While Hubby Was AWAY

While Hubby Was Away Joe was on another three-week business trip to Rio, you had begged him to take you with him. His reply had been the same as the last two times, "You know I will be working and you will be alone, it wouldn't be any fun for you." You knew that Sam was going with him and you had learned Sam was really Samantha and since Joe had shown little interest in you for several months, you knew he was fucking her. Joe's lack of attention to you, had led to some Internet flirting with an interesting guy. The two of you had been exchanging e-mails back and forth and talking on the phone for two months. You had sent him intimate pictures and he had sent photographs of his own. He was over six feet tall with graying black hair – cut in a crew cut. The egotistical shit had sent photos of his magnificent cock with two rulers in the picture. His cock was just over nine inches long and two inches in diameter. You had become wet and stroked your pussy just looking at the pony-sized instrument of pleasure. Joe couldn't come close. He was a retired Navy Seal and now worked as Chief of Security for a large corporation headquartered in the city. Although his own office was on the coast, he had just called and said he was in town for a meeting and asked if you could meet him downtown. It was with trembling anticipation; you showered and dressed in your sexy short leather skirt and jacket. Getting into your red Corvette you started it, revved the powerful engine and headed downtown …


Mommys Love Denied 2

Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter Two I woke up in my bedroom to the sound of buzzing water outside. It was 7:30 in the morning and my mother was taking a shower. Perhaps she had forgotten about my comment yesterday and will walk around naked like she always does. I felt awful for making her feel ashamed of her nudity. She was a beautiful woman who deserved to feel free and show off her body in her own home. I slowly walked out of my bedroom towards the kitchen where I would serve myself some cereal. While I unloaded the remains of the cardboard box into the bowl; I heard the water buzzing from the bathroom stop. Please be naked mommy, I thought desperate! Please don't take any notice of my stupid comment yesterday! Mother walked into the kitchen with a large pink silk gown around her. The gown did look nice, but it covered every inch of her wonderful body. It flowed out and dragged along the floor. I couldn't see any shape. The shape of her tits, the shape of her hips and most of all the shape of her gigantic ass was gone. I was so disappointed. The harsh reality of my stupid comment yesterday felt even more real. "Good morning," She said as sweet as ever. "Good morning mommy," I said respectfully to my mommy-goddess. "Did you sleep well?" She said as she kissed me on the forehead. "Yeah," I lied. That masturbation horror-fantasy I conjured up last night mostly kept me awake in worry and stress. My mother and I didn't say much. I didn't bother commenting on …

Interracial Sex

Patience pays off

Sylvia and Tommy had been working at Meyers trucking together for 2 years. Sylvia is a married white female and is 43 years old. She has two grown c***dren who are both away at different colleges. She works as the administrative aid at Meyers and has been there 20 years. Tommy is a 28 year old single Black male, he drives one of the trucks for Meyers and has been working there for 2 years. He also has a side business doing carpentry and cabinet work. Sylvia and Tommy have become good friends through their work together. Tommy always asks about her f****y, especially her k**s. He always makes sure to compliment her on how nice she looks each day and notice any hair changes or new clothes. Every day he brings her a cup of coffee fixed exactly how she likes it. He likes to share with her his handiwork and often shows her pictures of the custom cabinet work he does. Tommy genuinely cares about Sylvia as a good friend, but there is also a method to what he is doing. Sylvia is a very beautiful woman, with auburn hair, chestnut eyes and a gorgeous smile. She also has 38D breasts and a very round shapely bottom! Through experience he knows that having married white women as friends comes with some very nice side benefits. He knows that when the time is right, Sylvia will do things with and to him that she will never allow her husband to do. For now patience and persistence is required. Sylvia always looks forward to her morning coffee and chat with Tommy. At first she considered …


Rape: He Said – She Said

Rape – He Said – She Said By Millie Dynamite He Said I watched her prancing around with her short dress barely covering her ass, and that deeply plunging neckline revealing her big bouncing tits. She moved her long shapely legs energetically on the dance floor inviting me to part them. She was calling all cocks to come to her. It was a tease dance if ever I saw one. She didn’t turn anyone down, but I could tell no one would get lucky. The bitch was just another fucking tease. She danced with the pathetic loser geeks, the big husky athletes, and even the married guys. The girlfriends and wives glared at her as her big tits bounced so invitingly. The single girls envy for her was exhibited on their faces. It wasn’t that they weren’t as good looking as her, though they weren’t, it was more they didn’t have – “it.” That certain “it” that every little prick tease has. The inherent ability to send a mixed message – I’m wild as hell and you have a shot at me; coupled with, I’m so fucking hot you don’t have a chance. My cock twitched in my pants trying to grow it wanted to get wet, no, that isn’t quite right. What it wanted was to feel a hot stuck up bitches’ pussy being ripped apart to accommodate it. I decided to have her. I had to destroy her. She teased guys leading them on and then let them down, it looked as if she dashed their hopes in a tender manner. Didn’t matter to me if she was kind or cruel I would destroy the bitch. I watched her ass gyrate and her body ungulate in a …

Love Poems

Fading Away

I feel you slipping away, Your love is disappearing with each breath I'm taking. I stupidly believed your lies and alibis, Mistaking everything you said for the truth. I gave you all of me, then you've left me with only heartache. Your love is fading away. My heart grows colder, beating slower. I believe that Love is a sick, cruel joke only for those who wish for torment. You never made time for me, I was always an afterthought. Stop telling me excuses and tell me what drove you away. Look into my eyes, hold my gaze so I can interpret what you say. Your love is fading away. I believe you cheated and so many things didn't add up, How many others did you touch and who did you sleep with? Who have you been kissing, because I know it wasn't me. We went from being beautiful together to absolutely nothing left. Only bittersweet memories and quiet echoes of what we once had. Your love is fading faster. I truly cared and loved you, and that wasn't enough. I gave my heart and all my affection and time. I thought you were the one, but now I know That you only used me for your ego. I'm saying goodbye, please leave me alone. It's too late now, and I can't take anymore heartache.


That night in the van

Cherise, Sally and Dean sprawled in the back of the van while Ann drove through the darkness. The shows were great and the mood electric. Sally playfully tickled Cherise, thinking Dean was asleep. Helpless to resist, Cheri's giggles intensified as the daring tickling steadily aroused her to the point of submitting to the pleasure of the touch. Don watched their shadowy forms through barely opened eyes, hidden by his long lashes in the dark. Cheri moaned as the wicked fondling fingers found their intended destination. Her pants were undone for direct contact to delicately bring her off. She came once then again and harder and again. Dean couldn't resist the sounds anymore. First, he slid over and cupped Cheri's breasts; she squealed with surprise which intensified another immediate orgasm. "Yes! Yes!" Cheri cried out. Dean pulled his clothes off. The hot summer night and sexual heat had him steaming. Cheri's girlfriend Sally pulled off Cheri's panties and Dean moved down and slowly ate her out with a soft tingling tongue. It was too much. Cheri wanted to do "That deed" now! She spread her legs and pulled him up to kiss. His stiff manhood slid right up to her tight doorway. He rubbed it up and down her entrance, lubricating his next move. Slowly Dean guided just the tip into the moist fold of fertility. She gasped and bucked up bringing the head of his cock fully into her vestibule. Now he crept forward easing in just a hair then pulling back out, just keeping contact. His …

First Time

slow sunday

so sitting here on a slow sunday bored and thinking of a good time i had with the girl i mentioned in the previous story. she has hounded us to go out the house on a slow sunday …bored we had gone into town for something to do! we went shopping (not my fave). after suffering being dragged round a few hours i suggested we have a cheeky drink in the pub. she agreed. late afternoon drinks are always the best. we hit up the pub having just a few drinks but this led to a few more and this more again… we were having a good time in an empty pub on a late sunday evening. the quiz machine lost its interest and as usual when we were both d***k the horn kicked in. she always up for trying something a lil kinky in fact 90% of the time was her suggesting them and me worrying about it! she suggested we go the toilet to mess about. she shot off first and i followed behind – altho the pub was quiet getting in an out of one loo was a lot of effort and with people coming an going it just didnt happen. we returned to the bar again and had another drink our attempts to be naughty had got us both wound up. we decided to retreat home. even more d***k now than before. hot and bothered 30 minutes to home were we could sort this out. we left the bar and walked to the bus stops – the journey was thru a park. it was dark at this point and as we passed a statue which had seating underneath it – inspiration took to her. she sat me down in the middle of the park – i knew what was going to happen she …


Anal Alan

I was sitting by the phone and hoping that Alan would call me. The phone rang and as I picked it up i noticed that it was from Alan. I said &#034 Hello &#034. I heard Alan on the other end say that he got the package that I sent him. I asked him the put it on and meet me at the park in one hour. He said okay and then i hung up. I freshened up because4 i knew what will be happening this afternoon. I jumped i the car and drove to the park. I backed in and waited for Alan. There he was and he pulled in next to me. He got out and I went over to give him and big hug and a kiss. As I was standing next to him I felt the bulge of his cock in his pants. I asked if he wore my gift. He was blushing and said that he had it on. I grabbed his hand and said ' lets find some secluded spot. I led him to an old road that leads up to a lookout. Nobody ever goes up there anymore. I looked down at his crotch and his cock outline was so big. After 15 minutes of walking we found a nice spot to sit down. There was an old tree that had fallen and we laid up against it. I got up in front of him and asked if i could see my gift. He was so red but said yes. I undid his belt buckle and undid his pants. I then pulled down his zipper. I could see that he did wear them and his cock was so hard and big. I Lower his pants and let them fall as i raised his shirt. There he was standing there wearing my pink satin panties. I asked how they felt? Very good he said. They must feel okay because your cock is so big …


Ms. Clark after Vegas

The morning came so swiftly, I was feeling relaxed and satisfied, and this was only Saturday, we were supposed to go home Sunday. As I laid in bed trying to remember how many guys used my little pussy and how many loads of cum I had received, Bonnie awoke and rolled over and looked at me, she smiled and said "Was that a great party or what?" I had to agree it was super. I moved a little in the bed and felt crusty in the crotch so I told Bonnie "I need a shower", I got up and was getting my clothes ready to wear that day when the phone in our room rang, Bonnie answered it, and I was curious who would be calling. After she hung up she said "That was the airline, they have apparently overbooked our return flight, and asked if we would be willing to take a flight today, instead of tomorrow, they said we would get a free round trip ticket to come back to Vegas, and $400. deferred boarding cash." I looked at her and said $400. AND a ticket to come back?, HELL YES". I showered and was getting my things to together, when the phone rang again, This time it was Stan asking how we would feel about another trip to the lake, Bonnie told him we were taking an earlier flight, and would have to pass. He asked when our flight was and she told him 4 p.m. He then suggested maybe he could come to our room and have a good send off. Bonnie didn't ask me she just said "HELL YES" I was just sitting watching the television when Stan and Bill showed up at our door. Bonnie let them in and proceeded to …

Group Sex

Educating Stan Part 2

So once I turned Stan on to the joys of fucking, he just couldn't seem to get enough. I had gotten a job doing housekeeping at a local motel and between what I made and his Navy paycheck, we managed to rent a little single wide in a park across the street from Judy's house. We would spend most of our days working and our nights smoking a little weed and tending to his youthful sex drive. He seemed to get an erection at the slightest touch. Sometimes he would have to stand night watch at the base and he would sl**p in the mornings. I didn't typically go to work until noon so often I would slip in as he was dozing and have some fun. I would roll the sheets back and put a little lotion on my hand and stroke his dick, amazed at how it would stiffen and grow in my hand. He would keep his eyes closed, giving no indication that he was conscious but as I moved my hand up and down his hard cock and massaged his balls, his hips would begin to rise and fall with the motion until he would erupt, shooting a stream of thick young semen up into the air. I loved seeing how high I could make his cum spurt. Many times if I kept pumping his cock, I could make him cum twice in one session. I could tell that he was really falling in love with the hand jobs. One morning I came out of the bathroom from my shower and walked in on him stroking himself under the sheet. The idea of him jacking off was an immediate turn on and I pulled the sheet away, exposing his erection. "What are you doing baby?" I …


The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 21) – Underwear Shopping

Chapter 21 UNDERWEAR SHOPPING At lunch Laura left work at the Department, and on her way to the Pretty Titty she decided to go underwear shopping. She had given the last of her own underwear to Alistair yesterday, so today she had confiscated Erica's underwear drawer. She had no intention of replacing Erica's clothes – it would do her girlfriend good to go around with a bare snatch and unsupported melons for a bit – but Laura wanted more for herself. She picked out a lingerie store called Claire's Boutique, decorated in a pink motif, and with a pretty brunette behind the counter too young to be Claire herself. Indeed, she was not. "Hi, I'm Bethany," the girl said. "How can I help you today?" If she could tell that Laura had rubbed cum into her face that morning she gave no sign of it. "I'm after five pairs of bra and panties," Laura said. "Of course. Do you know your measurements?" Laura gave them. "Cup size?" asked the attendant. "34DD," said Laura, blushing. She hated having to admit how big her breasts were. Then, the next thing Laura knew, she was naked except for her collar, alone, in a changing cubicle. What had happened? She started to panic. How had she got here? With a sinking heart she started to remember. The girl – (the slut, she corrected herself) – Bethany had started to pick out underwear, but Laura had vagued out. She had started to picture Bethany naked, licking Laura's cunt, drinking Laura's piss, being fucked by a man, having sperm licked from her snatch …


How my stepmother and I taught my BF to Fuck

link with pictures and movies: My name is Veronica and this is the story of how me and my stepmom trained my sexually inexperienced boyfriend. My mom and dad divorced when I was younger. I spend two weeks a year with my mom. My dad remarried India when I was seventeen. We hit it off and got along well because she never tried to be my mother. By the time I turned eighteen she ended up becoming my closest friend, my confident and eventually even my lover. My real mom is well there is no nice way to say it is a whore. She strips and has sex with wealthy men for money. Obviously that is how she met my dad all those years ago. She has told me she tried to make it work and she stuck with the marriage until I was two before she left us. In her own way I know she loves me, and did the best thing she could for me by getting out of my life, and letting my dad and a series of nannies raise me. I immediately liked India because she wasn’t a gold digger and she didn’t try to mother me. I had made it this far without a mother and I didn’t need a mother all of the sudden. My dad and India have an unusual arrangement to say the least . They don’t necessarily have a romantic sort of love and they both see other people. Most people simply call what they have an open relationship. My dad travels a lot and out of any given month he is gone for at least three weeks. After he saw how well me and India hit it off he married India partly to provide me a companion and a life …

Love Poems

Honey Dippers

Honey dipped upon your belly lick by lick the candlestick, as wax is dripped the vanilla candle slips and your member stands tall, firm, as I kiss it, taste it, smell it, until you shake in fits of ecstatic, thunderous applause, My honey dripped Valentine.


The Caller 04 – a girls night out

"Unknown caller." My heart jumped. It has been several days since my last call from Missy, and god, was I missing her. I had bought myself a new phone and had started to gradually get everyone to use my new number so I would have the old one just for her. However, it might still be someone else calling. "H-hello," I answered the phone. "Let's go out tonight," I heard her familiar voice. My heart jumped again. Would I get to see her, finally, after all? Where would we meet? What would I wear? "O-okay," I stammered, not sure if my excitement was showing. "Where are we going?" The address she gave me was somewhere in downtown Denver. It was a longer drive there, but I wouldn't complain, being excited as I was. She told me to be there at 9 PM and send an email when I arrive. I breathed hard when she hung up, my heart pounding in my chest. A thousand thoughts were racing through my head, the loudest of which was: This is getting real. I am going to meet this person, going out on a date. Am I gay now? Is that a lesbian thing? What… would she be like? What would I do? What if someone I know sees us? And god, what am I going to wear? For some reason I was more nervous meeting her than I had ever been dating a man. I was determined to make myself as presentable as possible, but at the same time didn't even know what that meant with a woman. Would she even care about my boobs, my butt, my lips? Would I care? No, I thought. I don't really care all that much what she looked like. It …

First Time

The Weekend

The Weekend We had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them that we had invited them to our house the next weekend. She was tall, blonde, and very sexy. Red swollen lips that pouted as she spoke. Her long blonde hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. Her full ripe breasts, pushed out as the tried to escape the confines of her dress. Her tiny waist, hour glass shape figure, curved in and out at her hips. And her long sleek legs gleamed as they provocatively flashed from under her dress. She was a vision of beauty. So like you my love, as I glanced back to you. You were taking in the handsome features of her tall well built husband, the tiny smile on your face, told me that you were impressed with his slim, sleek, body. I watched as your eyes trailed down from his blonde hair down past his face to his well built chest, stopping momentarily, to engulf his shoulders with your eyes. Further down you went taking in his thighs resting your eyes on the large bulge that was now growing in his pants. You looked up at me and the radiant smile that flowed over your face, telling me that you were impressed. Our conversation went well, we found out about each other, the little details, that one must know before partaking in the adventure we had in mind. They had no k**s as of yet and would be free to come join us at our house the next weekend. As we lived a little out of town, not liking the confusion that the city made. And they were a fun couple, and enjoyed the …

Group Sex

The Birthday Surprise

My wife Lisa and I have been married for 15 years. During that time she's gone from being fun but a bit prudish to being a bit of an exhibitionist and a flirt. Guys have always liked her and she likes attention from them. I tried for years to get her to have a MFM Threesome but she wouldn't do it until a wild night at a couples club with my best friend and me. Since then she's had a few other experiences with Rick but wouldn't go beyond flashing and teasing anyone else. We were out one night when we ran into an old friend of hers named Tim from high school. He is married to a woman who was her best friend years ago but they haven't seen each other since graduation. His wife was out of town for a couple of weeks and he was out with his older b*****r Larry, who Lisa also knew growing up. As I found out later, Lisa had sex with Tim years ago when she was d***k (even though he was dating Anna her friend at the time) and he had convinced her to give his older b*****r a blow job as a birthday present. We hung out and drank together and they talked about old times. Lisa danced with both of them several times and when it was time to go Larry invited us over the next weekend to his house for a pool party. Lisa wanted to go so we got directions and agreed to be there around 7:00 that Saturday night. Larry also invited us to stay there so we weren't drinking and driving which sounded good to me. We got our clothes together and packed some booze and arrived around 7:30. Larry was there …


Cats Meow ~ Ch.1 ~ Our Encounter

Helplessness washed over me like a crimson tint. I had let myself, a grown man, be stripped naked, bound and blindfolded. Had she now left me as well? I was more afraid to call for help, than I was to remain, tied up; totally exposed, utterly helpless, and completely vulnerable. To make matters even worse, the blindfold was her bra. Yet, although my greatest fear should have been that she had actually left, I refused to believe that. “How had I allowed myself get into this position?” I asked myself, but I already knew the answer. She was irresistible, and I trusted her. Really, what had led me here? And, just how did it all start? ~ ~ ~ Nearly a year ago, I had seen a photo she had posted of her full breasts, and prominent nipples proudly displayed on a website. It was one of those sites that allow guys to show off their girlfriend’s bodies, and the occasional girl that wanted to show her own. I had left a simple compliment, and the following day she had thanked me. I was a little surprised to have received a response, and so I looked at other replies she had made to others that had complimented her. None of her responses seemed cut and paste; each one was individually written to indicate that she had actually read the comment. She indicated on her blog that she was married, had ‘eyes only for her hubby, so forget about anything ever happening, it just wouldn't’ . Yet still, she was sincere enough to honestly respond to each and every compliment. I followed her blog, and she …

Consensual Sex

The Church of the Chosen–Part 3

THE CHURCH OF THE CHOSEN—PART 3 Sean finishes his training then he helps Joyce and David in a way he could never have imagined. CHAPTER 6 On and on my training went. I grew proficient in every facet of housecleaning, laundry and ironing, grocery shopping and cooking. I already knew how to manage the yard and lawn. I did everything to the best of my ability even though my ability was sometimes not so great. I worked from sunup to sundown and even later most days. However, Mistress Denise also took good care of me. We made love almost every night. My pay check had long ago been directly deposited into her bank account. She gave me an allowance and I was provided with a credit card for emergencies, and if I used it the emergency had better be real. Despite all I had gone through I had never been happier. Our marriage had never been better. Mistress Denise asked me one night if I knew what it was all about. What was all this Mistress-slave business really about? I thought for a moment before replying, “I believe it’s about how I think about you. Before I asked to be your slave you occupied my thoughts maybe ten…twenty percent of the time. I was concerned mostly about me—my pleasure, my joy, my achievements…my orgasms, my anger and pain. Now you occupy my thoughts all the time, even at work. Although I have to concentrate on other things you come right back into my brain as soon as they pass. I don’t worry about myself any longer. I know that you will take care of me. I only …

Love Poems

Our Comet of Love

Holding hands as a couple in love We lie here in the tall grass Gazing at all the stars up above We are making wishes on each sparkling star Wishes that others find their forever love Stars that seem so close yet are so far The stars move quickly propelled by the zephyr We watch a whole new sky begin to form Shooting stars and comets becoming the successor Grabbing on to it and holding on tight We catch a ride on our comet of love We are above the clouds in flight Confirming that a love like ours will never die Thanking God for the gift He has bestowed Knowing it can all vanish in the blink of an eye Never miss out on your comet of love You will regret the love that will be lost Which your heart shouldn’t be deprived of Our comet of love is shining bright It’s like an eternal burning flame With our love and passion we ignite.


Twin Japanese Nieces Pt12

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt12 I woke on Monday by Kayko slowly riding me. It truly is wonderful to wake up in the morning and find your beautiful wife riding up and down your shaft and milking you slowly. Kayko had a very pleasant smile on her face, and I could tell she was enjoying her ride as much as I was. “Good morning,” she said as she looked down on me from atop her perch. “Did you sleep well?” “Good morning beautiful,” I responded while stretching my legs and arching my back upward. Kaykos’ mouth opened with a nice smile as she got the ‘extra’ inch of dick she could not get to while I was sleeping. “My god you are beautiful.” I said as I reached up and caressed her breasts. She smiled back at me and giggled a little as she continued to ride and quickened her pace. “Are you going into town today?” she asked as she ran her hands up and down my chest. “Yes. I have to get a few things from the main office and do some work. Why?” I asked. “Oh nothing really,” she sighed. She then began grinding her clit against my pelvic bone, making her already hard nipples stand out even more. “I was just wondering how long I get to enjoy my husband this morning.” “Well,” I said as I sat up to look her straight in the face. “You may enjoy me while I have my coffee.” Another nice smile came across her face. Kayko wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, locking herself into position. I slid off the edge of the bed and stood up with her, causing my full length to enter …


Impregnating the Ministers Daughter

I arrived at Dan's house in the mid-afternoon. Dan was a good friend of mine. He was the pastor at my church. And he'd invited me over for the graduation party of his daughter Kimmy. It was a hot May day. And this was to be a pool party, but I'd decided I'd refrain from all that business and had left my swim trunks at home. I figured I'd rather just sit around and mingle, and have a good time. I don't know why I was that surprised when I saw Kimmy in her bikini. She was a pretty girl at 18 years old. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She knew me well enough. I suppose I was surprised that Dan would let her show that much skin. Then again it was her party, and she was young and she was a good girl, always at church on Sunday, always pleasant and helpful. Surely some exceptions could be made. Besides, just because we were church-goers didn't make us prudes. Then I saw something that very much surprised me. Very much. One of Kimmy's friends came out of the back door of the house, slamming the screen as she came, drinking a lemonade, running up to Kimmy to chatter like high school girls do. This friend was in a bikini too. And… her's the surprise part… quite pregnant. Then another girl showed up… also pregnant. Then a third… pregnant. Once I had a moment I pulled Dan aside and confided in him. "I'm really shocked." "Why's that?" He answered. I didn't know how he could have no idea to what I was referring. "Well, aren't you worried about letting Kimmy hang out with girls like …

Love Poems

Lonesome Me

While in this state of confusion this delicate illusion Of you and me What once was and what was before, can be nevermore Cause now there are three You hide, I seek, you expose all, I peek At a version of you that not all will see Your rapturous beginning and our prolonged ending May just have taken root with me She offers you the unknown far more than I’ve shown And mayhap that was always the key I know not the extent of what’s kept your ear bent To that of her beck and call I can only hope she’ll always stand firm When your life begins to fall Like that of a rotted tree In the coming seasons you’ll see less of my shadow on your shoulder And on your own your bad luck you’ll soldier Cause what is now three will leave you and her, then lonesome me


You Aint Gonna Believe What I Found on the Internet Part 2

You Ain’t Gonna Believe What I Just Found on the Internet Part 2 My daughter, Nikki, called out to Jennifer’s mother, “Bye, Mrs. Doaks! See you after school on Monday!” “I can’t believe she’s letting you stay Saturday and Sunday nights. What’s up with your mom?” “She has a meeting on Monday morning in Nashville. This way, she knows I’ll be okay for two days and get to school on time. Besides, I think she has a boyfriend in Nashville that Dad doesn’t know about. He’s in Norway for two weeks, so this meeting seems to be timed perfectly. She always packs her sexiest underwear and nighties for these trips, too. So… anything going on around here? Did you find out what happened to our little video we posted on XNXX?” “Oh, yes, I figured it out. Somebody sent them a message and told them we were underage and they deleted it right away. We can always set up a new account and do it again, though.” I heard the girls giggling as they hit the kitchen looking for snacks and drinks. I had cautioned Nikki about revealing our all-night incest party. Until we knew how Jennifer would react, it was best to keep things quiet. I only wore my boxer shorts around the house, except when we had guests. This time was not going to be one of those exceptions. I strolled into the kitchen in my boxers and greeted Jennifer with a hug, “Well, hello there good lookin’,” I circled the island bar and gave the little red head a hug, “Ummm… are you, by any chance, married, yet?” She snickered and glanced at my …

Love Poems


Please. I need you. I start to cry, It's never the right time. Time is the eater of my wants, My desires. My need for you, My desire for your touch. I want you in my arms, Your skin under my hands, Your taste on my tongue. Yet time does not allow that. It prevents me from having you, Playing with you, Feeling you slide gently inside me. Making me moan, My head falls back. My arms and legs wrap themselves around you, Holding you close, Needing you deeper, Needing you to consume me. Make me yours, Make us one. No. We cannot have that, We do not get that, We are never allowed that. Time has a way of hurting me. It brings harsh realities to light, It shows the truth. The truth of what will never be.


First Time Meet N Fuck

It has been two years since I was brought into this group, Internet Family. A lot of people came and went, but the originals still stayed. Me, Shauna, Rich, Gayle, Nathan, Emily, James, and Juan from time to time. Me and Shauna met in real life, but this time it was different. It was with James. The guy that I love with all my heart, and also makes me like a sex-crazed wild woman. I never thought we would meet up, cause that type of shit never happens to me. But, one day, when I was in my underwear, and dirty T-shirt, there was a rang at my door. I quickly looked for pants, and only found my black sweat pants. I put them on, and quickly opened the door, to see James, standing there. I blinked my eyes a few times, and tilted my head to the side, a bit confused, and thought this was a dream. James stepped inside, and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him. “But, W-” Before I could finish my sentence, he planted his lips onto mine. They were so soft, and tasted so fucking good. It made me melt, and got me extremely wet. I have to say, great first kiss. James didn’t pull away, he kept his lips on mine, and closed the door behind him. I had my eyes closed, just froze in a way. James lead me backwards, only two steps backwards, and I was leaning on the wall. James bit down on my bottom lip and gently started nibbling on it. I peeked an eye open, and saw that Devilish smile on his face. He pushed himself onto my body, and he opened my legs a little, grabbing my left leg and …

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