Spring Roadtrip Ch. 1, Pt. 2: The Next Day.

**************CHAPTER ONE, PART TWO: THE NEXT DAY************************* It was about early the next morning after arriving into Myrtle Beach the night before, when the morning sun was rising over the Atlantic Ocean. The resort that we were all staying at all had rooms with an ocean view with their own balconies. So as I was waking up, so did Kara. Both of us wanted to watch the early morning sun rise over the Atlantic, so after a night of passionate fucking. The next thing I did was I got both of our cameras so we could take pictures of the sun rising. This was about maybe closer to 6:45 in the morning. So after we were both up and in our robes, I slid opened the sliding door which led us out in the balcony. There were a couple of plushy lawn chairs out there for us to sit in. And so we got cozy and waited till the sun has risen to a certain point to where we could take a few decent pics. It was still chilly out there. And of course where and when the sun usually rises along the Atlantic shoreline, you've also got your early morning risers as well. Kara and I must've saw a bunch of joggers and their dogs up and down the shore. We saw the sun fully rise after a short period of time. So we were both able to take a few pics before we went back in. "Man Mark," Kara said, "is this ever breathtaking." "It sure is," I said. And then, we started to kiss again in a passionate stance. Then we heard the phone rang, so Kara went in and answered it. She couldn't have been on the phone …
maybe no more tnan 20 sconds before she hung up and came back out. "That was Tim I just talked to," Kara said. "Oh, what did he want?" I asked. "He wanted to know if we wanted to meet him, Riley and the rest of them for breakfast here within the next hour to and hour and a half," Kara said. "Sounds like a winner to me," I said. "I'll call him back and tell him, okay? Then I'll also ask him what we're all gonna do today." And so I called Tim back and told him it was cool. But we would also discuss our game plan for the entire day during breakfast. And so right after I got off the phone with Tim, Kara wanted me to take a shower with her. So I said, "Sounds good to me dear. I'll go ahead and get everything set up for us." "Okay thanks Mark," Kara said. "I'll be in there in a handful of minutes." And so I got whatever stuff I needed and went into the bathroom. I laid a big beach towel on the tile floor so neither one of us would slip or fall. Then I noticed that the room we had, came with a shower stool so I wouldn't have to worry about standing. Once I got everything set up and put my shampoo and shower gel in the walk-in shower, I turned the water on and I let it run for a minute or so in order for it to warm up. Finally after a couple of minutes, Kara walked in. She said, "Oh, you got it all set up for us. You're so sweet Mark." "Thanks dear," I said. You ready?" "Let's do it," she said. And we both dropped our robes and stepped into the shower. Both Kara & I were a couple of

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