First Time

My 1st time having sex with a guy!!

I went out with a gay friend of mine hem was my hairdresser Rodney he is fine as hell ripped stomach sexy body big fat cut shaved cock,he. Be out for cocktails at a gay bar after about five drinks apiece we started dancing mingling with people I met a beautiful TS lady boy he look & acted just like a girl we was dancing dirty I was getting so turned on she was grabbing my dick kissing my neck talking dirty and it was working so we,went back to,the vip room and was making out she had just un button my pants was stroking my cock so,good & was about to suck it and then Rodney came in said we have to go so I got her number so I call him later he was jealous so we went back to his house to party he ask me if I wanted a drink sure I said give me a cocktail glass with orange juice & g which I had no idea was in the next thing I know I was feeling so horny I mean all my ambitions were gone I told him I feel weird he said all you need is a hot shower so i took,a,shower and that shit hit even harder by time I finished w/ my shower i barely made it to the couch I so fucked up I couldn't tell wrong from right or just didn't care I was so,horny my sick was so hard and my ass was so wet next thing I know he was on his knees makes spreading my legs open licking my nipples & biting them stroking my cock slowly went down licking my stomach & balls then gave me the best head I ever had as he was rubbing my ass hole working his fingers in& out of my hot wet tight ass talking so sexy to me …



I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY. CHAPTER 1 Fox gulped as bronx growled loudly,approaching her with power and lethal danger in his movements.She hadn't known any of the gargoyles were still around.She and Xanatos were trying for a baby and she had come searching for him only to find him gone on an emergency business trip with his assistant Owen.She was ovulating,fertile and horny and needed relief.She was passing by the roof when she was cornered by bronx,the gargoyle dog's eyes glowing white at the sight of her. She couldn't defeat the dog,not as she was.She was dressed in a red lingerie,her pouty lips covered in red lipstick and her flaming hair falling in burning tresses around her face.All meant for seduction and arousal.NOT battle.She bowed her head in submission,backing slowly away before she slipped and fell backwards over a loose stone,bearing her pussy for the gargoyle's viewing. A male gargoyle dog is very virile,and reacts to any females heat,human or otherwise.Their cocks are thick and their knots even thicker.Any more thicker than those is their sperm,more fertile than any normal hound or human.What is not known about them is that they have two cocks,one for the female's pussy and the other for their face,which feeds them nutritious,protein filled spunk until the birth of their pups.The older the gargoyle hound,the more spunk it has in it's large balls and having lived for a thousand years,bronx was really having a backlog of cream to …

Love Poems


Within me.. you flow, like rivers upon rivers, My heart ascends to your heart And my breath relaxes As your vibrations ruffle through The sticky thorns that keep me from you. You know my secrets, My love, Always reaching me. Down cast eyes Always met by your warmth, Chest heaving in deep purrs As my soul surrenders to your guidance And your love. Lucky. Lucky is the word that keeps appearing in my head When I think of you… Your love envelops me With every graze that touches my shoulder. Little things make me melt And you knowing that, Always gives me the reassurance That you are my one To venture with, To laugh with. I love, But, the way I love you Is like when the night cries for the stars, To light the paths of souls that seem broken, Because you are my light, My star.. And my whole world takes heed in your guidance.


A Family Betrayal Chapter 25

Sierra’s POV: Three days after Disney trip It’s been three days since we all have been back. The first day back Adam left for some odd reason. I knew him and Heath were not back to being what they once were as they were distant. It seems Adam was putting up a front the last week of the vacation. I felt for Michelle as she has been crying for Adam to come home. Heath has spent all his waking moment looking for his brother. The others have kept giving Michelle support saying Heath will find him. As for me Heath kept telling me to call my own family. I told him it was a touchy subject. He said his was the same, but he started realizing that he needed his family back. I took in his words and thought it was time to just throw caution to the wind. I took my cell phone out strolling to the back yard to have some space to make the call I had always dreaded. I sat in the lounge chair to get myself comfortable. I looked at the screen of my phone clicking the contacts icon. I scrolled down to the D’s to find who I needed to call. I let the number dial as I wait for the person to answer. It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday that a call was answered. “ Hello Sierra is this you?” The familiar voice asks as I show a small smile “ Hey dad just want to let you know Mandy and I are alright.” I say as I hear a sigh “ I am so glad to hear that. Where are you both at and when are you coming home?” He asks as I bite my lower lip “ Actually dad we um found a place that were …


The Niece, The Wife and Their Needs Pt 2

The Niece, The Wife and Their Needs Pt 2 A few days later I was out working in the yard when I glanced down the street and saw McKenzie being dragged along by a huge Great Dane headed for me. As they passed me she grinned and said, “Help me stop him, he’s so damn strong I can’t get him to stop.” I reached out and grabbed his leash and pulled them to a stop. He was a huge dog and it was difficult for me to stop him also. Once stopped though, Mac told him to sit and he obeyed her instantly. As he was sitting it allowed me to see his thick long sheath with his pink tip sticking out an inch or so. You could tell he had a huge dick. His head would lean over and he’d sniff Mac’s crotch and his dick would slide out another two to three inches and then withdraw back into his sheath. I felt my dick beginning to grow in my sweats and didn’t want the neighbors to see me hard with my niece standing beside me so I said, “Give me his leash and let’s take him in the house, ok?” “Mac smiled broadly and said, “That’s why I brought him over, I was hoping you’d say that. Is Aunt Rita home?” “No, she won’t be back for at least a couple of hours”, I reply. After we enter the house I notice she is wearing sweat pants and a halter top and sneakers with no socks. I watch her unhook Ramrod’s leash and set him free. She then walks directly in front of me and removes her shoes, then her halter top and then presses her pants down her body to fall at her ankles before stepping from them. She’s …


Hannahs Hot Tub – Part 1

Hannah was twelve when her mother Debbie and I first got together and only two years older when we were married. Her parents had divorced when she was only three and her ‘real’ father now lived in Toronto with his new wife and a gaggle of younger British-Canadian kids. Hannah hadn’t seen him in years. The last time she had gone to stay she had felt so awkward with his new wife clearly resenting her presence in the house. Their two kids had been far too young to be company for Hannah and the experience had not been repeated – to the disappointment of no-one other than me. As a result, being an only child of a single Mum, Hannah had grown up seeing Debbie, her Mum more as a sister than a mother; in truth there was only an eighteen year gap between them anyway and the two were extremely close when yours truly first came on the scene. Debbie and I had been introduced at a friend’s barbecue party one warm summer day. Both damaged divorcees in our thirties, she and I had surprisingly hit it off straight away and Debbie had accepted my suggestion that we meet for lunch later in the week. Over the coming few months, lunch dates had become dinner dates; quick kisses goodbye in the doorway had become slow kisses in the hallway and eventually one wonderful morning I woke up in Debbie’s bed with her naked body alongside me. Within three months we had moved in together and less than a year later we were married. It should have been a happy ending or a new beginning, but our attempt at …



Little Red Riding Hood, or Little Red Ridinghood, also known as Little Red Cap or simply Red Riding Hood, is a French and later European fairy taleabout a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story was first published by Charles Perrault. Scarlet Red (1) THE TAVERN Scarlet Jackson strode into the Sky High Tavern as if she owned the place. Turning to a coat rack, the young lady hung up a blood-red hooded cape. Cascades of flaming tresses spilled from her head in showers of radiant red curls. As women go, Scarlet’s twenty-year-old feminine form wasn’t very big. In fact, she was little. Yet, the braless size and shapes showing beneath her blouse indicated in full measure her womanhood! Hoots and hollers followed Scarlet as she headed for the bar; “Hey Red, how they hanging?”, “How’s about a kiss?”, “Trade you a drink for a feel up!” The only reason the men were able to get away with such lighthearted vulgarity was that Scarlet was no ordinary woman. In truth, the bar patrons were a bit afraid of her. At the age of eighteen, Scarlet had earned her backwoods stripes by empting a .38 revolver into the bodies of two would be rapist. Both men took three slugs to the heart. They died instantly. At the inquest, dirty little secrets came out. Scarlet shared a deep-woods cottage with her grandfather, Mr. Jack Jackson. One woman testified that on a visit she had noticed only one bed showed any sign of use. Thus was planted the rumor that the …


Jade the Dancer

Chapter One Jade hummed a light melody to herself as she put her makeup on. It was an unusually balmy night but the strip club's air conditioning was turned up high. Her tiny brown nipples were hard, poking through the fabric of her skimpy yet classy outfit. Picking up the brush, she brushed her raven-black hair and added some hair gel, watching it glitter as the length swayed gently along her shoulders. She loved keeping it back so as to show off her high cheekbones. Though she was truly exquisite looking, she was careful to never let it get to her head. This made her even more desirable to the men around her, since her sweet personality shined through her raw sensuality. She loved to dance seductively and show off her athleticism. Jade had the hottest and tightest heart-shaped ass most men had never seen. She had regular customers who happily paid top dollar to spend private time with her in the steamy back rooms of the club. Jade yawned and put on some deodorant. Her twenty-first birthday was coming up soon and she wondered how she should celebrate. She was not a drinker, having never touched a drop in her young life and she didn't plan to anytime soon. Jade needed to stretch her limber body before the stunts of pure sexuality she was about to perform. She spread her legs wide and planted them firmly. She bent down, her leg muscles pulling tight, her heart-shaped ass spreading wide. She lifted herself and stretched her torso side to side, her taut A-cups twisting with her …


Vampire: Stories of days past 4

The sound of a door closing woke up Jake from a restless night, or had it been day? Having been in the boarded up room, had him lose all sense of time. Restrained by his broken leg and arm, the sleep he would get was terrible. This in turn also didn’t help getting grips on the passing of hours. He looked in the direction were the sound had come from, hoping to see the door beyond light’s reach. A few moments he lay there staring at the dark corner, finally he gave up. His eyes started wandering around like he had many times before. The dim light on the side table didn’t expose not much, not that there would have been lots of things to be exposed. A few steps from the bed Jake had been laying the last few days, a table stood filled with some bottles, a couple of mugs and a few scraps of food. The tall chair Marius usually would sit in was pulled against it. In the direction his feet were pointing he barely could notice a cupboard, some knickknacks reflecting the dull light. In the far corner a makeshift kitchen was the last thing to be seen. Marius was not to be seen, making this the first time he was alone since his fall from the balcony. Jake wondered if anyone noticed him disappearing and if people were looking for him. His mom being a single parent worked double shifts as a nurse, so he rarely saw her. Even if he did, Jake left her a note telling he would stay at Michael’s the whole weekend. In the holyday usually this meant “I’m away till I’m back”. Michael in turn …


Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 7

Chapter One It’s been several months since my graduation from my Master’s Institution. Where they train men and women how to become better submissives and slaves. Upon graduating, my Master offered me his collar and I’ve become his house slave. I used to cut his hair in my salon and I instantly felt an attraction. The rest is history. Now I live in his penthouse suite in the luxurious Wilkerson Hotel. It takes up two whole floors. I live there with my Master and his wife and submissive Chloe and sometimes their big black bull slave Max. We are one happy and contented pod. Things have been going along very smoothly. I have gotten into the routine of service in my Master’s home. My days are basically divided into three areas of service. Physical – cleaning around the house, dishes, and laundry. I clean the toys and equipment after a night of play. Emotional – listening patiently to Master, Mistress, and Max, as need arrises. They all have worries and try my best to offer support and my love. Sexually – as the house slave, this includes, but is not limited to, offering my slut holes at any time to any of the pod members or anyone at the whim of Master Kesler or Mistress Chloe. (although I’ve never been asked, I would for Max too. I have a crush on his big black cock.) As I was saying everything was going along great. That is until something happened that brought my step-monster Gayle back into my life. She married my dad about two months after my Mother died. We never got …


A Walk in the Park

I had just had a row with the wife and I was pretty wound up and decided to go for a drive, I ended up in another town about fifteen miles away. I parked up in a secluded road next to a park where there was an ice-cream van, after had one I was sat in the car smoking, as it was a lovely summers day I had the window open, suddenly this boy appeared and asked me if I had any change. He gave me £5 and I changed it for him, I could see he went to the ice-cream van then walked towards the park. I locked up the car and followed him. As I caught up with him he was sat on a bench alone, I sat next to him and we were talking. He said he doesn’t have any friends, he was 17 years old and boring, I reassured him he probably wasn’t. When he’d finished his ice-cream he said “Will you walk with me” “Sure” I answered and walked around the park, as we walked he talked. We came to another bench and sat down he said “Thanks” “No problem” I said and leaned over and touched his knee. He looked at me without saying anything for a few minutes then said “I don’t think I’m gay but I’m not sure”. As I sat I looked around and the park was virtually empty, to my left was a thick bush probably 20 feet or so wide, “You fancy a walk through that bush” I said, he looked and said “Ok”. As we stood up he walked in silence with me into the bush, in the middle was a clearing and it was totally surrounded I thought ‘perfect’, there were a couple of tree stumps so I sat on one. When Edward saw me he sat on the …


How I met my exhibitionist wife, Chapter 2

How I met my exhibitionist wife, Chapter 2 This second installment tells the story of moving my girlfriend west to San Francisco and moving in with my friend and boss. You may recall I met Ann on a business trip and discovered that she was a shameless exhibitionist as well as rip roaring great fuck. Read Chapter 1 to learn how I discovered this and some of our adventures terrorizing the natives in her home town. My friend Dave and I had both separated from our former wives and shared a two bedroom, ground floor apartment south of San Francisco. We started to relearn the art of seducing women and on those rare successful evenings when one of us would get laid, the other would stumble out usually naked in the morning to discover a strange lady in the apartment wearing not too much. On one business trip He and I scored a mother and daughter team (I wound up with the mother) but in the main we were unsuccessful. Ann and I had set up an “accidental” encounter (read Chapter 1) to tease Dave when he came out to see what was taking so long with the project I was running. I had picked him up from the airport and when we returned to my motel room, I let him enter first. Ann was naked blow drying her hair. She had calmly waved hello to him with nothing on and proceeded to carefully apply makeup leaning over the bathroom counter to get closer to the mirror and giving him a good shot of her ass. I made stiff drinks for us (Ann had already had several to prepare for the show) and we sat …


Swingers Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

For well over two decades my wife and I have belonged to an exclusive swinger's club on the Upper East Side. Working on Wall Street during that time had exposed me to some very rich and powerful people. One such gentleman in his early fifties had met my wife and I at a swanky party one night when I was just starting out at the firm at the tender age of twenty-two. I was a handsome young man back then and my wife and former college sweetheart was gorgeous. He took an instant liking to both of us, especially my young wife, and after many drinks suggested that we visit the &#034club&#034 as he put it the following week. He was extremely blunt and described exactly what occurred there at least once a week…a debauched orgy reminiscent of a Roman bacchanal. The only stipulation before admittance to such carnal events was that both of us must get tested first for any type of STD. He said these parties were strictly &#034bareback&#034 and the cum literally flew everywhere. My wife and I looked at eachother and laughed. We couldn't believe our good fortune. We had always wanted to join a high end swinger's club. Even back in college when I met my wife I had shared her with my dorm roommate. She spent countless hours in the privacy of our dorm room and behind locked door as the meat in a human sandwich, pressed between our bodies getting plowed in the pussy and asshole for hours on end by two horny, youthful cocks. And of course, my wife introduced and shared with me many of her …

Gay Male

A neighbor friend[ENG]

This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story &#034A neighbor friend&#034, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.A neighbor friend A few weeks ago a friend went for a few days outside the city. He asked me from rock to time zajrzałdo his apartment and see if everything is ok. I owe him a favor, and to have some free time, so I accepted without a problem. Mischka friend was in a block on 4tym floor. As I lived very close, I could look into it every day. Probably you wondering why. Now the friend was on his compiling a pretty good collection of porn. I admit that excited me watching porn in someone else's apartment, not to mention scutching. So I went to this apartment for 4 days and have not had any undesirable adventures. On the fourth day I noticed that the bathroom appeared on the ceiling of a small wet spot. I was worried because I probably was a leak from a neighbor on the floor above. After a telephone consultation with the owner of the apartment, I went upstairs neighbors in order to draw attention. Unfortunately, no one I did not open. The next day the stain was much greater, so we had to react seriously. Again, I went upstairs and tried dodzownić the door. Drzwonię once, d ** g, three times. No one opens. I was determined, especially knowing that nochach often heard from the flat loud music playing. I called again. …

Flash Erotica

Youve Got Mail…

Good morning love, I hate when you are away for work. I always have the best dreams that make me ache for you. The longer I go without you the naughtier my dreams seem to get. I want you to pin me against a wall, either by my hands or my throat. Kissing me, gently, but with force. I want your free hand squeezing my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples. Turn me around, making me face the wall, pushing my head forward. Your feet spreading mine apart, your hand sliding up between my legs, your fingers violating my wet pussy. Take your fingers from my pussy and shove them in my mouth, making me taste myself. Asking me if I like how my wet pussy taste. Turn me around and forcefully push me down onto my knees on the floor, my back to the same wall I was previously facing. Feed me your raging cock, your hands wrapped in my hair. Fuck my face, making me gag until you are close to cumming. Grab me up and throw me down on the bed, face down. My legs hanging off the bed. I want to feel how bad you need my pussy. I want you extremely rough, overpowering me, pinning me down. Taking what you need from me with no concern for anyone but yourself. I want you to use me solely for your pleasure. Don't let me move, my hands pinned, or even tied, my legs pushed wide apart, my ass and pussy spread for you. Slide your cock in me from behind, then hold me down with your own weight, fuck the shit out of me. I need you to fuck me so hard tears run down my face. I want you to call me your whore… I can't wait for you to hurry home. I will be waiting, wet! XoXo


How I helped a bordello and got the hookers gratitude, along with a good fuck in both holes and cum from a strapon in my ass

In my current job, I spend a lot of time visiting the social fringes and taking care of other people's problems, making sure that by and large, things are going well in society. It's not the most fascinating job in the world, but at least it lets me be my own boss, I get to go out and meet actual people that way and I feel that I'm actually doing something good, however small that might be at times. Plus, it sometimes has very… tangible benefits. The area I'm assigned to is mostly rural, with a few small towns, but like all places it has its seedier streets and dirty underbelly. Among that is a bordello, which had run into a few problems that were just mounting up. Unlike most other establishments of this sort, it was actually not owned by a group of pimps who were pushing "their girls" to work for them, but was just renting out rooms and access to its facilities to about 20 to 25 girls who all were pretty much independent and "self-employed" as far as I could see. This meant the girls were all working on their own accord and actually enjoyed their work, and got to keep most of their profits for themselves, which led to a very relaxed atmosphere. The downside of this was that each of them had to take care of their own obligations themselves – medical checkups, papers, taxes, bureaucracy – and some were just more… sloppy, than others. The place was disliked by certain local politicians who wanted to score votes by showing a strong arm against "immoral elements in our …

Love Poems

Will you?

Will you miss me when I'm gone? I keep waiting here, Patiently, For you to come to me But no matter how long I wait, No matter how many times I cry, You won't come. Will you notice? Please turn and look at me. I have to know, If I mean something to you. I have to know where I stand. I have to know if there is a future. Will you regret this? A person can only take so much, Before they give up and leave. If you don't do something now, If you won't acknowledge me now. Will you grab my hand and stop me? You won't even look at me. You won't even touch me anymore. Will this be the end?

First Time

bukkake girl!

i was hanging with marie in her room, we were supposed to be working but instead we were talking about boys and dressing up, trying different sexy outfits on and putting on real doll-like makeup, giggling and being cute in our undies, when marie's mom came into the room all agitated. mom! don't you knock?! marie said, we froze. marie's mom rolled her eyes when she saw us like that then asked marie, did you turn in your college registration? today is the deadline you know, this afternoon! oh, shit! marie said. i forgot! marie's mom rolled her eyes again then said, i thought so. get dressed, i'm driving you there myself. 5 minutes young lady! then she stormed out of the room and closed the door. marie turned to me looking all frazzled, then said, i forgot! i'm sorry! it's ok, i squeezed her arm. but stay here ok? she said. please? you got the place to yourself, stay for dinner. she got dressed quickly and kissed me on the lips, i'll be back in a couple of hours ok? sorry! it's ok, go, i'll stay and look at your porn collection in your laptop, i laughed. she laughed as well and bolted out of the room. i kept playing by myself, tried on some of her cute summer dresses on. we were about the same build and height so everything fit. then i put on this very short and tight black dress she had, very sexy, i tried it on and stood in front of the mirror, i posed real pretty. i messed up my hair real sexy and pouted. then i wondered what i'd look like without undies, mmm, so i took them …

Wife Lovers

Before Friends Shared Everything

Before Friends Shared Everything The glow from my monitor was the only light in the room. I sat, eyes transfixed, and silently pondered the message open before me. My heart raced, spurred on by the promise of a new adventure. Sure he seemed like a great guy, but at first glance they all do. Paula and I had found his stories first, reading them together and revelling in their raw honesty. Time and again, we always seemed to find ourselves going back for more. It wasn't long before we started exchanging messages with him. We talked often, the three of us. I loved the ease of it, how effortlessly the conversations just flowed. We talked about anything and everything. As it turns out, we all loved a good dare. I still remember that first night of dares, and how thrilling it was to be dared to strip naked in my yard and walk slowly to the back fence. My wife sat on the patio, snapping a few pics as proof that the dare had in fact been completed. Weeks had passed since that night. We now talked with Chris on a daily basis, as long as circumstances permitted. We had become very close in that short time, sharing so many details of our personal lives – names, addresses, phone numbers, careers, family. Despite this closeness we had found together, the message in front of me still shocked me a little. He wanted to meet us. He planned on staying at a campground near the small community where we lived. His message promised beer, cigarettes, and stimulating conversation – no strings …

First Time

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 3,Sarah I had been enjoing my new found sexual freedom with other men for a while.I had two regualar fuck buddies giving me more sex than I ever had in my life.Sex with my hubby Jack was even better than it had been in years.Probably due to my increased enthusiasm I suppose.Course usually I was imagining that it was someone elses cock inside me.Most times now if I was horny in bed I would tell Jack to rub his cock on my arse.I would lie face down while he did this.When he got too horny and tried to enter me,I would turn over and tell him to rub my hole while I rubbed my clitoris till I came.Always me first.Then he could fuck whichever hole he wanted.I would lie back and enjoy either one.Sometimes he would just keep rubbing my arse with the head of his cock then would wank over me.Other times he would fuck my pussy,and sometimes,my arse.Sometimes I would rub a second orgasm myself. That was fine for a while.But now…I was bored again.Sick of same old same old.So I was on a swingers site.There was a surprising amount of singles looking for no strings attached fun,with other singles or couples.A lot of "straight " men looking for hook ups with other men or even trannys.Because maybe to them that's not gay ! Anyway, I was talking to quite a few guys with the intention of meeting for fun.I sometimes chatted to couples or women,but not with the intention of meeting.We just shared experiences and fantasys. But my chats with one woman,Sarah, …

Love Poems

Without You

Loving you was probably a bad a idea But without you, I wouldn't know How it feels to miss Someone I love Without you, I wouldn't know What happiness is, When I finally get to hear your voice Without you, I wouldn't know The difference between need and want Without you, I would be so different. But I wouldn't change a thing, If given a chance. Instead, I would relive everything, Relive the moment when You first started to flirt with me The moment when you first gave me your number, The moment I held the phone in my hands And shook so bad when the ringtone droned on, Afraid that you wouldn't pick up I would relive the moment You hugged me to your chest And whispered silly nothingness I would relive the moment when you held my hands, How it felt so good To feel your palm against my own But to top it all off, I would give anything To relive the moment when you kissed me that first night When you carressed my skin as you held me in your arms, naked I would give anything To relive those bittersweet moments You made my heart beat like crazy And even until now, I can not forget you. You have moved on, Leaving me behind. But it's okay, Because without you, I wouldn't know how it feels to love Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today.


Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 2: Part 3

“Ughh sweetie! This is why mommy told you to pack last night!” I screamed frustratingly at my daughter. Now here I was, sifting through her little suitcase at 7 in the morning, trying to find and organize all her clothe again while she was laughing and joking around with her cousin in the living room. Ah, the joys of being a mother! We had all planned on getting up and leaving extra early today, taking the 2 hour drive down, and having at least a whole afternoon and at Disney World. Unfortunately, the good news left the two girls so excited that neither one of them made much of an effort packing up. “I swear young lady, mommy won’t always be there to help you!” I said, scolding her. “Yes you will! You’re mom, you’ll always be there to clean up after me!” she cackled, staring at her cousin. Her laugh sounded almost evil! “How I wish she was more like her brother at times!” I thought, staring speechlessly at her. “Ok girls, let’s go eat breakfast. They faster you do, the faster we can leave and be at Disney World!” I said, hurrying them upstairs. Breakfast went by quick and soon enough we were all scurrying around the house, getting our luggage organized into the car. We were planning on taking just two vans. The grandparents really wanted to spent time with Jessie and Liz, getting a sigh of relief from the rest of us, knowing we wouldn’t have to deal with two plus hours of “Are we there yet?!” .This also meant that the second car was Charles and I, Mark and Rachel, and my …

Love Poems


You Lean down, and softly bend my head back, placing your soft warm lips on mine. Me My hands drift to your face, holding your tenderly as your lips touch mine. Oh what a sigh. As I sigh my lips part, and for the first time the tip of your tongue touches mine. The tongues dance, discover and give, breathing each other in. My head is spinning, as you break the kiss, to pause and look into my eyes. The warmest smile I have ever seen, your warm chest awaits me in your embrace. Falling into the abyss. Was it a dream? Were you even real? I will keep this in my heart.

First Time

Watching My Wife With My Hung Boss

My name is Trevor, I am twenty seven years old and have been married to my amazing wife Katie for a little over four years now. Katie is twenty six, a sweetheart and absolutely stunning. She has a petite body, blonde hair, green eyes, amazing tits and a tight ass. When we first started dating I couldn't believe that I could land someone like her and I will admit dating her wasn't easy at first because of the constant flow of guys that hit on her sometimes even with me with her. We couldn't even walk threw the store or the mall without guys leering at her. I know Katie loved it though and she didn't help much with the cloths she wore but she always assured me that there was nothing to worry about because I was the guy for her. Our sex life was amazing, Katie was up to almost anything and everything that either of us wanted to try and believe me we tried a lot of different things weather it was me getting a blowjob while driving, sex in the woods etc. Now after awhile I started to have fantasy of watching Katie with another man which as much as I thought it would be awkward for me the thought really turned me on. At first I was way to embarrassed to tell Katie even though I knew she would probably go along with it but to me this fantasy was bigger than me getting sucked while I drove. Weeks passed and one night after we got finished having sex and were laying in bed I just let it out and told her about it. She turned on her side smiling at me "Are you sure you could handle …

First Time


I was a teenager who had been wanking for about 5 years almost every day. One day in the city where I was brought up, I had an urgent need to go to a public toilet. On entering a cubicle I sat down and started reading the messages on the walls. This got me excited and my cock got hard and I could not stop myself from wanking. I wanked as I read and the next thing I knew was a cock appearing through a hole in the partition. I had not noticed the hole being so engrossed in reading. I was absolutely stunned by this as I had never before seen anything like this. I just didn't know what to do. So I just sat looking at the cock and then felt some fear. What is going on. I thought the best thing to do is get out of here fast, which I did. That night in bed my thoughts were on what had happened and I began to work out in my mind that whoever was on the other side had put their cock through for me to wank. When I reached that conclusion my cock got real hard in bed and my thoughts got ever so horny that I wanked thinking of wanking someone else. Next day I could not get it out of my mind and decided to go back that night to the toilets. Again I entered a cubicle and must admit I was shaking with anticipation. Would it happen again? I started playing with my cock and this time a finger came through the hole. It motioned me to put my cock through. By now I was beyond caring, my cock was dictating my thoughts and I really wanted to feel another guy's hand on my cock. So I stood up and …

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