Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

The whitewashed walls and brick-layed streets of Sandava gleaned bright in the sun, unlike surrounding cultures such as Mandalva, Trocust and Chalda. Those people managed decent lives but not with the oppulence of Sandava. Shadi was the eldest son of a Sandavan High Judge and if he studied well and kept his nose clean, he was the likely successor to his father's high position. He had done well with those things until his 22nd birthday when he began to have feelings and passions that he could not explain. Since his youth, he had enjoyed the storytellers and their great tales of life in those other cities and especially the tales of Chalda and of surreal blue-eyed demon-vixens and super eagles snatching men from the ground. Shadi didn't believe it all, but nonetheless he wondered if a measure of truth might have conceived many a tale. Perhaps the stories were more to keep Sandavan boys from wandering to the strange and foreign charms of their neighbors, especially those of Chalda where the females had those dark and mysterious eyes and smooth aloofness. As he grew into a young man, the storytellers began speaking of sexual tales and most were of Chalda where it was alleged that every form of sexual perversion that any person could desire could be found in the depths of Chalda's many dens of iniquities because, according to legend, the Chaldains nodded their heads to any sex act of any kind, involving willing people, no matter how taboo or forbidden it might be elsewhere. Of …


The long road to black (Part 1)

I guess if I look back I suppose I could say that it was pretty obvious that eventually I would submit to a black man, but there were times in my life that it was not obvious at all. Here is the first part to the journey, all true. Because this is true it may not have as many crazy scenarios as you hope, but I hope that it turns you on knowing that everything is true. Going to inner city schools I was exposed very early to very competitive, sometimes racist, and sometimes mean black guys. I was also exposed to some great interracial friendships as well, don't get me wrong. But some of the competition made me forget my liberal and anti-racist upbringing and sometimes I would look at things from a racial point of view. The competitiveness of some black guys would make me want to compete likewise and this led in junior high and high school to sometimes fierce competition and even some racist thoughts. I think the competition was natural for young guys but it did seem to gravitate around race because we had different styles and cultures. It seemed like we would compete in sports, women, and generally who was cooler and more respected. This was all very stressful and unrewarding for me who was always a little shy and non-competitive. Every now and then I could out compete some black guys depending on the sport but it seemed like there was a pattern of getting dominated especially in the popular sports of basketball and football. Also when it came to women I felt like the black …

First Time

A maternal Affair- Part 2(finale) by crazytownfuck

A Maternal Affair: Part II My Mother's, My Girlfriend (This is the sequel to maternal affair fully updated..) Forum: i****t Chat > Mothers and sons New Topic >> Hi everyone Posted by Debbie at 3:23PM GMT July 1, 2004 Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker at this forum for a while, just reading other people's stories. I can't describe how fantastic it is to find that there are not only mothers (and sons!) who share my love of i****t, but also that there are those who indulge in such a relationship. One of the principle features of an i****tuous relationship is that it is 'taboo' and 'secret', but paradoxically it is the taboo – and not to mention i*****l – nature of the relationship that makes you want to speak out about it, to proudly boast that you've gone beyond the tedious limits of most other people. Some of my friends feel sorry for me because they think I'm single and I have to bite my lip to point out that I'm quiet sexually sastisfied, thank you very much, all thanks to my son, Jake. Luckily, there is the internet! Here, like you other regulars, I can safely and anonymously make my proud decleration that I fuck my own son, that we have an extraordinarily intense relationship, both sexual and otherwise…whilst not creating a scandal out here in the real world where I'd dare not give rise to any suspicions as to what I get up to with my boy! Just to introduce myself, my name is Debbie and I am aged 31. I had my son Jake when I was only a teenager. Jake is 15 now …

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