Fantasy world adventurer pt 2- World of Warcraft.(Fucking and breeding a Worgen)

Chapter 2 (Inspiration for the World of warcraft character stories comes from rule 34 artists Lucien and Vp.The Inspiration for any marvel or Dc universe characters is from Sunset riders07.Check them out sometime on rule 34) Daren found he could not go to sleep no matter what he tried.He was just too excited and nervous about actually being in a alternate universe and being an emperor to boot.He had only heard about this in fan fiction and none were this far out or real.He doubted if anybody could brag of such a day as he had.Not even royalty of his world were so loved and respected he could bet his life on it. When he had gotten back from lady telva's public trial and punishment he had been met with a dark armoured lady in his tent.Her armour covered her huge bust only a little,leaving a generous amount to spill out for viewing.While most saw this as inviting,Daren saw this for what it truly was.A way of making an enemy lose focus in a fight.She had blue painted,pouty lips and long black hair as well beautiful orange coloured eyes as well as a great figure and ass kept fit by long hours of training.This was Jelthra.Captain of his guard and Leading woman in his royal Harem,though he did not know this. Having heard of his apparent amnesia,jelthra had stated that she had come to leave him with a book which had detailed drawings and descriptions of each and every women in his vast harem.She had also left with a book on current history to refresh his memory on current events he …


Episode 44 – Jenny Fucks on the Plane

Hi I'm Jenny Cumslut's journal. Jenny loves to see her name in print, in the sluttiest stories imaginable. I live under Jenny's pillow, and she writes in me most nights describing her filthy thoughts. She just adores sex. Sex with men, sex with women, sex with an1mals. Her cunt is constantly driving her behaviour. Jenny's latest entry is all about a trip to the Lake District in England to visit the Experimental Breeding Farm, and have sex with Sam, Amy, Lucy, Scarlet and the lovely young colt with the 42 cm cock she saw on Facetime.Farm Visit Jenny couldn’t wait to visit the Lake District farm; Sam calmed down her impatience with weekly video chats in the nude and a regular supply of emailed photographs. Jenny printed these off and stuck them into the journal like a porno scrapbook. Jenny demanded regular photographs of the colt, as he was growing so fast. The tip of his magnificent cock nearly touched the ground, when it wasn't being massaged by Sam. Most nights Jenny dreams of that cock – so thick it stretches her cunt beyond belief. Jenny can feel every bulging vein deep in her stomach, the colt crouched over her, slamming that magnificent cock into her, pulling back for a moment to tease her, then pounding back in. Jenny’s thighs quiver on every thrust, her cunt a mess of natural lubricant, her tits buried in the rough straw bale she is resting on. One last impaling and Colt rears up, ejaculating madly, filling Jenny’s cunt to overflowing with his red-hot sticky horse …

First Time

Toris New Life

Tori James a 32yrs mother of two plus her hubbies 17yrs daughter Sammy. Sitting at home watching her soap stories when Sammy runs in the door out of breath and crying her clothes loose and torn. Tori jumps up to see what is wrong when the door flies open and three girls about 18-19yrs are there. Walking in like they own the place they grab Sammy who screams loud. Tori tries to gain some sort of order saying WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY DAUGHTER? The oldest of the three slaps Tori and tells her to sit and shut her mouth and maybe they wouldn't harm her. Then the girl stops looking at Tori you can't be her mom your not that old! Yes she is my husbands daughter but she is my daughter and if you tell me what is going on maybe I can help to settle it. Smiling at Tori the girl says OK MOMMY if you want to fix things then we are going to FUCK you, see little tramp Sammy talked my 15yrs s****r into the locker room yesterday and ****d her. Sammy yells I love her I didn't **** her I made love to her. Well see mommy you heard it from the horses mouth so are you going to take it or her? OMG Sammy how could you? Looking at her Tori then looked at the other girls one tall and skinny one looked like the girl next door type but the oldest one long hair big tits one of those type of girls that there looks scream sex and the fact that Tori has never even thought about sex with a women this girl turned her on. Ok settle down here I think I may be able but you need to help …

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