hour. Yellow fingers of sunlight melted away the indigo of the night, replacing it with pastel shades of gold and pink. Birds twittered from the tree-tops, their calls lyrical, gentle, unlike the raucous cries of gulls that shatter the peace from dawn till dusk in British seaside resorts. Morning had arrived, but the town slept on. Treading softly, I breathed in the fresh, sea air as I walked, feeling it revive me. It had been a long night, and yet my fun was far from over. I was going to need every ounce of energy I could muster. Gary took my hand as we strolled along whilst Jake remained some distance behind, allowing us some privacy. Ironic, considering our plans. We walked in silence, wary of disturbing the slumbering resort and unsure what to say to each other. What we were about to do was entirely new, something we’d never tried before, and that evoked a degree of trepidation alongside the eagerness. When we reached the main beach, I paused to admire the view. The sun had clambered higher into a deepening blue sky, illuminating the soft, golden sands of the immaculate tourist beaches. Pristine and litter free, the sand glinted in the sun whilst the …

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