Holding On

Holding On by Dogcrusher I'm tied to a table. My tits pointed to the sky. My arms and legs secured with leather straps. I feel the wetness between my legs. My nipples standing erect. God! I'm such a pervert. I've come a long way since high school. Before master, I was as innocent as a rose. I knew about sex, but never fucked anything but my fingers. I had a good f****y life, until the day my dad left mom. Mom became a d***k. I ran away. That's when master gathered me into his fold. I love my Master. He always has new things for me to experience. He uses me. Humiliates me. Hurts me. Fills me with lust and cum. Whores me out to the most cruel people. Master knows what I need. I get hot thinking about it. On another table, not far away, a very young girl was tied down. Her tits are not too large, just big enough for using. Her skin is smooth as a baby's. Master is a good judge of beauty. He always obtains pretty victoms. She has a ball gag in her mouth. She must be a novice. No marks that I can see. She's crying. Probably missing her formal life. A life free of pain. Maybe a life full of love and sex. All is left behind. She will either learn to accept her new life, or fade away. Her eyes reveal terror. I smile. At first I was as terrified. I dreaded every day. Every new session brought new pain. Every minute took me further away from my old life. At times I wanted to end it all. Slowly, steadily, I learned to that Master needs me for his pleasure. Every stroke of the whip …


Sue is blackmailed by a colleague

REVENGE – SUE IS DRUGGED AND VIDEOED Sue had at last upset the wrong person. Renowned for her aggression and air of superiority at work, she had many times tongue lashed her colleagues, often it has to be said, for good reason. By and large they were inefficient and incompetent and she did not suffer fools gladly. However, in this instance, although he was a fool, Barry was also cunning and plotted his revenge. It had to be personal and something he could share with the others who had witnessed his embarrassment. He hit on the ideal solution. Using the internet he soon located a supplier and sent off for the date rape drug which totally removed women's inhibitions and caused memory loss. He would slip this to her then take her to a man he knew who produced blue videos where she would be filmed in the most crude ways they could manage. The resulting video would be shown to his friends and bring him total revenge as well as the intense pleasure of seeing her used like this and having her however he wanted. Barry chose his day carefully. They were all going for a quick drink after work, to celebrate someone's birthday. It was the height of summer and they would be at a bar with outside tables where there would be crowds on the pavement. He had no difficulty slipping the required quantity into her glass of wine and as it took effect, it was easy to suggest to her that he would give her a lift and he lead her away without anyone noticing until some time later when they assumed …

Gay Male

My gay C.L hookup

A few weeks ago I had answered a personal ad from a gentleman who was looking for some companionship for the day. After exchanging a few E-Mails we had agreed to meet at a local starbucks for a cup of coffee and some chat about what we were looking for and all that good stuff. After we finished our coffee we both wanted the day to progress so we went to the nearest goodwill store where he bought a dress for me to wear and than stopped at walmart for some undies. On the way to his house I had stopped along the way to change into my new clothes. When I arrived at his house I walked in and found him in the kitchen wearing only his boxers. He than asked me if I was sure I wanted to proceed and after saying I was he than said get over and get on your knees bitch. I quickly complied and he reached behind my head and pulled my face against his crotch for a few seconds and when I felt him fully stiffen I reached up and pulled his boxers down and he slapped me around with his cock a little bit and demanded I lick him. I used my tongue and slid around his cock and nibbled his shaft and balls after several moments of that he than grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed me down his cock until I could not get any more in he than spent the next few minutes fucking my mouth as I groaned in pleasure. He than pulled his cock out of my mouth and made me stand up and bend over the table. He lifted the dress over my ass and pulled the panties aside and squirted a bit of lube on my …


My Affair with Alison – Part 4

My neighbor Alison and I were having an affair. She was a sweet Southern Belle and athletic at the same time. Soon our fling would take an unexpected but pleasant turn. It was surprisingly easy to see each other at the kids’ school bus stop. It wasn’t awkward or tense at all. In fact it was mildly flirty as the kids played waiting for their bus. We made small talk, but sprinkled with little sidewise glances and easy smiles. She often wore tight black shorts like volleyball players, sneakers, and colored short-socks that showed off her toned and slightly tanned, silky smooth legs. She wasn’t thin, but was just right. I couldn’t help stealing a peak at her gorgeous ass and remembering running my finger down her crack while making out in the hotel room. One day after the bus picked up the kids I said to her, “I really enjoyed watching you in your backyard the other day.” “I’ve never done anything like that,” she said slightly embarrassed and looking around as if someone was listening. No one was near and our houses were on big treed lots, so there was little danger of neighbors overhearing. Still, she was concerned that someone would find out about us, so I didn’t want to push too much. “How about if I call you later? Broomhilda is working and I’ll be home alone.” Her deep blue eyes had a hint of lust in them, or maybe I was just horny. “Wait until after nine. William is leaving for the airport to go to Chicago for meetings.” William is her jock husband, who I like to imagine …

First Time

Becoming a Sissy Cocksucker (true story)

I always loved feminine things. I'd wear my s****rs panties as often as I could. I loved the way they felt, the soft fabric, the high cut legs, and especially the frilly lace edging! I graduated to bras and padding them and wondered what it'd be like to be a girl. I always loved watching porn where a guy is sucked off by a woman. I started to realize, what turned me on the most about it was watching his cock when it orgasmed! I LOVED watching the cum shoot out and on to her face and in her mouth! I used to watch it (and still do) dressed in panties. Well, fantasy eventually took over, I wondered what it was like to be the woman giving head! My first wife actually pushed me over to the awesome side. She set up a meeting with a friend of mine (who she had been talking with for a month) to meet "Vickie". I had no idea. I used to dress up and lounge around the house with her. One evening, my wife asked me to dress especially sexy. So, off I went to smooth my legs, primp and put in a short miniskirt and cami top bra with my falsies. I did my makeup and put my heels on. She came into the bedroom with a glass of wine and said she had the perfect movie to watch! I followed her out into the living room and as I turned the corner, there sat my good friend and co-worker! I was beyond surprised, stunned, embarrassed, etc. She turned around and before I could do anything, she assured me he already knew about my feminine side. As he stood up, all 6'2 of him, he extended his hand and said …

First Time

the Awakening

This story is 100% fiction. The people don’t exist and events have never happened. My daughter had just finished having a shower when I walked into the bathroom. There she was toweling down with droplets of water running from her hair, down her face and neck and over her breasts to drip onto her flat stomach and run down to her smooth pussy. My heart jumped as I looked at her. Sure I had seen her naked many times before, but somehow tonight was different. Maybe it was because I had just got home from work and was about to take a shower myself and I was standing there naked also. She stared at my penis as she dried off, she made no attempt to hide that where she was looking, she was so innocent, so beautiful and so sexy looking right then. I smiled at her and walked over to her; I reached for her and gave her a hug, drawing her body close to me. She wrapped her arms around me and we stood like that for several seconds. The heat of her body was having an effect on me and I could feel my penis hardening. I gently pushed her away and as our bodies separated I felt my penis harden more and as it stood to attention I could feel it pressing against her soft young belly. “Oh my god,” I thought “I am getting a hard on over my daughter.” She looked down at it and then back up at me and smiled at me. I turned and got into the shower, watching her finish her drying off, she looked so sweet and so innocent and so very young. She left the bathroom and I finished my shower and dried of. I …

Dark Fantasy

Taken By Default

Act I: Where she hooks me Before I could turn my head in surprise, she had fingered my last cigarette from the crumpled pack in front of me. It was now dangling from her lips as she shot me a defiant look. ‘Aren’t you going to give me a light?’ Her fingernails were drumming impatiently on the vinyl counter top while I fumbled with my Zippo, finally producing a flame which she sucked in sharply through the cigarette. She swiveled away from me and threw her head back to spit a cloud of smoke into the already dense air of the hotel bar. I eyed her cautiously in the mirror behind the bar. Late forties, cropped black hair short enough to be daring, huge round earrings that stretched her tired earlobes. The executive kind. Her face was hard and stern, too much mascara around the slitted eyes, her thin lips painted three shades too dark for her pale skin. She was wearing a grey pin-striped business suit, straight-lined skirt and jacket over a white blouse, black stockings, high-heel pumps. Anger breathed through her every pore. This was a woman who, in my twisted fantasy, could force a man to his knees with a simple look. I felt my hardness tearing a tell-tale crease into the front of my pants as I imagined her standing above me, arrogant and disdainful, baring her crotch with one hand while the other – spent ashes from her cigarette snowing down on my shoulder – pulled me into her wet cunt. Casually looking down at me and puffing her cigarette, she rode herself to a swift cold …


Babying Heather

Spring time means the start of Trade Show season in my business which means lots of traveling, hotels and masturbation. I’ve been with my wife now for twenty years and things have become pretty stale with our love life. My wife pretty much only likes sex one way and that’s if she even has time for it between work, kids and running the house. I’m not complaining, I love my wife but I’ve always had a variety of tastes and fetishes when it comes to sex. One of the things that always has got my motor running in a big way is pregnant women. To me, there is nothing sexier than the site of a woman looking pregnant. The loose fitting clothing, the enlarged breasts and glowing features that come with being pregnant. We have three kids and my wife pretty much had to beat me off with a stick I was so horny for her. (No pun intended!) Unfortunately for me, my wife’s sex drive was always non-existent during pregnancy except for when she was close to term and wanted intercourse as a method of inducing labor. My wife would instruct me to lie flat on the bed and stay in that position so she could get on top of me. No foreplay, she would just take her clothes off, sit on me and stuff my engorged cock into her. I would watch in amazement as her swollen tits bounced as she rode me with purpose. Her round belly and full body rocking on top of my cock were some of the most exciting sexual experiences I’ve had with her. I was fortunate enough that when she really wanted the baby out, she would …


All Good Things pt.2

All Good Things part 2 Disclaimer: This story contains sexual descriptions between consenting male and female parties. I would appreciate feedback on format, storyline, and anything else you want to comment on. m/f, oral, story ____________________ I have to say, things were not all fine and dandy. My younger sister was walking around knowing that a girl sent topless pictures to my phone. I wasn’t sure what whether she was going to just tell mom outright, or if she would try to blackmail me, or what. The next day at school, I found Kaylee during lunch and enjoyed lunch with her. After French class I walked with Kaylee back out to her bus, she told me that her parents wouldn’t be home until after 5, and invited me to come over to swim. I told her I didn’t have a swimsuit, but I did have my gym shorts. I hopped on the bus with Kaylee, and sent my mom a text telling her that I would be home late due to afterschool activities. We made it to her house, and she said she was going to change into her swimming suit, and invited me to grab us both a drink from the kitchen. While she was upstairs getting changed, I stepped into the bathroom and changed into my shorts. When she came downstairs I was waiting with two cokes, and she led the way outside to her pool. She was wearing a red two piece swimsuit, although it was still fairly conservative for being a two piece. It did however give me a chance to check out her rockin body. She stood 5'9” tall, and weighed maybe 130 lbs soaking wet. …

Dark Fantasy

Best friends

Hi there, my name is Logan and I am 15 years old. First let me tell you a bit about myself and my family. We live in the edge of a medium sized town, and our house is secluded a bit from the other houses, meaning we could make a lot of noise without making people angry. This meant we (or more to the point my sisters, who I will tell you about in a sec) often had parties at our house, since we could play very loud music, and act like idiots all the time. I am about 5,7 ft high and pretty average of build, brown hair, and brown eyes. I like to try and keep my body healthy, but it does not mean I am working out 3 days a week. Mostly, I just make sure to be physically active a lot (not that hard for a 15 year old boy who loves parkour running, and skateboarding), and don’t eat too much unhealthy stuff. There is however one thing about me, that is not very average for a boy my age. My penis is almost 10 inches long (9.8 to be excact). It may sound like a dream to a lot of guys, but often this actually is a problem. You don’t believe me? Try running around town or skateboard with (almost) 10 inches of meat between your legs, it can get uncomfortable fast. Also, one time, when I was in the school shower after gym class, I for some reason thought about my gym teacher (she had pretty nice tits), and got a hard-on. Trust me, if you get a 9.8 inch (or about 8 inch at the time of the incident) hard-on in the boys shower, people WILL know. Luckily, my mother got me permission to shower …

Love Poems

What Happened?

What happened to the man I loved to love? This isn’t you the one I thought the world of Your words are cold and pierce like a knife I want the one who became my elixir for life The love we had shared was pure and sacred Now it’s filled with angry words and hatred Do we start all over like it’s the first day we met? Or is there too much water under the bridge to forget I don’t have the answers and it’s tearing me up inside We had the greatest love story that can’t be denied Our ‘Mountain Home’ became a refuge for us We talked, laughed, and made love with no fuss No matter the outcome I’ll have a smile on my face Remembering all the good times we had in this place.

Cum Swallowing

The Adventures of Having Roommates

This was just a quick thing that popped into my head. I'm not sure there's much of a future for this essay but it was kind of fun to write. I hope you enjoy it. Michelle — No matter how hard I try I have never been able to beat Cassie running. It’s not a defeatist attitude but rather a simple indisputable fact. You see, every morning we go for a run and every morning she crosses some imaginary finish line ahead of me. I’ve tried sneak attacks. I’ve tried to get a lead and hold it. I’ve tried to shadow her and sprint to the end and I’ve even tried the “I’m just running next to you but sneak a three step sprint in at the end” technique but none of it works. Cassie is just a faster runner than me. Now, for as much as Cassie is faster than me, Alex is faster than Cassie. Alex is just a freak of nature when it comes to running. He can go out for a short two mile run and return two hours later having completed twenty miles. Not only is he able to run distances he can run them quickly. So it never fails on our morning runs that Alex is done and sitting on the grass with his shirt off relaxing by the time Cassie and I finish. Cassie and Alex are my oldest and dearest friends. We grew up as next door neighbors, attended every school together and now we’re college classmates and roommates. Cassie and Alex are twin brother and sister and are about as close as any two people could be. —- One of the perks of winning our morning race was getting to take the first shower, today was no …


The Intruder

A frightful storm was blowing that night. Fierce winds roaring out of the North brought sheets of rain that fell from the depths of a pitch-black sky. Intermittent flashes of lightning fractured the night, revealing a strobe-light view of my room in monochrome stills. I hated being alone on a night like that. My boyfriend, Carlos, should have been home with me. But, like so many nights before, he was out late with no call or explanation. Being a gang-banger and a dealer of Meth, he wasn’t the kind of man who was used to accounting for his time. Not to his friends and certainly not to his girl. Time slowly ticked by while the fury of the storm raged on. The icy cold seeped into my room but I managed to stay warm in my nightshirt under the thick covers of my bed. Sometime during that night, and in spite my unease, I managed to fall into a light and fitful sleep. Unsettling dreams of some forgotten terror made my slumber anything but peaceful. I tossed and turned as I fled some unseen danger until, at some later hour, something woke me with a dreadful and sudden start. I wasn’t sure what caused the sound that interrupted my slumber. I only knew it was out of place in the depths of the night. By the time my senses returned, the house was deathly quiet again. I told myself it had just been the thunder, but something in my belly wouldn’t let me truly believe it. I checked the bedside clock only to find it as dark as the night beyond my window. The storm had knocked the power out …

First Time

First Meet

When we met I knew there was something about you. Something I needed to experience. The attraction was there big time, but I knew I had to play it slow. I realized from your look and body language that you're not easy – and that's the way I like it. I want to earn what I sow. No hand-me-downs, no put some money-down, no free plays for this man. I want a real woman. Someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so. Someone who is open and honest and does not play head games with her mate, someone who is sexual in a sensual manor. Someone like you. As we stood in line to get our coffee’s I could tell from the way you moved your hips, and the slight flushness of you cheeks that the attraction was mutual. You did have a long look at my offering, nothing to obvious but just a fraction too long for me not to notice. I had to wonder just how much warmer and wetter your kitty just got. Oh how I wanted to find out. I couldn’t help but wonder what your lips tasted like. I wanted you to press your body against mine so I could feel the firmness of you breasts and take in the smell of your hair and perfume all at once. Just a little hug would get me there. Perhaps I will get one when we go our separate ways. After a coffee and a nice conversation we say our goodbyes with the intention to meet on the weekend. The hug finally comes. The smell of your hair and perfume goes straight to my mind sending a little body fluid to my b*****r down below. At the same time I feel the …


First Visit To A Nude Beach 2

If you read the first installment of "First Visit To A Nude Beach", you will recall that it ended with Chasity and I being in a crowd of onlookers who were watching two men and two women engaged in, well, sex on the beach. I did not think my wife would be interested in watching such an open display of people engaging in sex with no concern who might be watching. But there we stood, with about 25-30 others, mostly men, (who were openly jerking their cocks). A few women were also watching, and another woman did join in briefly, but I think only because her husband might have dared her to do so. I wasn't going to dare my wife to do so and there was really no need for her to as it seems she had drawn the attention of a man, an islander obviously due to his dark skin, He had stopped to watch and in his jockeying for a good viewing spot, the tip of his penis had brushed up against my wife's ass. Since Chasity had not complained about this incident, he felt he should move in a little closer, causing his errect penis to be pressed against my wife's left hip. When she turned and saw the size of the penis touching against her she asked me what should we do. I frankly told her that he probably wanted her to hold his cock and when she found out that was ok with me she took his cock in her hand. So there we stood, the three of us. Me, the islander and my wife, who had my cock and the islander's cock in her hands. So as Chasity jerked on both our cocks the islander guy whispered something …


Poker Night with Sis

First story in years, hopefully enjoyed! This a Brother Sister Taboo story with appropriate over 18 ages. If you like please let me know, and I'll try and write more. Any comments or suggestions for further writing is welcome. I couldn't believe I'd gotten this close. I'd played this out for half the summer, and here she was on her knees, naked, blindfolded, and mouth wide open. My heart was pounding, and it felt like my rib cage was shaking in my chest. She was clearly reluctant to do this, so I had to continue playing my cards just right. It all started when I came to stay with my sister for summer vacation. We'd both grown up and had children, and they were the best of friends. Both of us were divorced from cheating spouses and looked forward to catching a break from parenting alone. With me at her place, she was able to cook and shop in peace. With her there, I was able to study for graduate school exams in peace. And, in the evenings after lights out, we were both able to kick back with an old bud and relax. We talked about old times and new, about boyfriends and girlfriends, and how neither of us had scored in ages. I insisted that she was the lucky one. She was good looking enough at 5'6" with larger than average breasts and could easily sleep with any number of guys if she wanted to. She tried to insist it wasn't any different for me, but I simply didn't have an interest in sleeping with just anyone. I guess neither did she. But, I did have an interest in sleeping …

Love Poems

I Miss Your Smile

My heart cries and a dove flies and carries love where you are. My heart burns as the tide turns and washes love on your shore. My heart breaks and my soul aches for you should never feel pain. *** I stole a smile, once, one of a million ones, out of pure greed from your lips. I hung it high, then on the sky, love, among the prettiest stars. It was too bright though, made the rest pale, I hid it right behind Mars. Now that you need it, I took it down again, and sent it back on a ship. *** So watch out love, for a tiny ship — with a dove aboard — that rides the tide. It'll carry love and a smile from me, it'll find you safe — no sea's to wide.

Wife Lovers

Honey IM Home

James dug through his pockets looking for the hotel room key, he knew he had it somewhere. He had ducked out to buy himself and Sally some dinner as they had decided instead of going out for the night, it would be more fun to stay in. Of course staying in was their whole plan to begin with. It was very rare they had time alone and already they had been using the two story hotel room to their advantage a number of times. Finally he found the key card in his pocket and while juggling the bag of takeout dinner he had bought managed to open the door. "Honey I’m home," he half called out to no one in particular, not expecting Sally to be waiting for him. It was more of a joke to himself. “That you are,” came a subtle reply from his wife Sally who happened to be standing in the small entry hallway of the hotel room just next the door way. “I picked up some Chinese takeaway as it was all I could really find I hope …” James stopped mid-sentence finally looking over to his wife who was standing there waiting for him. Sally smirked at him trying to look natural and matter-of-factly at her husband who had finally realized what she was wearing. The second he had left Sally had started to prepare for his arrival, funny enough she had not really been hungry but she did needed a reason to get him out of the hotel room for a while so she could prepare herself for him. The outfit she was wearing was one she had carefully picked out, spending weeks on the internet finding the perfect …

First Time

Подарок на новый год от мамы

Целых 2 месяца я ждал этого момента. Родители уезжали к бабушке в соседний город на Новый год и я оставался в квартире один. С моей девушкой, Кристиной, все было обсуждено тысячу раз. Она придет ко мне встречать Новый год и останется на целых два дня. Конечно, она оговорилась, что просто беспокоится за меня и хочет покормить меня эти 2 дня, тип никакого секса до свадьбы. Но я уже закупил гандонов и даже подготовил родительскую кровать к жесткой ебле. Бле, мне уже 18, пора стать мужчиной так сказать. Ммм, мысль о том как я буду ее жарить весь день держала мой член в напряжении. Родители давно уехали и скоро должна придти Кристи. Я решил не ждать всяких там ударов курантов и сразу с места в карьер дать ей понять чего от нее жду. Поэтому и приготовил специальный подарок. Да, мой подарок это знаменитый член в коробке. Суешь в дыру член со стороны которой держишь коробку и предлагаешь девушке открыть ее. Она открывает, а там член. Ну она или уходит или ты уламываешь ее на секс. Простая схема. Короче встави л член в специальное отверстие красной праздничной коробки и сижу на кресле жду когда придет Кристи. Тут слышу в дверях звенят ключами, открывается дверь и кто – то входит. – Игорь! Игорь! Ты дома? – Мам? Вы же уехали к бабуле… – Да мне плохо стало и твой отец послал меня домой на такси. – Блииин, а я уже с друзьями договорился встретить вместе! – Ну пусть приходят, я не буду выходить из комнаты пока вы празднуете. – Ой, все. Щас позвоню им отменю встречу. Я встал с коробкой и …

True Story

Memories of the ex-wife

My ex-wife Linda and I had a wonderful sex life, and fantasy play was a big part of that. We had one reoccurring fantasy that always seemed to get her super hot. It was always talk or sex stories about a three-way with another guy. She knew about my past, and even knew the people involved, and the three-ways I had been involved with my best friend Bob and ex-girlfriend Wendy. My best friend, Bob, was her old boyfriend, and my old girlfriend, Wendy, was a friend of hers. She said she was jealous that she didn't get to try one out in her single years, but she didn't want to risk screwing up our marriage, so it would stay a fantasy. The only way she would ever consider it, is if we were far away on holidays, and the opportunity just presented itself, without being forced. Every year, we took a tropical holiday somewhere to get away from the cold winter weather. This year, we were going to Puerto Vallarta, for 3 weeks. We spent the first week catching up on our tans, snorkeling, scuba diving, eating out at different restaurants, and wandering for hours taking in the sights. It was a nice relaxing come-down, from our hectic work lives. The second week we were looking for a little more excitement, so we went wave-riding, parachute sailing, deep sea fishing, played sand volleyball and went out clubbing. At one particular club, we had managed to score a, hard to get, table, after four people got up to leave. We ordered drinks, and were relaxing, having romantic conversation and …


Justine & The Truckers by loyalsock

Last weekend we (my wife Justine and I) had driven a long haul. We had finished up a two week road trip from Fort Worth to Virginia and back to Fort Worth. We drove the entire trip back from Virginia in about a day. About 10 hours into the trip my wife was just laying back in the seat listening to the radio as I rubbed her leg. She surprised me by opening up her legs and allowing me to rub her thigh. It felt so warm and smooth that I spent at least a half hour touching the inside of her firm thigh. She wore a very loose fitting pair of cut off sweat pants without panties (for travel comfort). Every time one of my fingers came close to her pussy I could feel how warm it was becoming. I traced my finger along the edge of her quickly swelling pussy lips she closed her eyes and opened her thighs even wider. My wife is trim but has the fattest pussy lips I have ever seen. Her thick, fat, pussy lips are accentuated by the fact that she shaves her pussy bare. Seeing that she was enjoying herself I cupped her pussy with my hand and began to slowly rub it. She began to moan very softly. As my fingers began to explore her pussy I was blown away by how wet she had become. I knew from here that things were going to get very intense. After stroking her soaking bare pussy I began to move my hand up her body. Doing this and driving was easier then I thought. The roads through this section of Tennessee were very straight and empty. As I began to touch her warm soft stomach I noticed that …

First Time

Our Long Journey Into The Lifestyle, Part Three

So from this point forward, we started incorporating these ideas and fantasies almost every time we had sex. Always during foreplay or while we were fucking, and I'd ask her what she wanted, and she'd reply, &#034Another dick in me.&#034 &#034Where do you want it?&#034 I'd ask. &#034One for my mouth, and one for my pussy.&#034 Certain friends of ours, she had certain places she wanted them. When our friend Jim came up, she wanted to get fucked, but she really just wanted to suck off Scott, a mutual friend from high school. He was pretty tall, and she explained that she thought he'd have one of those long but thin cocks. &#034I just think it'd feel better down my throat… than it would in my pussy,&#034 she'd moan. We'd get out some toys and I'd fuck her with them while she sucked me, to give her the feeling of two guys at once, or I'd just put her on her hands and knees and go to town with a dildo from behind, pretending I was one of the other guys giving it to her. She'd always been close with and particularly attracted to a college friend named Darren, so one day I got her in doggy style and started fucking her. Slow at first, but then I leaned over and whispered in her ear, &#034You wish this was Darren behind you, don't you?&#034 and when she just moaned in return, I knew what she wanted. &#034Tell Darren to fuck you,&#034 I said. &#034It's okay.&#034 &#034Fuck me,&#034 she said. &#034Who should fuck you?&#034 &#034Darren!&#034 she screamed. &#034Fuck me, Darren, fuck …


revenge medievil style

The year as 1805 and in the New Forest village of Everton, it was business as usual in the cock and pussy tavern, beer mainly spilt with a modicum actually being d***k. Lady C the owner of the establishment has been running the tavern for many years and had very had very early on realised that beer alone was insufficient to keep the clients happy, She had recruited three very nubile local girls who were willing to share their assets with the punters and share their ill gotten gains with Lady C. Tonight was different than any other night, Miriam was currently upstairs shagging a young local lad who had found a sovereign in the woods and was intent on getting some benefit before its owner came looking for it, Miriam was to be the beneficiary of the sovereign and his swollen cock. Felicity was serving drinks and had not found time to restore her tits back into the shift she was wearing and left them for the drinking to stare at in awe. Being something over 42 inches they were quite ample for a woman about 5 foot tall and very slim. Finally Anne was sitting on an elderly gents knee with his cock in her hand and slowly offering him some urgently required release. Lady C was mixing with the assembly to ensure firstly they paid for everything that they had or touched, buy everybody knew she remained aloof to the clientele. She was attired in suitable finery for a landlady, bodice showing of her figure which was extremely good for a 50 something, and compared to her employees you …

Love Poems

My Star

You are my star and constellation I have been looking all of my life. I searched the horizons, My soul so alone. I longed for you all this time. Searching through every crack and crevice., Finding no one and nothing. I hungered for the impossible, the unattainable. I got lost in the shadows, Loving the darkness, never finding light. Drowning in infinite pain, Always reminded how alone I was All that time. One night you wrote to me, intrigued, Out of the blue. You liked what you saw and read, You could understand where I came from. I looked again at the immense sky, Saw you hurdling to me like lightening. You are my star, my love, what I've waited for all my life. You shine brighter than any diamond, And you're worth more than all The gold in the world. Your heart I love, my star. I keep you constantly close to me, Holding you deep within. I'm so glad I found you, I can finally stop searching. What I looked for I finally found, Making you my permanent home.


Love Rollercoaster

Chris had a big smile on his face as he drove home from work. It was Sunday and the first day of his three day break. He was thinking of his sweetie, Trina who was at home waiting for him. She had sent him a sexy photo of herself in the bathtub covered in suds with the caption, "all of this is for you". The thought of her body made his nature rise. He was ready to ride those rollercoaster curves of hers and he couldn't wait to get home. He shook off that thought and laughed to himself. He had to concentrate on the road. Chris and Trina had been dating for five years but had only recently moved in together. The move only further cemented their love for one another. She was everything Chris could want in a woman. She had a heart of gold and always had his back. She would do anything to make him happy and in return Chris was her King. When they first met, Trina was worried that Chris wouldn't be attracted to her because she was a BBW but the opposite happened. Chris loved her generous curves, bodacious bosom, and her heavy duty booty. That and her personality won him over. He thought she was gorgeous and was proud to call her his Queen. When Chris got home, Trina was wearing a sexy kimono robe and heels. She had made him breakfast, home fried potatoes, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, and turkey sausage. Chris was surprised at what Trina wore. "Wow, you look delicious. Why are you wearing that?" he said, taking a quick peek inside her robe to see if she had on anything …

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