Love Poems

Remembering Symmetry

Put your face to mine and you may feel yourself somewhere along the contours that shape who you once fell in love with, the lips that part as if by instinct to entwine with such a fateful symmetry. Autumn will soon fold into winter, so remember me when the chills graze your skin, when the grass and fallen leaves are covered with frost. The ache in my bones will pull me out of sleep, making me remember how much I long for you breathing next to me at night. Close your hand around mine and I may feel you somewhere in the note from which a chord is broken, somewhere along the contours of your lips, we can fall in love again, symmetry entwining as if by instinct. One season will fold into another, so remember me during the fragile spaces in between, when the grass dries and fallen leaves begin to crack. The ache in your tender muscles will pull you out of your dreams, making you remember the trust I handed over. Tie your heart to mine and we may see one another somewhere near the places inside where we start learning how to mend, where our every instinct is to know the symmetry made when we entwine.


A Friend in Need

I was staying for three days with my Army buddy, we had been transferred from Iraq to Fort Bragg where he got leave to move his new bride to our post. I say new bride because even though they had been married almost a year, most of that time he was in Iraq. I went with Walt to move her and their stuff to their new home. The apartment she was in was a small single bedroom so I had to sleep on the couch until we packed their furniture and stuff in a trailer. When Walt introduced me to his wife Shelly I was smitten. Tall, long brunette hair that fell almost to her butt, beautiful gold flecked brown eyes, an angles face, and legs that went from the floor half way to heaven. As he held and kissed her for the first time in months I could only stare at her back, ass and legs. As they clutched his hand dropped to her tight round ass which was rocking with anticipation of the coming night. I sat on a chair and watched my friend and his wife almost screw each other standing in the front room of the apartment. They finally broke the erotic embrace and turned their attention to me. Walt asked Shelly, “What is he going to do while we get caught up in there” he nodded toward the back of the house. “I thought maybe Missy could show him the town and maybe a good time.” Walt thought for a few moments then replied “Your sister? She's not old enough to go to bars yet.” “She's old enough to fuck his balls off though, and I bet he doesn't need to get drunk to appreciate a pretty piece of 19 year …


Just another job???

Mmmm,slipping my fingertips slowly under the waistband of his clean, white boxers with a deliberate, almost theatrical motion I lifted the material off his flawless skin then after a moment it dawned on him and lifting his arse up off the bed allowing me to calmly ease them down. I lay between his parted legs,my lips brushing his belly, tongue moistening a damp trail heading deliciously south of his navel.I used that waistband to restrain his straining manhood until it could no longer hold him back from springing bolt upright and quivering like an arrow that had just struck the tree trunk. I moved to allow some room to get his boxers off completely,I was dying to cast then across the room so I could see him naked in his entirety.This guy had an incredible body,slim, youthful,trim and I drank in every sight of it from all angles. . What was his name again?? Tom, Don? No Mark,that was it. I'd been hired a few days ago. It was his 18th birthday, no longer jailbait. His pals all knew he was gay but he refused to admit it every time but his best mate and his older s****r hired me as an extra present though I wasn't to let him know that but simply try it on and hope he went for it. As far as he knew I booked a room at the hotel his birthday do was being held at for some work meeting the next day n he'd caught my eye.We chatted, flirted, joked n teased so when I put the notion out there he liked it so now I knelt over him flinging the briefs away and pausing to take in this lad who …



I wanted to share this because it was a helluva great time. After nearly 20 years I got up the nerve again to try another bi experience. The last time I had been with a man I was 21 and had only been with 2 different men, one twice and one once. An ex and I (hopefully you read that story) had played around with dildos and strap-ons but it's just not the same. I put an ad on the local m4m casual relationship area of Craigslist. I put some pics I took wit my phone on the ad and waited to see if anyone was interested. My ad stated that I wanted my age or older, with small to average cock size (big ones are uncomfortable and there's no pleasure in that) and all the usual things you see on an ad. Well, I got several replies and after talking to a couple of them ruled them out. One looked like he lived under an overpass and could only get together if I came and got him and we went somewhere, the other could only meet mornings on certain days. I'm married and at the time my wife's work schedule had her gone in the afternoon and evenings. A week went by and I pulled the ad. I decided about a month later to try again, so I worded the ad a little differently. This time I put the times I was available and went into more detail of what I was looking for. Well I got more replies and weeded through the ones that didn't do a couple things I asked (include a pic, give a basic description of themselves, what their interests were, etc.). I talked to one guy in his mid-20's and he was too far …


A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 02

Weekdays were the definition of dull, boring, and uneventful. There were classes, there was homework, there was having to stay sober, and there was very little free time. However, as dull and tedious as those weekdays were, they also made my Saturdays even better. Especially since I got to spend all of my Saturdays with my amazing girlfriend, Becca. Becca was a cheerleader at Rasington University, and she was very good at what she did. She always looked sexy in her skimpy blue and gold cheerleader uniform. Her white top always covered her double D's, but they couldn't hide the size of her boobs or conceal how perky her tits really were. Her naturally tan legs were long and alluring. Her dark blue miniskirt was so short that a small gust of wind was enough to make it fly up and give me a hardon. Her ass was so big that her cheeks stuck out of any short clothing that she was wearing. And being able to see the outline of her moist pussy lips underneath her thin blue cheerleader panties was literally the cherry on top of it all. We first hooked up last month, and it was arguably the greatest day of my life. No college girl was more fascinating, and no babe had a body as hot as hers. Most guys would want to tap as much pussy as they could, but I was perfectly happy getting to date, have fun with, and fuck Rasington's most popular cheerleader in many different ways. In the mornings, I would go over to her house, and we would do some very naughty things. Most of the time, we would …


Pantyhose in the woods

It was my day off and everyone was busy. I had the day to myself. What was I going to do with myself. I decided that the first thing to do was to dress properly so I got out a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist, tan pantyhose with the gusset cut out. I put on a t-shirt and trousers and a pair of slip on shoes and was ready for going out. Where to go? I decided to go do a little shopping first. I jumped in my car and drove to the local town centre. I would have a little wander round the charity shops. I have picked up some of my best lingerie bargains in the charity shops. There wasn't anything in the first one but in the second I found a couple of pairs of stockings and a new suspender belt in cream. I would look forward to trying them on later. I moved on to the next shop and was busy studying the offerings in the lingerie section when I noticed this woman watching me. I smiled at her and she smiled back with what seemed like a knowing twinkle in her eye.She had been in the last shop too and had also been going through the lingerie. " you just beat me to those stockings" she said, " but I got these nice pantyhose". She opened her bag to show me what she had bought. I couldn't help looking her up and down. She had on a nice blouse through which I could make out that she wasn't wearing a bra as I could see her nipples sticking out. She was wearing a knee length pleated skirt which moved nicely when she walked and she was also wearing tan coloured stockings or pantyhose, …


An Unexpected Turn… PART 2

Please read PART 1 to catch up otherwise you will not understand what is happening or why. Neither will you know who is who. And I am amazed at how many people read PART 1, unbelievable! Same as before, comment all tips, tricks and constructive criticism that you think will make the story better for you. So from where we left off… The more I moved my warm, wet mouth up and down the whole 6 inches, the more he moaned and cried for more. And so I gave him more and more, the most I could give from my mouth alone, until he said he was ready to cum in my mouth, he said "Andrew! Andrew, wait i'm gonna cum!" But I proceeded to suck his dick, more and more until he said"YES! ANDREW! OH YES!! Here it is!". So i pulled his dick out of my mouth and and waited for the cum to explode out of his dick. And at that moment, the door opened. It was Kieran… We all froze at the moment of disbelief, confusion and slight, sexual arousement, In all honesty, I was glad he walked in on us. But I did not show it. I glared at Jacob thinking to him "What the hell is he doing here?!". There was at least a minute of frozen silence in the house which would hopefully change soon. However, I think Kieran was turned on by this as he walked in the room and shut the door behind him. He wanted in. Jacob still had his big, long 6 inch dick in my face and I was still on my knees, waiting for his cum to explode on my face. But I had to be patient as Kieran knew exactly what he was going to do with us. Jacob …

Group Sex

My Slut Wife and the Businessman

A few years ago my wife went through a phase where she couldn't get enough sex and wanted to go back to her college days of fucking anyone who was nice to her. So, as her loving husband what was I suppose to do? I began to cuckold her with strangers. We both loved the experience. Here is one story from that time period. When my wife gets into her moods there is no turning back. A few years ago she told me she had purchased four tickets behind third base to Fridays Indians game. Her plan, get a suite at our favorite Holiday Inn, go to the bar and pick up two men she could seduce at the game. So Friday afternoon off we went to check in change clothes and head to the bar. It took us about 45 minutes and six guys to find two that wanted to go. Jim and Steve were in town for a business seminar and were baseball fans. We all got in my Tahoe with wifey in the front and the guys in the back. She wore a red sleeves button down shirt which she had the first two buttons opened, no bra, white capris and a white thong. She was making jokes about baseball and sex and turning around to see the guys reaction. Each time she did the seat belt would catch her shirt and her left tit about fell out to which I noticed Jim was enjoying but I could tell Steve was feeling uncomfortable. Once at the ballpark I let Steve sit next to me with wifey on the other side with Jim next to her. I made small talk with Steve as wifey and Jim laughed and slapped each other on the leg as he bought her beers. By …

Love Poems


My heart hurts. My head tells me to be realistic. It was not meant to be. The tears flow, for reason unknown. The heart wants to blame, Wants to hate, Wants the hurt to go away. Logic will prevail, one day. Hopefully soon. The unknown heartache; Unbearable, Tiring, Relentless. Time is needed. To accept. To get past. To move on. Heartbreaks, Can not be the end. A game changer is needed. I will get through. I know you will help me get through. Written by TxPrincess to be Published on LushStories ONLY!


Captured In Sin

I looked at the clock. It was twelve o'clock sharp. I had just finished a mountain load of paperwork and finally it was my long anticipated lunch hour. I was so ready for a break from my tiresome job. I went into the break room and sat down to my usual cup of coffee and sandwich combination. When I finished I looked at my watch and discovered I still had plenty of time to visit the restroom and fix my hair and makeup. I went to my usual bathroom to find that it was out of order, leaving me with only one other option – to walk all the way down the long winding hall to the next to one which I scarcely used. Opening my handbag and taking out my lipstick, I quickly but deftly reapplied it, returning my fading lips to a delicious dark shade of crimson. I pushed my lips together and pouted into the mirror. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I heard the door click open. My eyes almost hypnotized me, drawing me in again and again. I refused to look away from the little sparks of colour that seemed brighter than usual. There was something in my eyes that even I could not read. I was so lost in myself that I did not notice the tall brunette that had appeared in the mirror until I felt her hands on me, cupping my breasts and caressing them with fervour. I suddenly gasped as her hands continued working my breasts, squeezing softly and then firmly. I watched her reflection as she leaned in and buried her face in my neck, her lips pressed softly against it, kissing and then licking. …

Love Poems

Mediterranean Girl

Would that I could place my head to you Tween and upon your pendulous breasts, In time to reach your soul through nipples Enlarged, tense, the erotic uniqueness of you. We sink to the matted turf so near the sandy beach where by the sea Entwining limbs in sun, kissed by rays and soft breezes recline Lips play and taste to hold our passions high While your genes of Eros control your mood and mine Your placidness is but a ruse to fool because deep down Searing embers heat your sex and wetness to seize me eternally No timid coupling this it is to be a memory writ large That my life can never ever again be bathed in serenity I want you always Mediterranean Girl, whose hourglass sands Run faster as you strut before my eyes in dancing steps And once again we feel the matted turf beside the sandy beach. Forever am I yours my girl to do with as you will To guide and prod my member to a well-remembered orifice A nether mouth of many lips and pertly standing button be We journey as one; we at once are you, me, we, no mystery be Ever free we be , giving and taking in love, do you see?


My Adventures with Jill – Part 2

After our first encounter last night and after you came so hard that you squirted for the first time in your life, we both fell asl**p, cuddled together, my face laying on your big titts and my hand on your ass. It seemed perfect, first such a hot and naughty fuck and afterwards an initmate and (kind of) innocent night of sl**p to regain our strength. When i wake up in the morning you are still asl**p, so i kiss you on your forhead, leave a note and go to get some things from home. It takes me about 20 minutes and when i come back you are still asl**p. I try to be as quiet as possible as i prepare everything. Then i take of my clothes and instead put on black lace panties, a black lace bra, a black lace garter belt and black stockings and top things off with some black stilettos. You are still laying there on your bed, a sl**ping beauty, the fact that your hair is messed up from our endless fuck only makes you hotter. I take a short rope from my bag, tie it gently around your hand and then tie it to the bedpost. You don't seem to notice, so i take out three more short ropes and tie your other hand as well as your feet. Now you are laying there on your back, arms and legs spread from you, your allready hard nipples pointing to the ceiling and your cunt glistened wet in the morning sun. The only thing thats left to do is to carefully blindfold you. I take some time to admire your hot body and my hard work, then i climb on the bed, crawl between your legs and slowly lick from …


Hit the showers

The parking lot was already filled despite there being well over an hour until the game started. Melissa worked her way towards the small stadium through the groups of Riverbend Rebels fans that filled half of the open space. Dressed in red and silver they banged fake swords together to cheer for their team. Across from them were the Valley Spring Vikings fans, an opposing sea of blue and gold, blowing fake golden horns to drown out the Rebels supporters. It looked like their side was filled with cows as most of them also wore horned helmets. Anyone who thought legendary sports rivalries were only for major leagues or soccer hooligans hadn’t seen a Rebels Vikings game. If it wasn’t for the dividers one of their games could easily turn into a riot in the middle of nowhere America. That wasn’t enough to stop hecklers from either side from trying to start trouble though. Melissa shook her head, it wasn’t as if the game even mattered to either teams standing. The local rivalry was so lucrative that they played several exhibition games against each other every year, along with some other events. The chance to see one of the legendary fights break out also brought people from much further away than would normally come for a simple baseball game. Cheering erupted from the Viking’s side as Melissa reached the stadium and told her that the Vikings team had just arrived. The Rebels fans began hitting their plastic swords harder trying to smoother the noise of the Viking’s trumpets. …

Love Poems

These Arms

These arms, must hold you and Never let go. There is an invisible, permanent tether attached from me to you. That cannot ever be broken or pulled apart. The material is stronger than steel or iron for it is made of love. Hold my hand so I may kiss yours again and again. My lips shall never tire of you or of all the places I have never been. If you are not within reach of me you are too far away. These arms belong to you as does the rest of me. My hands long to caress and stroke your face I love so much, Fingers dying to run through your hair. My eyes long to drink you in for all my life I've been dying of Thirst for you. This heart has been waiting for you for the longest time. My arms will ache until they feel yours around mine, Small, tan fingers need to be entwined with yours. My nose needs to know your scent, my ears long To hear the beat of your heart.


Camelot:Changing fate pt 1-Morgana

Disclaimer:I don't own any of the characters depicted in this story. Camelot.Home of king Uther pendragon and his family.The same uther pendragon who now slaughtered hundreds in his insane 'war' on magic.The same man who destroy my family.The man I would one day bring to his knees. My name is Duncan.Duncan the shadow as some have called me.I am a magic user and one of the people uther wants to see burn.pffft,as if I'd give him the satisfaction.My family was killed by his soldiers when some accused my mother of being a witch.I watched from a distance as they killed my father,mother,two brothers and 7 year old sister.And from that day,vengeance burned in my heart. I came to Camelot and trained myself in my usage of magic to a point and degree that I didn't have to say a spell but just think it for it to work.This was a great feat coming from a practitioner of magic and not a warlock who could use instinctual magic.I bought a house near the castle and started a invention shop. Using my magic I could craft many things of use and then put it off as science and not magic should anyone feel suspicious. My business boomed as people came for my inventions.I made clocks-machines that could tell time,compasses-machines that could tell direction and many other items people wanted.I became rich and a part of my mind wondered if I should give up my plans for revenge,find a pretty girl,settle down and start a family.But seeing the castle in the distance always reminded me of uther and my …


Coed Blowjob Buddies 6 by loyalsock

&#034You're not playing fair,&#034 Allison said once her moment had passed. She held Dustin's prick out for Bethany. &#034Suck this,&#034 she commanded, scooting backwards and away from Bethany's intimate touch. &#034My turn.&#034 As she had done before, Allison moved behind Bethany. This time, when she pressed her body against Bethany's backside, Bethany could feel her bare breasts against her bare back. Allison pulled a handful of curly hair from Bethany's neck and kissed the flesh she exposed just below and beneath her ear. It was a sensitive spot that sent a shiver through Bethany. A shiver Allison felt, too. &#034You like that?&#034 Allison asked. Bethany didn't need to answer. &#034As much as this?&#034 Allison's hands wrapped around her and cupped two breasts with tight, needful and hard nipples. Allison found thought nipples and pulled on them. &#034That's how you do it, right?&#034 &#034Mphm,&#034 Bethany moaned with a mouthful of Dustin. She was surprised Allison had noticed. &#034I should get a toy,&#034 Allison said and slid her hand between Bethany's legs. Her fingers found Bethany's pussy and she pushed two fingers inside. &#034Fuck, you're wet.&#034 Bethany switched hands around Dustin's big cock. She tried reaching behind her to touch Allison and became distracted when she recognized a new scent. She was stroking Dustin with the same hand she had used between Allison's legs. Her nose instantly recognized the aroma of a woman's pussy and just as quickly …

First Time

Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut – Part 1

“It was best of the times; it was worst of the times." (A tale of two cities – Charles Dickens) It was best of the times on March 11, 1990, when I cried for the first time after coming out of the womb of my mother; it was also the worst of the times, as I was born in a developing country and thereto in a highly conservative Muslim f****y. I am a young Muslim girl of 22, living in a small town known as Bhopal in Madhiya Pardesh State, India. I was named Shazia at birth. Muslims in India are merely 22% of the population; and though India is a secular state, Muslims always try to be exclusive and protective. They try to adhere to their past glory, to the days when they used to rule over India. Maybe, that’s why Muslim women in India continue to wear a hijab (head covering) and a burqa (a long covering of the body and dress including face and hands too). Before India's independence, my grandfather served at the Court of Nawab Hamidullah Khan and Abida Sultana. They were the rulers of the Bhopal Princely State. My grandfather was a courtier of the Nawab and Begum Sahiba and was allotted a piece of agricultural land for subsistence, which was tilled by others for the benefit of our f****y. But at independence, India abolished rulers of all of the 565 princely states of India and the Jagirs (allotted lands by nawabs) were abolished too. My grandfather, as a result, lost all his means of subsistence. From Jagirdars and courtiers of yesterday, our ancestors became paupers the very …

Bondage and restriction

Forced Love

Elyse My skin turned red as the hot water washed over it. It was such a cold day outside. I needed the release of the steam. Jackson knocked on the door and I shut the water off. It was a very small bathroom and it didn’t take long for the steam to fill it up and cover the mirror. It was so hot in there that it had gotten hard to breath. I stepped out and wiped off the mirror. I was a mess. My pale blonde hair was in knots and my face was red hot. I looked at and admired my body. Naked and wet I was only about 5 foot 7 and 165 pounds. My breasts were uneven but that was easily fixable with a bit of padding. There really wasn’t much fat on me, I was pretty muscular. Jackson knocked again and I started to dry. I walked out with the towel wrapped around me and darted to the back room. I was the only female in the ten person crew that was hired for this job. They were all in line for the shower and they were all staring. I loved the attention. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota so I was no stranger to a hard day’s work. I wasn’t a stranger to the cold either, but it was just terrible. The snow drifts were so bad the truck got stuck a few different times. There were days I envied the snob girls whose biggest worry was if their shoes matched their dress and not whether or not the livestock would get feed and how they’d get it. I grumbled under my breath a little more and get some comfortable clothes on. The farmer’s wife, Khloe, was making dinner. I could smell the garlic bread the …


My Girlfriend turns into a Nasty mistress

It was another day in bed with my beautiful girlfriend . We had been in a relationship for over a year now and our sex life as you can say had hit a bump….. She is a cute teen 5'5 …good B cups…..but what was the sexiest thing about her was her ass… Coming to me I am an average looking guy 5'10 ..athletic body as I run daily….and have an average 6inch cock Coming back to the story, we were lying naked with each other and just had sex with me coming inside her but she dsnt seem to get to an orgasm this AGAIN. "Alright!! This has to stop NOW! " she said while sitting up. I give her a confused look although I knew exactly what she meant. "This is way too much for your pleasure and none for mine. You know what? I guess it's time to switch roles." She said while straddling my chest in a quick movement. As my arms are stretched upwards ,she has access to them. She quickly pins them down and reveal a handcuff from under the pillow which is under my head and locks them up. I start getting a little turned on by this so I don't struggle . "I don't know if you will like this or not, but I'm sure I will" she says with a wicked grin. The handcuffs from under the pillow have already made me realise that she planned this. She moves her bare pussy, the pussy I just came in, closer to my mouth. I see a lil of my cum trying to get out of her delicious pussy lips. "Oh dear lover, would you mind cleaning up your own cum from my pussy?" She asks in mock pout and doesn't wait for my …

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Training of Callico – Part 1

Callico was not the brightest of females. She had indentured herself (as most young daughters of wealthy families did nowadays in order to train and widen their education) to a Merchant called Moss't for five lunar cycles. Had she known that she would have all her hair removed, be kept naked at all times and impregnated with a Netherworm as part of her training, then she certainly would have not submitted to her parent's wishes so easily. She lay writhing on the floor at her Master's feet, the worm causing her unspeakable discomfort in her groin and lower stomach. The reason for this unpleasantness was that she had disgraced herself, and therefore her Master, by speaking unbidden whilst attending at dinner. The Master had invited a Flugraden (a half-human, half-something else being) from C'Pall to luncheon. He was eating a selection of delightful fruits from her many orifices and tentacles when Callico made an indelicate faux pas by gasping at the erotic sight of the female creature writhing in ecstasy as Moss't nibbled on something that looked like a Bluge fruit protruding from one of her many nipples. Until she saw the beautiful thing disrobe, Callico was unaware that her Master would get his nourishment from this strange and yet alluring creature and, in return, the Flugraden would enjoy sexual pleasure as the diner gorged themself on the many delights her bodies produced. Now the meal was over and the guest had gone. The animal inside the indentured girl was making her …

Gay Male

Getting to Know the Preacher

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in remodeling. The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it. My wife had been &#034reminding me&#034 of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get started. So on my way home from bidding on another job I drove by the church. It looked deserted. I thought could get my measurements and rough sketch without people trying to &#034Help&#034 me. I unlocked the main door to the office complex expecting to be alone. Instead I saw a light on in the minister's study. David was a man in his late forties, like me. He kept in shape and seemed to be a good fellow although I really didn't know him that well. Slipping down the hall I would get to know him better than I expected. I stopped outside his door and listened. I didn't want to interrupt a meeting or counseling session. What I heard was a sound I knew all too well. It was the sound of the cheesy music used in porn. I quietly peaked inside the door that was opened about 6 inches. I could see he had his sweatpants down around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand. Here before my eyes was a minister …


Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) – you choose which you think they are! Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation) If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch A wee while after the incident where I reckon Pam’s daughter stole her mothers cum soaked panties, I must admit that it turned me on no end, handling nickers that were soaked in ‘woman’. In general Pam’s nickers weren’t what you’d call sexy, they tended to he more workman, or should that be workwoman like. White, cotton, big, functional. It was only when we went out together shopping that I’d point out the more sexy ones. Pam complained that thongs just disappeared up your bum crack and lacy ones just caught everything. Her daughter on the other hand, wow, hers were the most briefest of things. She had one that was a thong front and back, almost. Now I ought to point out that living with Pam and her daughter was weird. Pam tried to please us both and poor thing was always caught in the middle, and whilst you all know, sex with Pam was great but it usually had to be when her daughter was out. …


Inpatient Care

"Happy Birthday!" the nurses cheered as he stepped off the private elevator. Completely surprised, Howdy threw his hands in the air, "Well I'll be… I completely forgot. Thank all of you so much." All but one of the gorgeous faces in the small crowd, huddled around, giving him warm hugs, kisses and a couple even slipped in birthday gropes. Most had been on staff for a several years, except one in the background. As was his custom when checking in for a few days of R&R, he spent a few minutes talking to them, flirting, catching up on their personal lives. Despite being fatigued and needing rest, he was never too tired to mentally undress each of them. One of the benefits of having the family name on the hospital facade, is having a private luxury suite available for when you need some special down time. Over the years, his personal retreat had provided a rest haven for numerous politicos, foreign royalty, famous entertainers and athletes. Running the family empire often demanded 18-20 hour days, sometimes for extended periods of time. Regularly, he could work at an exhausting pace for a couple of months straight before completely burning out. He knew that when he started thinking more about R&R than work, it is was time to take a break. As he mingled with the nurses, he kept glancing up to check out the new mid-forty-ish woman. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, and beautiful. She silently acknowledged his notice of her with a wink and a sultry smile. Her tight fitting …

Dark Fantasy

This Story Is About Cindy 1:6

PART 1 CHAPTER 6 Maddie and I made it back to camp just in time to be sitting innocently at the picnic table as the adults began waking and coming out of their tents. I managed to get a moment alone with Sunny after lunch, where I thanked her for her generosity, but told her I really wasn't into watching my older brother get lucky. She understood, but seemed disappointed. "Well," she had told me. "Just know you're always welcome as far as I'm concerned." "… Yeah… okay. Thanks," I replied before leaving back to the camp. I never told her Maddie had been watching, too. The rest of the trip went on as normal, aside from Maddie bothering me with a couple of sexually natured questions that I really didn't care to answer. "Ask me again next year," I had told her, half joking. I wasn't about to give sex-ed lessons to my cousin. Aside from that, we all still had a good time, though I was a little antsy on Sunday to get back home; there was a chance I might have been able to see Cindy if we got back early enough. The first thing I did when we got home was run from the car straight into the garage to grab my bike. I ignored a call from my Dad to help unpack and zipped my bike out into the street, headed for Cindy's house. With every pedal, and every inch closer I came to her house, I felt my heart beat a little faster, and my skin tingled a bit. I was excited to see her; I missed her. After about fifteen minutes, my phone beeped in my pocket, and when I had to stop for traffic at …



…. I wondered if my mom found them and chucked them out? I told my boyfriend Trav of the mystery. He checked his car and….nothing. It nagged at me how could this be? That night we were watching porn in my room and he was flipping around porn pictures and stopped at a site to view some. It was young guys cross dressing. We giggled at some of the guys wearing women’s clothes. We clicked around and that’s when I saw them. The same bra and panties I couldn’t find. I stopped and carefully looked at the pictures some young guy was wearing. The last picture he was wanking and shot cum. I noticed Trav got a big hardon. I admit the guy looked very much like a cute young girl. I got a little aroused myself watching him/her. I saw something…. ….he had a sheet up to hide where he was but one bed post was showing…..then it hit me who the guy was. My younger brother!…Sam. He called himself ’Samantha’ in the pictures. Trav said the young guy made a cute sexy looking girl in the bra and panties that Trav was familiar with. I didn’t say anything at first, I just watched the pictures again and again. Trav got very aroused and said if ‘he’ was only a ‘she‘. I realized now how this all got started. I had a very private slumber party when our parents were gone for the weekend. I told Sam to keep his mouth shut about it. He smiled and said ok, but he wanted to watch ’things’ going on. I said ’maybe’ we’ll see how it goes. My three very close girlfriends all gathered in my bedroom. OK….I like …

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