Model Mother

My mother, Carolina, just turned 66 years old when she told me that she was trying out for a modelling job at a local outdoor club. I never imagined how close it would bring us. My mother is a very pretty blond with a plump chubby figure and very voluptuous breasts. Even though I have never actually seen her naked, her breasts have always been a source of pride for her. I have no doubt that my mother got the job primarily because of her body, although she is also a very intelligent and educated woman. She came home from her meeting with the news in a fit of excitement. &#034I got the modelling job, Paul!&#034 She was beside herself with happiness. &#034Oh, Paul, I can't believe it! I was the only senior citizen at the casting, all the other girls were so young and beautiful, but they picked me!&#034 &#034I knew my mother had what it takes,&#034 I grinned, hugging her tightly. I let my hands stray down to her rounded plump ass and pressed her body against me feeling her breasts pressed against my chest. &#034We start shooting this Saturday and I want you to come see me, Paul.&#034 &#034I wouldn't miss it for the world, mommy,&#034 I said truthfully. I couldn't wait to see more of my gorgeous mother. My mother went to the location for the shoot before me on Saturday morning for an orientation and to get her wardrobe and makeup organized. I was not prepared for what I saw when I arrived. The set was in the middle of our town next to the mall. Due to the fact that it was a sunny …

Love Poems

Angels of Light and Love

Into the dark I stumbled On a scary, forbidden path. As my soul was totally broken And pain doesn't even describe What I was feeling. You're an angel Bringing me into your light Putting your wings around me, Giving me shelter and your love. You lifted me up In my darkest hour. Angels sent to me in my time of need. Strangers who became friends, Loving friends coming to my aid. Beautiful light, making me safe. Sharing your love, Sent from up above. I love you, my angels. I can never repay The gifts you've bestowed upon me Showing me the way. Your light and love and strength Guidance saved me from myself. Eternal thanks, eternal love. I felt that that day, Strangers who became friends. Loving friends coming to my aid. Beautiful light, making me safe. Sharing your love, Sent from up above. I love you, my angels. I can never repay The gifts you've bestowed upon me Showing me the way. Your light and love and strength Guidance saved me from myself. My eternal thanks, my eternal love. I felt that that day, Never shall I forget. I never want to go back to Unknown, unsafe places within myself. I'm not alone anymore, Thank you my beautiful angels of love.

Love Poems

She speaks to me

She speaks to me In ways that only she can understand She comforts me Whispering to me and patiently holding my hand She feeds me Nourishing me with the vitality of her sex Consumed by her Never knowing what might come next Gazing upon her With passion, with eyes that shine From love, from desire Knowing fully that I am hers And that she is mine.


My first and only gay experience

This story is 100%true and goes back to when I was in college over ten years ago. I’m 22 years old, have been single for over 6 months and attending a school for engineering with a 6:1 male-female ratio. I was low in confidence with meeting women and I had no game. I resorted to meeting women and dating online. Although I met a few nice women, nothing ever resulted in sex. I was so horny. I began thinking more and more about having sex with a man. I fantasized over it, watching porno’s, imagining what it feel like to have a big lump of cock in my mouth. I was so turned on by the idea but the possibility of meeting the wrong person or getting an STD scared me off. I went on an AOL chat group (do you remember that?) and found a gay men of Tampa group and began talking to people, pretending to be interested in a fucking but I never actually met anyone. That was until I met Ken. Ken was the one and only guy who didn’t ask to fuck me within the first few minutes of talking. He was more looking for a good friend to hang out with and maybe some sexual stuff later. He was interested in my life and I was interested in him too. We began talking almost every day for a few weeks. Eventually we did send each other naked pictures of each other. Ken was a white male, 6’, 200 lbs and strong. I was 5’10, 150 lbs and skinny, also white. He had a 6” thick cock, uncut. I have a 8” cock but his was a little thicker than mine. After a few more weeks of talking, I gave in. I couldn’t take it …

Bondage and restriction

Ms Milk at the Business Convention

Her master led her to the hotel room after a ride from the airport. It was an overnight flight and the lobby milled with early morning checkouts. He led her up to his room where he had checked in the night before. He drew the curtains closed and latched the door, then bound her hands together with a cloth in a figure eight pattern. He then tied them to a strap at the headboard and proceeded to remove her shoes and with more cloth he lashed her ankles to the bed's corner wheels. He blindfolded her next and then gagged her with a hollow gag with a breathing hole allowing her gasps but not words. He turned out the lights and left the room and locked the door behind him putting the do not disturb sign out on the outside knob. Downstairs he waited as a convention group set up a check in for their business partners. He walked over behind the table to a woman handing out name badges and pointed to one and said he had a message for that man when he arrived and handed her his card and sat down across from the table. After a half hour a man stepped up and the woman pointed to him sitting in the lobby as she gave him his credentials. He stood up as the man came over and explained that he was here for hospitality services and they should come upstairs to his room and discuss the afternoon program before the lunch introductory session. As they went up the elevator he explained privately that he had a special treat waiting. The man smiled knowingly, they knew he enjoyed some comforts …


A Public Sexual Relation

I have always been an exhibitionist. My mother loves to regale the story of how at two years old at my weekly ballet lessons, I would literally fight to be at the front. At secondary school after P.E I was never one of those who cowered beneath their towel dreading the communal shower. I would strip right down and run straight in because I wasn’t ashamed of my body and I couldn’t see why anyone should be ashamed of theirs but each to their own I suppose. However as I got older, my exhibitionist tendencies started to infiltrate my many sexual encounters. I love fucking outside and when the craze of dogging erupted I was beside myself with excitement. However, Daryl, my boyfriend at the time wasn’t quite as enamoured by the whole thing. He thought I was weird so unfortunately I had to let him go, who wants to be with someone who a) only likes missionary position and making love and b) couldn’t talk dirty if Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory depended on it. So, when I met Andrew on a night out and after I had tied him up and fucked him all night, he divulged to me his biggest fantasy, I was determined to make it all come true. It was Andrew’s fantasy that gave me one of the biggest orgasms I’d had in a while. I’d also had a dream that involved me, Andrew and a double ended dildo so you can imagine what kind of sexually frustrated state I was in. So it was this particular morning that I decided we would both reenact Andrews fantasy for real. I rummaged through my bedside drawer …


Rodger Barters For A Young Mom’s 22 Year Old Pussy Part 2 [Mf] [Anal] [Lactation]

link with pictures video's: went outside to fix Candy’s air conditioning unit. Even at 6:00 pm it was hot and humid. I spent the next hour and a half getting it all fixed up. I was eagerly anticipating my reward of her hot 22 year old pussy and asshole. This is part two of a series if you haven’t read part 1 yet I suggest you do. When I was finished I knocked on her sliding glass door again and she let me in. I turned on the air and we walked over to the vent and you could feel the cool air coming out of the vent. She was ecstatic, “thank you so much for helping me out, and as I promised I’ll show you a good time.” I told her I had a change of clothing I needed to get out of my truck and that I’d be right back. I came back in with my small bag and she directed me to her bathroom. I shaved and brushed my teeth. I showered and the water felt very refreshing. My dick was growing at the thought of hitting this fine piece of twenty two year old ass. Even so I took my time in the shower as I wanted to give the air conditioning a chance to cool her house down. I came out wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt after 30 minutes. Her house was cool now. When she heard the door open she met me in the hall. She put a finger over her mouth indicating that we needed to be quiet so as not to wake the baby. She was wearing just a tee-shirt and a pair of panties. Her nipples were erect and there were circular wet spots in on her shirt where each nipple had leaked. As …

Wife Lovers


When I look back at the anthology of my relationship with my wife Lexi, there has been a metamorphosis of sorts, we've gone through. I think every couple in love starts with the same exclusively monogamous, ‘till death do you part’ scenario. I remember I used to get fits of jealousy if a guy even checked Lexi out. If she flirted, I would go ballistic. How times have changed, as we are now invested in an open life style. I know this is not for everyone, and at times wonder if I would choose this if I could do it all over again. For us, it broke all the moral and social barriers we believed in. This is an account of how it all started with us. We were married ten years ago, and for the most part, we were a normal couple making our way through life a day at a time. When we first met, our life was crazy and exciting, and we thought it always would be, but we got stuck in the rut of daily living. I think for most people, there is a certain amount of security in developing a routine in your life. Unfortunately for us, that boring list of chores also included our sex life. Love making had lost its spontaneity, and became a scheduled event, kind of like doing the laundry. This certainly didn't come about because my wife let herself go, or is undesirable. Far from it. Lexi is a stunning woman by any standard. She has all the right curves in all the right places, and turns heads wherever she goes. There's a lot more to her than a hot bod and pretty face. She is also smart, articulate …

Group Sex

Third Visit To The Master (And His Men)

There were more cars in the parking area on Friday night. Gloria arrived punctually as always but she had to wait for The Master. He had assistants but he preferred, at least initially, to handle the female clients himself. Tonight there were already three ladies already in The Club, with another two due after Gloria’s scheduled arrival. This night there were plenty of males, both members and non-members. The Master soon had Gloria out of her clothing, fitted with an eye mask and guided her to an unoccupied activity room. In the member’s viewing room four selected men awaited her arrival. Opposite, in the non-member’s viewing area, there was no one. The Master knew that would quickly change once he had Gloria organised. Word always seemed to spread quickly amongst the non-members. The activity room was long and narrow, just long enough to hold the padded bench and allow a man to perform at either end. The narrowness of the room meant that the mirrored walls and viewing rooms were very close to the action. The Master placed Gloria face down on the bench. Her head hung forward over the end of the bench as he fastened her wrists to the support legs. At the other end the bench reached only as far as her lower belly. Her ankles were fastened to the support legs so that her feet just touched the floor on either side of the legs. The pose spread her thighs widely. As he checked Gloria’s positioning on the bench The Master noted with satisfaction that the pose caused her pussy to …


St Tropez

She planned the trip carefully. Everyone took different paths that diverged and rejoined. Now they were alone in a Mediterranean hotel. She showed him the bidet and explained that she loved the wonderful clean feeling it gave a woman. He had reached that age she explained and this country had repealed all the archaic morality codes in the time of Napoleon. People were free to sexually engage anyone when the were at the age of consent. Here a teen could have sex with anyone of any gender or relation… His hormones peaked in an adolescent burst. He had already realized she knew all about his frequent ejaculations. Now she emphatically said it was absolutely ok for him to do anything he wanted to do, specifically with her…including joining her … She was afraid to ask him because Dad suspected from her subtle acceptance when he flashed his dick to his sister at night. She and Dad knew his urges were strong but now Dad suspected her sexual interest too…still despite her fear of discovery she quietly outlined her unspoken desires. …He could explore his urges any way he liked. She wore a transparent turquoise nightie with slightly opaque panties. He felt a strange tingling of arousal from her words. Late that night she listened and watched from her bed waiting for his unleashed tension from a day of pondering and imagining previously unthinkable actions. He got up to urinate and brought bactoilet paper to contain his fluids, then slowly and quietly he stroked himself …


Other Colors – Ch. 17

Part 2 – Blue (continued) Chapter 17 He kept his promise. He was gone by the time I woke up. And while he left no note behind with my dress that morning, he did, thank God, see fit to provision me with a pair of shoes. I stared down at them, crossed on the fuzzy black mat of the town car. They were cute, I guess; a pair of blue suede ballet flats, with narrow straps buckled loosely about my ankles. I watched one toe begin to tap the mat nervously. I curled it up, trying to stymie the tic, and gazed out to the wet snow whizzing by the window. I was on my way to the theatre, to meet Marie. He was still in the air somewhere, soaring over the Atlantic. I sighed, and leaned my forehead against the glass. I might’ve been seated right next to him. It would have been so easy to say yes. I could almost feel it; his hand resting heavily on my thigh, the coolness of his breath as we flew over a storm cloud, and he whispered to me his blue intentions for when we landed. Or maybe he’d make me fly coach. I smirked. Sadist. My toe uncurled, and tapped a little faster. The shoes themselves were no small matter to me. Just as he’d made a clear point of keeping me barefoot the day before, leaving me these was tantamount to allowing me a measure of freedom. It meant, through the twisted and tenebrous dialectics of Dmitri Caine, that he trusted me. At least, that’s how I chose to interpret it. I wanted badly to think he still believed that outside the bounds of our strange arrangement, I …


Smurfy Sex part 2

"After I raided your parents village. I didn't think to ask before I ate them all." Smurfette looked up in horror at Gargamel. Papa Smurf had always told her all young Smurfs were brought to live with him by the stork. Never did he mention the Smurfs had parents, and what Gargamel did to them. Anger showed on her face for the first time ever," You Bastard!" "Now, Now, such a pretty Smurf shouldn't show anger." laughed Gargamel. "I couldn't find any of you young one's except for Rina here. I had thought of raising her till big enough to snack on, but as you can see she has grown into quite the beauty. Even for human standards, and so have you too.," said Gargamel with a leer. Sorry, you must be over 8 apples tall to meet minimum human standards of sexiness. Thanks for trying, though! Smurfette felt a shudder of repulsion go through her body. "Pervert," she said. Turning her head away from him. This caused Gargemel to laugh some more. "Rina, why don't you welcome our new guest. She must be hot. Go rip her clothes off," said Gargamel. Rina obediently obeyed, grabbing Smurfette's thin white summer dress, and pulling the material with a ripping sound. This also caused Smurfette's body to be pulled forward away from the table. Her topless body to bounce back causing her breast to wobble. Ah, I see this episode was animated in Japan. "Nooo!," yelled Smurfette looking embarrassed. She had the urge to cover herself, but couldn't. There was a slight blush added to her blue skin. Rina …


Cindy was a single mother

A Story By: beach-mom Cindy was a single working mother. She had many ex-boyfriends who were either divorced or unmarried. Having gone out with them for the past few years only brought back the reasons why she never married any of them in the first place. Cindy felt it was all-hopeless; she would never be able to find the right guy suitable for her. Her daughter Debbie was fifteen, only twenty years younger than herself. The divorce was very painful for her at first, but she seemed to take it well later on. She gave all her support to her loving mom. This was the only reason why Cindy continued to fight life itself. Debbie was the only reason why she didn't just end all her misery. Cindy was a lovely blonde woman with breasts that would pop the eyes of any man. Her buns were very nicely shaped thanks to constant exercise. She would often stand in front of the mirror and admire herself. She knew what a knockout she was. And even with all her good looks, she would often wonder where she had gone wrong. She could never understand why she wasn't able to hold her marriage together. Whenever these feelings arose, she'd lie down and sob. One evening, Cindy returned home from her friend's house to find that the door to their apartment was slightly ajar. She guessed that Debbie must have been in a hurry and forgot to lock the door. This got her a little pissed off because of the thought of burglars getting free access to their home. She quietly shut the door and locked it behind …


Staying in Love

First time poster, longer time reader. A steamy memory dedicated to my beautiful wife. I am yours forever. I remember it like it was yesterday, my love. It was, to this day, one of the most intense sexual experiences either of us had ever had together. And what could have been another fine night out at our favorite restaurant, turned into a steamy sexual encounter that ended with both of us collapsed into a sweaty, entanglement of flesh on the floor. But, of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. We were supposed to go out to a fancy Italian dinner that night, dressed to the nines, but as usual—and I mean this as affectionately as possible—you took too long getting ready in the bathroom and we were running desperately late. It didn’t help matters that you had gone new clothes shopping earlier that week and had a handful of new “date night” outfits you wanted to try on for me. Like a model owning the catwalk, you playfully paraded into the bedroom, doing little twirls in mini skirts and flowy maxi dresses, expectantly asking me what I thought, and making special mention of the great deal you got on each item so as not to alarm your resident budget Nazi. They all looked good on you, of course, and I too lost track of time as I admired how effortlessly sexy you were. “Just one more…” you grinned mischievously, as you bounded off into the bathroom to try on your last outfit. You returned moments later wearing something I had not fully anticipated; black heels, a matching, …


The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds – Part 3

It was almost two weeks later when Claire and Karl finally got to have lunch together. Neil’s mother was in the locality that Tuesday and asked her out to lunch. She could hardly refuse let alone tell her that she was having lunch with another man. Karl was disappointed but he quite understood. He had dated many married women and he knew that these things went with the territory. They arranged for another lunch the following week but that too had to be cancelled as well because her day off work had to be changed due to staff absences. They finally managed to get together two days later. It also came with a bonus; Neil would be away overnight for a meeting at head office. Karl had arranged to pick her up at a local motorway service station. He always arranged to meet his women at a remote end of the car park away from the service shops. They would park alongside his car and hop into it. It was only a matter of seconds before he was away and taking them to somewhere quiet and discrete. Claire kissed Neil goodbye that morning, still dressed in her pyjamas, and then went back upstairs to prepare for her day. She laid out her lingerie on the bed and then went and bathed. She lay back in the hot, soapy water and contemplated the day ahead. She tried to relax but she was being torn apart by feelings of both guilt and excitement. Having just kissed Neil goodbye, as he set off on a business trip, she told herself that it was just a lunch date she was going on. She tried to convince …

Love Poems

Beds Of Oak

In the seasons of harrowing depart Many winters and pale moons I confess Hungering sweetness of your touch As cold lips trace my standing wick Six feet under with a stone door In our decent of clay 'Neath mulch we are parted Alone in twin beds of oak With brass handles And sealed with a kiss In the seasons of harrowing depart


You never forget your first time.

Although this story occurred while I was a minor, we shall assume I was 19 years old. Please enjoy! I changed my shirt about a dozen times that night. The red? The blue? Does it even matter? I was so scared that he would look at me and be disappointed. I had spent about six months talking to this big, burly guy, Barry, online and tonight we were going to meet. I didn't look at all like the skinny hairless twinks in porn, and I looked nothing like those beefy men. I was thin, but had a bouncy Hispanic bubble butt, which I hated at the time. I had some hair on my chest, but barely. My stomach was flat and hard, but my thighs were thick-ish even though I weighed 160 lbs at 6'0. In retrospect, my body looked great. (I'm stockier now.) Barry was 39 and burly. He was a landscaper who left his wife and k**s after realizing his exclusive preference for men. I told him that I had been with other men, but that was only half-true because I always chickened out before anal sex. Repeating my my pep talk all the way to the restaurant: "It's just dinner, nothing more" was the only way i could convince myself that anal sex was not on the menu. When I got to the restaurant, I saw the photo I had stared at so much come to life. He was 6'2 with saphire eyes that lit up the dank and dark restaurant. His dirty blonde goatee was scruffier than his photo, but I liked it that way. But, what drew in me more was his muscular yet chubby build. I know now that the term is stocky, but, at the time, I was …

Group Sex

Camping Surprises by loyalsock

Mike and Norma had decided to try a camping trip in a remote area of New Mexico. Their sex lately had not been exactly perfect and Norma thought that the fresh air might perk things up a little. It’d been a long hard day hiking up the hill, and now that they had, at last, settled in for the night, Norma was hoping for a night of warm and sensual lovemaking. She and Mike climbed into the single large sl**ping bag, and she began fondling his cock. Mike moaned and stroked her hair, using his coarse hands on her breasts too. Norma pulled his shorts down and went under the cover of the bag, licking his long, hot cock, tasting the salty sweat from the day’s exertions. She slipped it into her mouth and licked the head, flicking her tongue over the hole. Mike moaned and lifted his hips, his hand reaching over to find her left breast. Encouraged, Norma sucked more of his stiff erection into her mouth, wetting it with her own saliva and then let it slide back out. She used her fingernails on his balls, sucking him into her mouth again, bobbing her head in a slow, easy rhythm. Norma loved the way men tried to speed up the process, as if they couldn’t wait. But Norma wanted to make Mike so horny that he’d give her a hard, fast fuck, make her tits bounce, and ram his cock deep just as they both came. She continued her oral foreplay, sloppily licking and sucking at the head. Mike was breathing heavily now, his cock throbbing in her mouth, and his hips rocking slowly. Norma tried to take …

Love Poems

Our Special Place

There is a place where the clouds are fluffy And the grass is green. Where butterflies dance around the sky And the sun always sparkles off the water. There is a place where the air smells like cupcakes And fireflies light up the night sky. Where the birds always sing my favorite song And the pretty flowers sway in the breeze. There is a place where people always laugh And lovers lay arm in arm forever. Where the colors of the rainbow brighten my heart And diamonds glisten all around. There is a place where everyone is innocent And people are loved and cared for wholeheartedly. Where no one lies sick And everyone's cheeks are rosy and bright. There is a place where peace and love are everywhere And no one walks alone. Where "I love yous" are not just words And we think before we act. There is place where giggles fill the air And smiles radiate from ear to ear. Where tears are no more And the wind quickly blows them away. It sounds like a beautiful atmosphere And I will not stop looking for this place, Where we can lay our heads And find peace now and forever.


Married Life -01

We met Sally & Peter on our first day at the Honeymoon resort we had chosen. Sally was swimming laps in the pool wearing a bright yellow bikini tyed together on the sides with thin pieces of ribbon; her long blonde hair was flowing freely down her back as she swam the length of the pool. Peter her husband had been reading & had just received a fresh beer when he noticed my bride & I sitting a few lounges down from him, he introduced himself & suggested that if we wanted to order a drink we would need to grab the attention of the waiter sitting at the pool bar. Jan suggested that she would like a white wine, so I wandered over to the bar and ordered the wine and a beer for myself, I looked back to see Jan and Peter in conversation and Jan laughing quite loudly. When Sally got out of the pool Peter introduced us and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming drinking and chatting about all sorts of things including honeymoon sex and sexual first’s, we agreed that we may catch up at the pool again tomorrow, before going our separate ways for dinner. The second day was spent doing much the same, until we met Sally & Peter and decided to have a game of pool Volleyball, which became a real touchy feely event with Peter falling all over Jan whom in her good nature took it all in her stride. Again afternoon conversation centred on the topic of sex and Sally asked Jan if she had any dreams or fantasies that she would like to act out, to which Jan replied that no she was quite happy …

Wife Lovers

Couples beach vacation (cont.)

Once we got up and going, we grabbed a quick breakfast and decided to meet up with Mike and John at the spa. The spa area at the resort, like most, was split between the men’s area and the women’s area. You walked into the respective locker room, which included the steam room and sauna, but you went out a back door of the locker room for the Jacuzzis, which were coed. Ann and I decided that we’d start there, so we both went through our respective locker rooms and met back out at the Jacuzzi. As it would happen, Mike and John were relaxing in some lounge chairs in that room and we all exchanged hellos. The guys seemed a little tentative or nervous. John spoke up and said, “I hope no one has regrets about last night, we don’t want to cause any problems between you two.” Ann walked over and gave both him and Mike a hug and told them, “Last night was the first time we’ve ever done anything like that, but it was fantastic.” She then thanked both of them. We spent some time relaxing, both in the Jacuzzi, and in the lounge chairs before John mentioned wanting to go spend some time in the sauna. He asked if anyone else wanted to come along and I said, “I think I’ll stay here and spend more time with Ann.” He replied, “When I was in the locker room earlier, there was no one else in there, so I can double check, but I don’t think it would be a problem to sneak Ann in with us, since the sauna is right by the back door.” Ann said that sounded nice, so we all went back into our locker …

First Time

BIG man !

Big man In my late teens I got seduced a lot by older men. Now I'm 46 , any markedly older men would be pensioners, but back then there was pleEEEnty of scope. There was a huge Karaoke party at a hotel in Birmingham, arranged and hosted by my then employer. There was a huge amount of free booze available. I didn't like to go home to my mom's really d***k, so I tended to book hotel rooms, and if I'd booked a hotel room, I may just as well have my fill of the free booze. By midnight everyone was very very d***k. My friends and I had gathered, a dozen of us round one microphone screeching "Girls just wanna have fun". It has to be done. Once the adrenalin of my onstage performance had kicked out, I started to feel really rather unwell. Faint, almost. Luckily there was a knight in shining armour to aid me. A Damsel Gin Distress. The guy was my standin manager at the time, Gary. He was nearly 50, I think he was 48 actually and I was 19. He was very notably about 6 foot 4, and in a conversation the team once had about relative cock size, he had admitted his ex wife (a nasty divorce had left him pennniless through no fault of his own, some years previously) had commented that with Gary 'everything was in proportion). He had curly hair and a big moustache. He looked like a 70s porn star, like John Holmes, if you know him. Gary was driving by the way, so he was probably the only sober person in the postcode. He helped me to the lift and called it. I slumped against him in the lift. He …


Breeding Beauty Part 3 – The darkness continues

Con't from Part 2……….(A little dark and whole lot of reality) So I let a black man breed my fiance while she was sleeping…It sounded so hot but now I am sitting in my living room with a naked black man waiting for his buddies to arrive. My wife is passed out cold with his black dark seed leaking out of her…I thought he would just leave but no I am in deep…. My mind bounces around like a pin ball….the vision of his massive black cock breeding her and feeling his cock pulsated his black seed deep in her womb…the thought of her waking up..the thought of his buddies who are on their way over…the thought of what would happen if she found out….I need another shot of whiskey!!! There are lights outside…first 1 car but then there are 3…Holy shit! what about the neighbors….There a 9 guys….in MY House…and I have no clue who they are…. They come in an tease me to no end,,,they walk upstairs and talk about my girl like she is a useless bitch, cum whore and such… One of them slaps her ass and she stirs in bed…what the fuck I yell! She will wake up! He barks back then you better make sure she is out…. In a panic I grab some vodka, mix in her sleeping meds suck it up in an syringe and inject it up her ass…a trick from the college kids to get plastered…after about 10 min it is absorbed and she has to be hammered in he sleep…her cunt is still leaking his cum but I use it and shove my finger up her ass…Nothing…I stretch it …

First Time

Playing House with Suzy

Suzy and I have been bathing together for years. we have finally got to the point where she will let me "clean" her pussy and she will take care of my needs. She is much younger than me, but, she feels these sexual pleasures and enjoys stroking my cock and sucking my dick. She even lets me cum in her mouth. It started out as a game when she realized that there was a lot of pleasure to be had from taking care of each other. Typically nowadays it is a very sensual time. We very much look forward to our baths together. Until, one day we got busted. It happened one bath day when Suzy was doing her typical chore of stroking my cock and putting her sweet little baby lips around my dick. I thought I heard my mother coming into the bedroom. She entered quietly, but, I knew that she must have entered the room. I slowly saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she entered into the ajar doorway. I froze as Suzy kept slurping on my cock convinced that it was just like a blow pop with a creamy squirting filling inside just waiting for it to pop down her throat. My mother stopped in her tracks. She watched intensely as Suzy kept sucking on me. Through the mirror I could see my mother slowly reach down between her legs and rub her hard mound. She would rub her breasts and pinch her nipples silently while watching her little girl take my cock all of the way into her mouth. I didn't dare move until I had to let my sperm dump down Suzy's throat. I thrust my cock gently into her face and …


Unwanted attention – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The next day I woke up in the afternoon. I had a very deep sleep and slowly came out of it. It was past 3pm and I was thirsty, still had a bad taste in my mouth… Before rolling out of bed I felt my sheets were wet, so I got up and there were a few wet spots under my butt and when I reached and touched them I realized that all that semen from my anal cavity had leaked out during the night. I put my hand between my butt cheeks from behind and could feel the leak trail lead up to my abused sphincter. Disgusted, I put on a robe and walked down the hall to the bathroom and washed myself with some wet wipes and then washed my hands really well. My stomach was grumbling and I decided to make my way down to the kitchen. Half way down the stairs I could hear my mother and father talking, I stopped and listened… “This is bad Sarah, they need to send us the results from that pregnancy test, I mean this could go from bad to worse.” My dad said. -“Well, they said that they will call within the next two days, but it is unlikely that there will be a pregnancy, I’m more worried about STDs to be honest.” “What do you mean, there’s always a chance of a pregnancy” -“OK, look, in the examination room the doctor asked her some more detailed questions about what happened and how… it seems that they raped her all over… I mean she was penetrated all over…” “What?!” exclaimed dad -“She was sodomized Bill, they ejaculated in her… bum, and he mouth. Not in her vagina. OK ? Its sick, I know, …

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