Erotic Massage

Melissa sat in the usual morning traffic, strumming her fingers on the steering wheel waiting for the light to change and for traffic to once again start moving. As she sat there she began thinking about how her life was getting to be in a rut. She wanted to do something different, something exciting only she couldn't figure out what. As she sat there mulling things over in her mind, she inadvertently looked to her right noticing some large red letters on a white building that was set back from the street. The words spelled MASSAGE. She wondered if it was one of "those" kind of places. Her thoughts were interrupted by the blaring of a horn from the car behind her. She waved her hand gesturing she was moving. She took one last glimpse as she started creeping forward thinking how that would be different, even exciting if she were to take a closer look. As she neared her work she couldn't help wondering if it was a funky, run down place, with an even more creepy clientele, or was it halfway decent? There was only one way to find out, and that would be to go and investigate. By the time Melissa got to work her heart was racing in her chest. For some reason she was now fascinated at the thought of what an adventure it might be to really check the place out. She couldn't helping wondering what kind of women worked there. Were they massage ther****ts, or were they nothing more than hookers. Melissa tried concentrating on her work, but all she could think about was that massage …


School of electrostimulation (E-stim).

Electro sex is NOT for Teens. Electrosex is the most woderful way to replace hand stroking to produce exploding orgasms, or orgasms that can last for minutes or even hours. It can cause orgasms that make you writhe in orgasmic pain squirming on the floor, or screaming for it to stop. It is unlike any orgasm because it can last as long as you can stand it,and it can kill you. That is the reason I would not recommendd you try it. If not done right you could be dead. If done with homemade equipment you could be dead. It could even cripple you for life. You may find all kinds of posts on the internet that tell you how to do it, even on U Tube. Don't trust what most of them say. For instance there are a number of them that use a Amplifier or tape machine, etc as the source. They may even suggest certain music that packs a punch. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use music in electro-sex. No matter how you use it there is no way it is safe. It may not kill you (it could if used certain ways) but it will always damage you. You might use it a hundred times and not notice the damage done, but it is there and will show up some time in the future. You might use it only once and suffer severe nerve damage such that you can never hve an orgasm in the future, or loose the use of your legs. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use music in electro-sex. Its not worth the damage you have done to yourself, either imediate or in the future. And never use any equipment designed to play music as it is not designed to …


f****y Wife

She hummed and moaned as the fleshy shaft moved in and out of her sensitive velvet tunnel. As it swelled and then pulsed hotly inside of her, tingles spread out around her crotch, but the explosion of pleasure did not come. She wasn't concerned. That would get taken care of soon. Her husband rolled off and was immediately snoring, the usual outcome of his ejaculation. She slid over to the next sl**ping mat in the f****y communal sl**ping area and was quickly mounted by her husband's older b*****r. He was erect from listening to the coupling next to him, knowing his turn would be soon. Foreplay wasn't needed or expected. She was open and wet from her husband's efforts. He slipped all the way in on the first stroke. He liked to take his time. Her young breasts were firm, much more so than the older women he often coupled with. She loved the attention he paid to them too since that increased the tingling in her crotch. His cock was shaped differently than the one she just had so it rubbed her in a delightfully different way. His big balls slapped against her bottom as he pounded her. He finally stiffened and squirted his seed into her warm depths to join those from her husband. She smiled, knowing that the seeds would search in vain for an egg. She was already quickened, although which of the f****y men had produced the lucky sperm would forever be a mystery. The third mat was occupied by her husband's father. He positioned her on top so he could caress and suck her breasts. …


Revenge, Pt 15: The Decision

Chapter 15 == I woke up to Jessica's voice softly calling my name. "Steven." she said, her hand against my cheek. I sat up quickly, causing her to jump back in surprise. It was completely dark in the room. I was still lying on the bed, in my clothes. "What?" I asked groggily. She didn't say anything, but just reached out to take my hand. I silently followed her lead. She pulled me off the bed and walked me out the door and back over to her room. After closing the door behind us, she turned to me and started taking off her t-shirt. She'd said my name earlier, I realised. And she wasn't waiting for permission to undress. "I want you to… make love to me." she said softly. "I want to know what it's like…" She kicked off her panties and stood naked in front of me. I was still dazed from just waking up, but there was something so surreal about all of this. This was Jessica, my childhood nemesis, the woman I thought I'd hate my entire life… and she was standing naked, pure, flawless skin glowing with moonlight, and with a strangely dreamlike and almost ethereal beauty. When I didn't respond, she broke another rule by stepping forward and pressing her lips against mine. The heat of her kiss brought my mind back to life, and I reacted with my usual instinct. I reached behind her and kissed her hard, pulling her body close to mine. "No." she said, pushing herself away from me. "Gently… please." I took a step back from her. "I need to know what… what it would feel like if you …


Just like Magic Part 2 – The long way back

This is the sequel to Just like Magic – The Change . To understand this story I highly recommend reading that first. If you prefer not to, read the summary below XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSpoilersXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX In part one a young aspiring magician named Henry Williams attends a performance by a reclusive master magician who turns out to be a true wizard. He transforms Henry into a beautiful young woman who then runs away almost naked and finds that she becomes a total slut around men. Her journeys lead her to an internet cafe in central London where she is caught giving a teenage boy a blow job and thrown out. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSpoilersXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I could still taste the cum of my latest 'conquest' as I stood outside the internet cafe. I really needed a stiff drink. I Didn't have a watch but I guessed it was about half eight or nine O'clock, almost everywhere would be open, London certainly doesn't lack for watering holes. I couldn't go to just any pub or bar though, it was only a few hours ago that stopping in to get out of the cold had ended in me prostituting myself in the ladies toilet. I had to avoid men, it was clearly the only way to avoid the slut side of my personality taking control. I had heard of a place, even walked passed it a couple of times, which might to the job, The Aphrodite bar. It was a gay bar, lesbian specifically. No men were allowed, it was supposed to be the only place in …

Love Poems

Through A Glow

Through a glow cast by dreams, words will slowly bloom your heart open, leave me wanting nothing more than to know the next line of your story. Formless we first meet, unraveling in the dark until finding the other's light, unstoppable once those unique illuminations circle and join. You'll touch upon the places I've built gates around, guards standing silent and as tall as the sky, but one key is all you need to be let in, further than anyone has ever been. I'll touch upon a darkness in you that kept your heart so distant, as if love became a fragile myth, broken and built over with trembling hands, one look into the mysterious rivers of your eyes whispers to keep going. To never flee from this infinite lonely ache we know of so well. This loneliness gave us a potent lens, one peering into what the other lives for, I want you to look inside me no matter what damage the storms have left in their wake, everything will finally become still when your hand softly meets my cheek. Through a glow cast by dreams, words slowly give my heart to you, leave you knowing that your name graces every new page of my story. Formless we first meet, unraveling in the dark to show our real shapes to the other, unstoppable once those searching pulses near and join. I'll touch upon an illumination in you, brighter than any light you've ever been bathed in, you'll touch upon the infinite rivers carrying me to you, the potent lens we viewed the other through will show a stillness. One where no lonely ache flourishes once our lips softly meet.


One Day in Germany (1 of 2)

Karin made the short walk from her flat to the train station and waited on the concourse as arranged. 8 am was early for her to be up, but this was easy money. As a student she needed all the money she could get and easy money was her favourite kind. She stood at the agreed place, her feet fidgeting in her old tan boots, trying to stay warm. The cold winter air was blowing straight through her well worn blue denim jeans. Her silvery white jacket gave slightly more protection, but she still looked forward to getting back to her small flat to warm up. James spotted her from a safe distance. Mid twenties, average height, brown hair and glasses, the description of her was accurate. As he walked closer, he observed as much as he could, ready to take the final decision of whether to go through with this. She had a pale, slightly long face, pleasant enough without being stunning. In a good light, maybe she bordered on attractive. Her figure was hard to tell through her heavy coat. Her legs looked nice in her well fitting jeans, curvy rather than slim, but still with the advantage of youth. Unfortunately she was standing facing him with her back against the wall and so he was unable to take a view on maybe her most important characteristic. He was now too close, she had spotted him. "Karin? Nice to meet you," he said. She was taken slightly by surprise as she'd been looking the other way. "James!" She smiled. He smiled back. "Money arrive? All OK?" James knew she spoke little …


A dare in the bathroom

It started off how most things start between two 16 year olds. A dare. We were just getting done from being in his pool and he was changing in the bathroom and I didn't know. I thought he'd be in his room, so I walked in to change too. He was in the sink room part and I was in the tub part and I had just stripped down when he walked into my section. We were both startled for a moment as we stood there frozen and naked. After a few seconds, I played it off cool, like I didn't care that my best friend was flashing me his larger average sized dick. I bent down and grabbed my swim shorts and threw them on the counter. I then went to grab my dry pants that were at his feet. I crouched in front of him to get them when I hear," I dare you to suck my dick for a minute!" Still crouched, I looked up at him and replied," ok, but I do, I dare you to let me fuck you afterwards." I'm thinking he's not going to agree. But he says," fine, but a full blowjob then." I nod in agreement thinking I'm getting the better end of this. I grab his now mostly hard 8 inch dick and give it a few rubs. As soon as I do that, he says," let me sit down first. You're gonna make my knees give out." He walks over to the counter and sits on it. I place a couple towels on the floor in front him and kneel between his legs. I decide to just get it over with and wrap my mouth around his hard dick. I hear him moan as I go up and down, slowly learning with each stroke and slowly get deeper on him. I get about half …

Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Paradise at Lands End (Part 2)

After their incredible first encounter last evening, they didn’t even talk. Landra just kissed her on the cheek, stood up, gathered her clothes and disappeared amid the darkness. Kea remained lying on the sand for a few minutes, trying to assimilate the unbelievable moment she had just lived. Her first lesbian experience, and with a complete stranger in a remote beach far from anywhere! When she finally came back to reality, she walked to the rock, took her clothes, got dressed and slowly walked back to the inn with hundreds of images crossing her mind at full speed. When she got to the inn, she opened the door with the key and everything was in complete silence. She entered her room, turned on the light and went towards the huge mirror on the closet door. While she got undressed, she could see the humid white sand still covering her skin. She went closer to the mirror and approached her face to the reflection. Her freckles were mixed up with the sand, her lips were covered with dry salt and her hazel eyes were shining like a lighthouse in the dark. She closed her eyes and began to evoke the emotions she had felt just an hour ago on the beach: Landra’s lips licking her hand, her naked body rubbed by Landra’s skin, her pussy overwhelmed with Landra’s caresses… She opened her eyes and looked again at her own reflection in the mirror. All of a sudden, she was watching herself in a different way and, for some mysterious reason, her nakedness now seemed different, more sensual, …

Gay Male

Spring semester college life 36 (spring semester i

Waking the next morning after my wacked erotic dream, I looked over at Kris still sl**ping and smiled. I showered and dressed as usual before waiting on Corey to walk to our first class. Corey was talking about all the studying he had done and how confident he was feeling going into the finals that were starting next Thursday. He stopped half way there and looked at me, "Matt, is there a problem? I know I haven't been the greatest boyfriend the last few days but I feel so good right now." "Oh it's nothing," I said. "I was just being a good listener." "I so promise we'll have a great weekend and end everything on such a high note," he stated. He continued to talk and was back to being Corey that I loved. With my day short, I headed out for a while and got away from campus. I shopped at the mall and avoided the Friday crowds by being early. My shopping was just that shopping with very little money at my disposal. It is awful seeing so many things I wanted and would look nice on me. I did end up buying a new better fitting shirt that was on sale. Kris had just gotten in when I walked in the door. He firmly stated he was going over to the Rec Center for stress relief. I opted not to go unless Scott showed up for one final time at the pool. With Kris out the door, Scott and Garrett came in my room. "Word is you and Corey are having it rough now," Scott said. "Who said that?" I asked. "Ummm… Colt said something about Corey saying he needed a break from you," Scott replied. "I …


Legend Of The Phoenix – Chapter 1

Darkness was everywhere on the room, despite of the full moon outside, except for the screen. Those eyes were like burning coal and almost every bloody vein passing through the eye was visible enough. They were tired as they had worked for months without rest. His fingers were seriously playing with the keyboard as well as mouse. There was no other sound other than typing sound of the keyboard and clicking sound of mouse. His whole body shivered as he finished his work. His eyes were burning with passion for success. He was thinking of the failure he faced during last 2 times. This was his 3rd attempt and he should definitely get success out of it. With trembling hands, he pressed the ENTER button. For a few moments, the screen was blank. Those seconds were like eons for him. His heart skipped a couple of beat when the screen suddenly popped out a message, “ UMiC Creation Initiated” “Progress Made: 0.000001%” “Time Remaining: 147 Hours 38 Minutes 19 Seconds” His face light up like a 10,000 volts bulb. He smiled wickedly at the screen. Within moments his smile became loud laugher. “HA! HA! I won’t laugh often, but when I laugh the world will drown in the deep ocean of sorrow…HA! Soon the Earth is going to be my playground and all its creatures including human beings will be my playthings! HA!” He came out of the room and entered a hall where there are many creatures glowing in pale green. He snapped his fingers and smiled as he stroked his rugged beard. ”Now it’s time to …

First Time

first threesome mature on young

i thought Id write about my first threesome experience after a great response to my last story. I have had this fantasy for some time and had a few offers but was always too nervous. i was contacted by a mature couple who sent me some great pics (cock pics really turn me on) saying they needed a bottom to use and would i be interested… i had had a coupleof drinks at the time and replied yes could they meet me the next day as i was in the area for a sales meeting. the reply came back ten mins later that then would be perfect my heart thumped and my cock got hard thinking about it and I wanked off to the pics they sent imagining being spit roasted by those two cocks. the next day i was feeling really nervous and could barely concentrate during my morning meeting. to be honest i nearly cancelled a few times but didnt knowing that id regret it later on if i did. so it was with a knot in my stomoch that i knocked on their door and stood their shaking a little with anticipation. a tall slim guy in his late fifties opened the door and introduced himself he said come in and led me to the sitting room. waiting there was a heavy set guy again in his id to late fifties. they offered me a drink and i declined saying i had a meeting to go to later that afternoon and didnt have all that long. they look ed at each other and smiled better show you the bedroom then and led me through the sslim guy david told me to get undressed and lay down i did as i was told and watched as they both …


My Sins pt 2

Luke 15:32 – It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found. The days that preceded my birthday were filled with lust and sex. Not only with Father when ever we could, but also with that shy young girl. Her and I were able to have several quick tete-a- tete's in secluded spots around the grounds. I loved making her squirt down my throat and having her wiggle her puckered anus on my tongue. Most of the encounters that Father and I had were purely sexual or totally church business. We never talked other then to profess our love and needs to each other in moments of passion, or to conduct business. But I could not only see his love for me in his face I could feel it when we were together. I believed that I loved him. How could I not. September is truly beautiful in the northern half of Wisconsin. All the trees changing color on rolling hill after rolling hill. While walking across the grounds to retrieve the rakes to clean up some of the leaves that were making a lot of rustling noises as I walked through, I realized that the noises weren't just coming from me. I wasn't scared or surprised that someone else would be on the grounds. There was always someone around somewhere most of the time. THere was no way around it. I turned to say hi to who ever it was and realized immediately who it was. That shocking copper hair. Buddy Always at the shed. It was he who grabbed my hand and led me quickly to …

First Time

House MILF

Forgive me if I forget to capitalize a sentence or two, cuz.. well… you know… It all happened one summer when I was sixteen. I was on a group outing with about ten other k**s from our school (a private boys school… I'm not saying which one). We were at this little private "swim resort" as it was officially known (again, I'm not saying where). It was a small lake, with all the usual swim resort stuff.. water slides, paddle boats, etc.. It was us, and two other "houseparents", a man and a woman. There might have been maybe 50 people there in total; mostly teenagers. The day started as you might expect. Everyone was doing "whatever". I was just "chillin'" in the waves, and minding my own business, when the housemother (we'll call her "Judy") came over and started splashing me. Well, I splashed her back, and she splashed me, and that was fun for a while. But then she jumped on my back and wrapped her legs around me (again, just "innocently playing"), and we went cruising around the lake like I was some sort of underwater pony ride. We played like that for a while, dipping and dunking as we went along. But as time went by, she began leaning down and hugging my torso more and more, with her legs pressing in between mine. I could feel her breasts on my back, and I started getting hard. I knew she could feel it too, because every now and then she would "accidentally" rub her calf against my crotch. I didn't have any 'cool moves' — cuz I was just a stupid fucking k**, and what …

Gay Male

Behind The Beaded Curtain Of A Sleazy ’70s Sex Shop

The air was heavy with cigarette smoke. The two men were chatting behind the counter, waiting for the flood of punters who would arrive as soon as the city offices closed. It was unmistakably a sex shop. The windows were blacked out and there were tacky neon signs and entry to the shop was via a beaded curtain. There were rows and rows of magazines, ranging from the tame to the explicit, though the latter were censored due to the Obscene Publications Act. It hadn’t been that long since the last police raid on the premises… Proprietor Rick, 35, lanky, greasy and bearded, puffed on his long cigarette. Boyish runaway Peter, just 21, gazed naively at the contents of the shop. He’d only just gotten the job, which was proving to be quite an education for him. “Is there a lot of demand for this homo stuff?” Peter asked Rick. “Yes, it sells pretty well. Mainly to married men. City gents. Public school types.” “I don’t really understand any of this stuff. It does nothing for me.” “Don’t worry, my boy. Later tonight, I’ll show you some proper uncensored stuff. Some of the gay stuff is pretty hot.” “Well, if you must. I just don’t get it at all.” “It’s taking off, Pete, my mate. Zig has been the spur, all that bisexuality stuff. It’s the future, I’m sure of it.” “Really?” “Oh yes, trust me, mate.” “Yes, I do, Rick. And what about this stuff, the spankers as you call them?” “Ah yes, the spanking mags. Our best sellers, they are. The English are just mad about the stuff, especially …

Office Sex

Interstate Meeting…An early Xmas Present

I sent her a quick message, “meeting was changed, I can meet you on Monday”. I sat at work waiting for her reply thinking about the last time we were together. My only hope was that this time would be just as memorable as the last. I headed up the interstate with her on my mind or at least what was going to take place when we met again. As the miles passed and our last night together replayed in my mind, I began to formulate items to take off the sexual bucket list! Once the meeting was over, I sped to the place that would soon be filled with her moans of excitement and sweet smell of our sexual adventures. She entered the room and was as radiant and excited as I remember from our first night. Her jeans fit like a glove and showed just a hint of the sexy panties she picked out just for me. As we met on the bed, her lips found mine and I knew that I was in for an adventure of a lifetime. Mandy’s eyes sparkled with lust, her kissing turned from passionate to hungry and wanting. I met her desire with desire of my own. I grabbed her ass with one hand and caressed her perky size 32 tits with the other. Just as I remembered, an ass to die for and a woman that knew how to use it to get what she wanted from a man. We spent several minutes exploring each other. Reminding each other what took place the last time we met. As she slowly undressed, I was taken back by just how perfect her ass really was, I grabbed her with both hands by the ass and groaned in pleasure, god how I loved her …


Sex Studio Secrets #6: Wendy-4

Wendy wants to know how to work well as a hot pro with her fancies and fetishes for foot-fucks Wendy wants to get wet from smelly feet as well as from the smell of panties worn for many days Wendy wants advise of Professor Peter, her confessor and consultant in matters of life and love Wendy wants to know his interesting ideas how she might reach her goal to live from her fancies Wendy sits at his lap as she listens to his opinion, the possibilities he sees for implementation Wendy agrees that in the end she wants to be independent, but at the start she will need some help Wendy blushes at his praise: "It's your idea dear, so you should make sure you will be your own boss Wendy, in the beginning you will need an agreement with your boss and sex partner for foot fetish!" Rommy lives above her specialized shoe-shop for females with only long leather boots and high heels Rommy looks lovely herself with her long legs, usually wearing over-the-knee boots when she works Rommy never wears any underwear under her short sexy dresses, only some shiny silky pretty panties Rommy knows only wealthy women can afford to buy something sexy from her exquisite erotic offers! Professor Peter whispers his ideas in Wendy's ear: "Listen carefully, my dirty dear cute beauty: Poet Peter will help you in your nice nasty negotiations with your lover-boss for your interest Please project your pretty plans towards your future independence: to live from your fetishes! Proper preparation should start …


The Break In

“Hey boys, gather around, I have a story to tell you,” I say as I walk in the bar and order a drink. I was out late last night, as usual, looking for open windows or back doors. People in this town are too trusting, as I’ve walked away with about $6,500 worth of goods in the few weeks I’ve been here. Last night was a bust on my side job, but paid very well in other dividends. It was the 8th house I tried last night, and the only one with an open window. It was about 2am, so I figured everyone would be asleep, and I was correct. I was sneaking around and went into what I thought was a den, but it was apparently a ladies bedroom. I should have quietly shut the door and snuck back out, but she shifted and her blankets fell off of her. She was wearing a baby doll nightie, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I stood mesmerized watching her sleep for what seemed like an eternity. Until I slowly slid over, risking being caught, I slid my hand up her leg lightly. Thankfully, the only response I got was to draw some goosebumps from her skin, which was sexy in its own way. Continuing my trek up her body with my hands, I slowly slid her top down over her breasts, exposing them to the cool night air, instantly causing her pierced eraser nub nipples to pop erect. I traced my fingers around first one, and then the other, gently pinching them, watching her to make sure she didn’t wake up. Lucky again so far. With the luck I’ve been having, I decide to be a little riskier, bending down …


Santas little slut!!

Obviously Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays! I just wish I had really been able to enjoy sitting on Santa's lap when I was younger. By the time I was getting into middle school or so, I felt like I was too mature to do it in public, but that didn't stop me from fantasizing about being held in Santa's lap and making out, feeling his big dick pressing up against me. With that in mind, I'd like to tell you what happened at my mom's office holiday party that year/ Her work always had a 'holiday party' for the employees and their families in one of the bigger conference rooms at the office, and they always tried to have it land between Christmas and Hanukkah, but it was definitely more of a Christmas party. They had a Santa there to do photo ops, and gifts and activities (even though I was far more interested in sucking dick than any Christmas party game) to distract us and keep us quiet while our parents got d***k for the rest of the night. The Santa they had that year was really hot, too! I would have loved sitting in his lap for a while! He wasn't quite old enough for the role, just old enough to land him right in 'daddy' territory. His beard was real, but salt and pepper instead of pure white, and even though he had a respectable Santa belly, he was also tall, and it looked like he had some decent muscles under his costume. It was well into the 'everyone getting d***k' part if the party when I had to use the restroom. The bathrooms near the smaller …

Love Poems

Valentine Getaway

Looking into your lovely eyes. Seeing that the Mai Tai is starting to take effect. Your cheeks warming as your body embraces the alcohol. You're laughing easily. Relaxing. Batting those sexy eyes at me. Impulsively, you take off your t-shirt. Your body bathed only in the firelight. The lucky flames illuminating your bare breasts. I reach for you. Touching you. Your nipples stiffen. Excited. I move closer. Kissing and sucking each nipple. Your fingertips running through my hair. Your moans making my cock stiffen under my flowered board shorts. My kisses trailing down your bare tummy. Island music plays faintly in the distance. We needed this time away from the February cold. My hands caressing your waist and hips. No cards or flowers required on this Valentine's Day. I have you and you have me. Soon we are out of our clothes. Bodies entangled. You on top. Your legs around my face. Your juices covering me Your mouth taking me deeply. Your moans making a delicious vibration on my cock. Urgent thrusts. Over the edge. Release. Collapse. Bliss. Warm snuggles by the crackling fire. Looking over your shoulder Out the frosty window. The snow piling up. Snowbound. It looks like our Valentine getaway won't end any time soon.

Group Sex

No Longer Online

Emma, you enjoy being used by your secret internet Daddy. This had been going on for months. It excites you to be on display for me on your cam. You would perform on your Daddy's command. Playing with your wet pussy and fucking yourself with your vibrators and dildos. You love being called dirty names while you do this for me and I normally obliged. One night after performing for me on cam, I said I wanted to meet. "I want to use my slut for real" was my command. "I don't know if I have the nerve for that, usually I am very shy" you had replied. "Don't worry, as long as you obey me then you will do fine" I said as an affirmation. Thinking about it for a minute and you then typed in the reply "Yes, Daddy". Six months passed. Finally I was able to drive to your hometown. After watching you masturbate for me as I caressed my cock in hotel room, I challenge you. "Be a Good Girl, meet me at the Holiday Inn on Main Street tomorrow at 6:30P.M." I order. "I will call you tomorrow and let you know what room" I declare and with that I sign off. You drift off to sl**p with all sorts of nasty thoughts about how your Daddy would use you tomorrow. You KNOW would do anything I wanted. Arriving home from work later than expected, you had to rush to get ready for your Daddy. Showering, you shave your pussy smooth. You dress in a skirt and a button down blouse, not really sure what to wear. I wasn't specific about that but you figure it will come off anyway so it should be okay. You call a cab …

Gay Male

The Trucker name Bryan !

I was taking a long walk in the forrest where there was a Truck Stop close by, The time was around 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon when I saw a nice looking man sitting at the picnic table eating his Subway Sub that he bought at the Truck Stop. I walk very close to the table as he gave me a smile when his voice ask me to sit down and join him. He told me his name was Bryan and proceed to ask what my name was ? I told him my names is Troy and then I shook his hand and said it was also nice to meet you Bryan. This trucker was in his med. 50's about 5'11 200 with a nice light greyish goatee and little on the husky side a bit, We got into a good chat about sex, d**gs and politics. He told me that he has been driving for well over 12 hours now and he had to stop here for the night. I knew he was from the Southern USA by his rasp'y deep voice and his Pro Bass ball cap that he was wearing on his head. It was now pass 5 pm now when I ask him if he had any plans for theto night ? He told me know and then I invited over to my place close by for some cold ones, He had a huge smile on his face by now as he was following back to my pick-up truck that was park at the same truck stop. He then told me that he had to lock up his Rig for the night as he brought a Nap Sack alone with him. It was like well over 12 mins before we reached my drive as we both got out to come into my small 2 bedroom house in the middle of the Bush. Wow he said about how everything was fix very nicely in my place. I …

Love Poems

Rushing Blue Waters

Over sandstones of time and rushing blue waters the rosette of falling leaves willing away hours poetry like mountain streams flow how quiet the serenity of noon autumn Sweet maple sap drips like pastry of quiche as you kiss away dandelion seeds with gentle breath and I with quill and brush painting prose of smiles and a lovely wench in your pose Fingers in slow motion sighing happiness statuesque beauty on my mind's easel on canvas and ink at my fingertips softly goes the breeze as I blink Dreams it seems as I lay down in my sleep whispering cries of dandelions past over sandstones of time and rushing blue waters the rosette of falling leaves willing away hours


Cindy Surrenders

For some time Cindy had been feeling very unattractive. She had just turned 46 and had put on 10 pounds over the last 6 months. Additionally she and her husband Doug hadn't been intimate for a while, more than a year. Part of the reason was they had been married for 28 years and had fallen into a rut. The other part was that over the last five years Doug had taken to drinking rather heavily. Every week night they would eat dinner, then sit in the livingroom and watch TV. As they did Doug would drink whiskey until he fell asleep. Half the time Cindy would wake him just before she went to bed. The other half, when she couldn't or didn't want to wake him, she would throw a blanket over him and let him sleep in his chair. So it wasn't any wonder she was feeling very unattractive. To add to that she was the oldest female in the office. All the other girls were just that, girls. The oldest was 26 and the youngest was 22 and all of them (at least to Cindy) looked like models. In comparison Cindy felt fat and dowdy. All that changed when Ian arrived in the office. He was 38 years old, average height (5' 9") and average in looks, except for his eyes, which were sea green and his smile, which was wide, filled with humor and contagious. Ian had a very outgoing personality and was very good at making people feel at ease around him, one of the reasons he had been hired for the top sales job in the company. His first day everyone of the younger women flirted with him. Ian smiled at them, …

Group Sex

Wife introduced me to the gang

Friday before last as I pulled into our neighborhood I noticed two pickup trucks setting in my driveway. They where both late model four wheel drives , lifted with expensive wheels and tires. I pulled around them and into my side of the garage. I pressed the door closer and as it was going down I could hear voices coming from our pool area. I opened the back door of the garage to see who was talking. There next to the shallow end of the pool was three guys. They looked to be late twenties. I walked out to see who they where. As soon as one of them saw me he called my name. I walked up to him and said do I know you? He said probably not , as he held out his hand to shake he said but we know you. The other two came over with their hands out also. I shook the first guys hand but with apprehension. I started glancing around for my wife. He picked up on that and said she's in the house getting beer. I was about to ask them what they where doing at my house when I heard the patio sliding door open. I turned to see my wife walking across the deck carrying a lunchmate cooler. She was wearing her orange bikini bottoms and that was all. She was topless. I stared at her as she came down to the pool, her thirty four b cup tits bouncing with each step. She called out to me , Hey baby your home . she came over and gave me a kiss on the lips . she then turned to the trio of studs and said I brought a small cooler of beer, help your self's. She acted so natural as if showing her tits to …

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